Surface Pro 3

The team at iFixit have given Microsoft's newly launched Surface Pro 3 tablet a 1 out of 10 repairability score, which is the same very low score that other Surface Pro devices have received from the site in the past.

Trying to tear down the Surface Pro 3 is going to be extremely difficult for anyone trying to repair it, according to iFixit. That was evident when they tried to use heat to help separate the tablet's glass and display from the rest of its body. Despite their best efforts, the team ended up with a cracked piece of glass.

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Surface Pro 3

In the end, the tear down showed that the tablet's SSD can be replaced, but anyone trying to get to the storage unit will have to risk breaking the display. Adhesive is used a lot to keep things together. All in all, the Surface Pro 3 has not been made for even experienced electronic repair workers to tear down and fix without a ton of effort, along with very gentle hands.

What do you think of the Surface Pro 3 continuing Microsoft's tradition of making Surface Pro tablets hard to tear down and repair?

Source: iFixit

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