Surface Pro 3 gets firmware update to finally fix battery draining issue

Microsoft has issued yet another firmware update for its Surface Pro 3 tablet. This is the third such firmware release inside of two months for the nearly two year old tablet, and this one may finally fix a fast battery drain issue that has affected some users.

At the time of this post, there's no change log published for this latest Surface Pro 3 firmware roll out. Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it was testing a software solution for the battery draining issues that some tablet owners have been reporting for the past few months. A quick look at Microsoft's support forum shows that people who have installed the firmware update are reporting better battery life on their Surface Pro 3. We will update this post when Microsoft publishes a change log.

Update: Microsoft is now confirming that today's firmware update addresses the battery issue.

An update is now available to correct this issue. This update corrects the logic in the firmware component that functions as the "fuel gauge" for the Surface Pro 3 battery, so that the actual battery capacity on devices with this particular part is accurately reported. This allows the Surface to once again leverage the maximum charge capacity of the battery.Once this fix is applied to a Surface Pro 3, the reported full charge capacity will self-correct over the next several charge and discharge cycles. Surface Pro 3 devices that previously experienced the problem can now operate on battery power, and the issue won't occur on devices that haven't experienced the issue.

You can find more info on their updated FAQ page

Thanks to Richard, and Stephen B., for the tipS!

John Callaham