Surface Pro Docking Station now available, but only for a limited time [Update: gone!]

We’re at home rocking our Surface 2 (that’s the RT version in case you forgot) and while we’re super pleased with it, you ‘Pro’ fans out there have something to get excited about too: the Docking Station.

A few of the next-gen Surface accessories, like the Docking Station and Battery Cover, did not launch with the Surface 2, leaving a few of us a little flummoxed. However, after a few tips we received and some details posted on ZDNet by Mary Jo Foley (and Windows SuperSite), we can let you know that the Docking Station is now available—in limited quantities.

Fetching for $199, the Docking Station is the end-all, be-all when it comes to pro level accessories for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It boasts “a display port, an audio input/output jack, an Ethernet port, as well as a high-speed USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports” all in the matching Surface design. It’s an impressive piece of hardware and will allow many of you to replace your desktop setup with an all-in-one Surface Pro system.

So that’s the good news, the bad news is that these are only available in limited amounts. Both the Docking Station and Battery Cover were slated for an ‘early 2014’ release, but some of the Docks are now out for purchase (Battery Cover is still MIA). Indeed, when we checked the Microsoft Store online (opens in new tab), we could order it for $199 with next-day shipping. How long you will be able to do that is anyone’s guess, so if you were considering it, you may want to act now.

To clarify, the Docking Station won’t work with the RT versions of the Surface—so no Surface RT or Surface 2, only the ‘Pro’ editions can take advantage of it.

[Update 4PM ET: The Dock is now listed out of stock. No word if it will come back.]

Thanks, James B., Todd P and others for the tips.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Really wish the left and right sides of the dock had embedded speakers
  • I don't, personally. Embedded speakers usually suck, to be fair. This way I can hook up my own :) and it saves on cost by not having them.
  • Speaking of saving cost why is the docking station so expensive? Does it really cost a lot to manufacture and produce these items.
  • Of course it doesn't (costs a few bucks), but if consumers are stupid enough to pay it, companies are greedy enough to charge extra for it.
    Best advice is not to buy overpriced shit, and once MS has another huge write-off maybe they will come to their senses.
  • granted they're making a profit selling these, it's definitely not "a few bucks" to develop and manufacture anything. $200 for a dock that looks as good as this does isn't outrageous.
  • For $199 they should be air conditioning/purifier vents.
  • and a cup holder! lol
  • That's what a USB DVD drive is for!
  • Or at least 10/100/1000 ehternet! They didn't include the gigabyte ethernet for $200.00!!!
  • Wow this is awesome!
  • Lol. $200.
  • Pricy as it is, docking stations for thinkpads range from 170-250. So its not out of expectations
  • Luckily you can find those for a lot less on eBay since the same dock works with so many computers. Also the docks usually route ports directly from the computer instead of using a single USB 3.0 port to power a USB 3.0 hub, ethernet, audio, and more. 
  • Exactly. But if you want a cheaper option, you could go the route of third party usb3 docking stations. Supposedly they can work pretty well.
  • They work pretty well with Windows 7 and fairly well with 8. Plenty of people having issues with them based on the DisplsyPort forums.
  • ^^^^ what he said :)
  • Yeah, but these go to eleven! 
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro review when?
  • Is it out in stores now?
  • Not cool. Go get Lenovo Miix 2!!!
  • What would make me go with the miix 2 over the venue 8 pro?
  • Isn't that using an old atom chip?
  • Afaik Venue 8 Pro uses Bay Trail. No idea on the Miix 2.
  • Surface 2 pricing is good but all the accessories are very pricey.
  • Agree; I still haven't picked up a type or touch cover 2 for my SP2. Click-in covers with no keyboard would be nice...
  • This dock is awesome but I'm not looking to turn my Surface into a desktop. Just a tablet/portable computer that I can do pretty much anything on. Useless comment ^^^
  • I'm actually thinking the opposite. I have a Dinovo Mini but might pick up an alternate Bluetooth, one like the Edge. My HTPC has been pulling double duty as a desktop. This would allow me to move the HTPC to the living room permanently and finally get rid of TiVo, after a while the subscription cost add up.
  • I heard they only made 6 of these docking stations. You better hurry. Limited quantities.
  • With the sale of the 7th, "Surface Pro 2 docking station exceeds sales projections and sells out in first week."
  • Who would want an iPad after allowing a tablet to do THIS?! This is AWESOME!!
  • Ever since tablet/laptop hybrids, I have been wondering why anyone would settle for a "middle" computer. If you have a smartphone, you have a small iPad. I don't get it...
  • Why turn a Tablet into a desktop? Well, only if I used mine for work a lot.
    All I want is the Power Cover with backlit keys thanks.
  • Think enterprise or business, this is more or less the holy grail for a company where it's workers both need a desktop setup and a portable computer to bring on travels or meetings. The power of the Surface pro is certainly enough for more or less any office work which does not include really heavy calculations or video work, hence a desktop would be completely redundant in this case and you can store all your files locally on the same device. If you plug in an external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, you have a desktop PC. For price of one device, you got a desktop, an ultraportable laptop and also a tablet with stylus support. It is true though that it is less appealing for home use unless you don't want to use your surface too often as a tablet at home, as otherwise you would have to unplug it very often. Still docking stations rule compared to plugging in everything each time. I have a thinkpad X230 docked at home as a desktop replacement and am writing this post on it, and if I want to undock it, it takes less than 5 seconds total to reach for it and leave.
  • Exactly. We are getting this combo for our employees at work. Its gonna be awesome.
  • I use a docking station for my x220 tablet so I can have dual monitors. I wished that it was available for the Surface 2.
  • dual monitors should work on the Pro 2 since it's Display Port is v1.2.  That means it supports daisy-chaning of displays.  According to the website, this feature is being added to the Pro 2 soon.
    The only tricky part is finding a minitor that supports daisy-chaining and provides the extra DisplayPort hookup to make it happen.
  • There are plenty of splitters on the market which can do this and output to two HDMI or dvi ports. With dp1.2 your PC or I'll recognize them as individual monitors, on the original surface though you'll get a weird massive resolution stretching over both monitors and showing as a single monitor.
  • The stretching across 2 displays looks cool with extra wide wallpaper or playing certain video games. If only I could afford 2 edge to edge displays.
  • Lol, i had to bing the word 'flummoxed'.
  • I really need two of these, but $199 x 2 is hard to swallow - would have like to have seen these come in at around $99.  Not sure how limited these are, but I think I'm going to hold off a bit, I don't actually need them until January - I assume if the initial stock gets sold out they'll be resupplied by then.
  • Actually, I'm pretty sure the docking station works with the Surface 2 (RT) AND the Pro models.  I remember being surprised by this and thinking they must have updated the connections on the Surface2 to match the Pro models.
    scratch that... it's the power cover that has extended compatibility with Surface 2(RT).
  • Nope. The ports aren't in the same spots for pro and surface 2. Plus surface 2 has hdmi not displayport like the pros.
  • Want retro version. I only want to spend Mobil mo' on my "device"!
  • Got it ordered! Woot!
  • And it shipped!
  • I might snatch one of those. I'm planning of making my desktop a memory of the past with a full blown Surface Pro 2. If it was only a little cheaper, I would have it already... But it is slowly coming together...
  • James B. contributed to the tip. Logically I must assume James Bond is a WPC reader.
  • LOL
  • Very off topic and I apologize, but has anyone been having issues with Metrotube not loading subscriptions? This is the case for me both on WP8 and W8.1. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  • Go & get screwgoled clown! Got used to simple "you tube" interface! Sorry.
  • What's wrong with you dude? I simply asked a question in hope of help from the community. You really need to reconsider your mannerism.
  • He is flummoxed these days and it's difficult for him to be civil.
  • He was clearly having a dig at google screwing windows users.
  • Why is AT&T buying them all and removing the guts?
  • sigh i think sometimes the rt gets shafted. do the backlit type cover 2's work for the first gen surface devices?
  • It's my understanding they do.
  • Yes, both new type / touch cover work with Surface RT
  • Yes, it says that it does on the packaging.
  • Why on earth do you want a backlit keyboard? So you can two finger smash it in the dark? You would think in this day and age more people would have touch typing skills.
  • What's it to you? My money I can get one for whatever reason I want. Shouldn't even be a concern to you.
  • Have you ever used a backlit keyboard? They are very useful for getting to keys you don't normally use. I personally like working in the dark and back lit keyboards are a must for me. Plus they look cool!
  • Hrm, I normally don't complain about prices of gadgets. But, 199$ seems kind of steep for a port replicator.  If they had build in DisplayPort to HDMI or DVI that would make it instantly more useful.  Perhaps include some kind of speakers as well. /shrug.  Nifty, but I'm not sure by how much.  I'm curious what reviews will say once its in use.
  • Ugh, I really wish MS would get it together. I would have held off on some other accessories if I had know this would be available so soon. Ugh. 
  • Love mine!!
  • Damn I'm so anxious for my Surface Pro 2  to arrive... Sundayyyy please come sooner
  • I thought the Surface 2 works too? On reddit the Surface Team said they came up with the Dock idea after the RT, so they modified the dock connectors on the Pro to support charging. I thought they did that with the Surface 2 too....
  • Anyone know if the docking stations display port can be used to drive 2 monitors?
  • I have the exact same question. I guess we would connect one monitor via the display port adapter on the docking station, and then connect the second monitor via USB 3.0 port on the Surface Pro 2. Can someone confirm this?
  • Also, would like to know the max resolution of the surface pro 2. I have two 24" 1920 x 1080 monitors and want to know what to expect if I use them with the Surface Pro 2 via docking station.
  • DisplayPort 1.2 (which the Pro2 supports) allows for daisy-chaining of displays off the single port. Full support for this feature is coming soon to Pro2 (according to the website). You just need to find a monitor with two displayPort hookups and 1.2 support to do the pass-thru.
  • Awesome thanks Mingu
  • I have an original Surface Pro, and I am using the Plugable UD-3900 USB 3.0 Docking station and love it. No issues what so ever. Super simple to use. Take a look
  • Only available in the US though unfortunately
  • Ok, I'm thinking coming from an engineering point, ie, civil, architectural realm. The ability to take one of these into the field to capture images, notes, BT, WiFi others designs/notes in real time, as well as redlining via the stylus which would be in a paperless environment, and then just pop into the dock would be frickin awesome!!!!!! Then one could just simply have another dock at home, and done and done for WAH solutions.. $200 to allow your device to be THAT portable. This completely allows blurring of the lines between office and home, while eliminating multiple software licenses and much more.. I am IN LUST!!!!!!
  • Exactly!
  • Especially on "sick" days.. Where was this 8 years ago???
  • I just scored one....I am going to use it on a Surface PRO that I am going to move to the family room.  I currently have the Pluggable solution but for a family room solution the pluggable is not as clean so this docking station fits the bill.
  • You guys griping about the price are missing it. Just ordered mine. The flexibility that this adds to our business and other business/enterprise applications is amazing! This will support dual monitor too. Awesome!
  • The dock doesn't support the dual monitors. It is the Surface Pro 2 that does that for you because it has DisplayPort 1.2 that supports daisy chaining. If you plug a Suface Pro 1 in this, you will still only be able to drive one external monitor. The dock just replicates the surface pro 2's display port and thus "supports" dual monitors.
  • How would one daisy chain monitors anyway unless the monitors themselves are Displayport 1.2 compliant and at least one of them has 2 Displayport connectors, right?
    There are USB 3 to DVI/HDMI adapters available; I would assume one could use the DisplayPort (with a cable that is mini-Displayport to whatever the monitor connector is) for 1 monitor and the USB with the adapter for the other?
  • Yes, if you have a surface pro 2 and at least 1 displayport 1.2 based monitor with displayport out and the other capabable of using displayport, you could run 2 external monitors.
    If you have one of the USB 3.0 hubs, you could do the same. I have an HP 3005pr USB 3.0 hub that I got for cheap and it has HDMI and DisplayPort out along with ethernet and a couple of USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports. For the money, it is a better deal, just not as convenient. The USB based video isn't too bad. Not for gaming, but good for surfing.
    If you needed a new monitor, you could also buy a Dell S2340T. It is a 23 inch touch monitor that has the USB 3.0 hub described above baked in. It supports hooking up via just a USB 3.0 cable and being a video source for you via USB 3.0 video. You could then hook up a monitor to your display port on your suface and have a pretty good setup. The monitor also has gigabit ethernet port. They have them in the Dell Outlet right now for $356 after 30% off coupon. Not too shabby.
  • Sold out on
  • If anyone has one of these, I'm curious.
    How does it connect to the Surface? The USB port on the Surface is on the left The video out and power connection are on the right. Do those side wings on the dock click into the machine to connect?
    And, is there a power supply for the dock included with it, or do you use the power supply that came with the Surface to power the dock?
  • I saw one in the MS store yesterday. It looks nice and matches the finish on the device itself.
    I did not however notice how it connects to the device. I am hoping it is all through the pins on the bottom.
  • I doubt that because it looks like you can keep the keyboard attached. That's what I heard anyway. And looking at the pictures, it appears that is the case. So those wings must need to be pushed into the USB port and the video and power ports to make the connections.
  • It plugs in to all the ports on the side. I don't like it doing that way, but it seems to work.
  • Thanks for the replies, fellas.
  • What do they mean, "Limited quantities"? Are they making only like 1,000 and then stop? WTF?
  • The article specifically states that full production was intended for early 2014, but that there is a limited number available for purchase right now
  • Nice item. I'd consider it if it were less expensive. Microsoft probably has to charge $200, because of lack of economies of scale. I bet most Surface owners only clip on a keyboard, and a few bother to occassionally plug in a USB device or big screen.
  • No, it's this expensive because pretty much all docks go for $150-250, depending on the brand and such. It's pretty feature complete, so it's pretty fairly priced.
  • When I go home, I plug it into my larger touch display,and watch Netflix. This would make the transition less cumbersome for sure....but I am not going to spend that much.
  • 199 for a tablet holder , power cord, USB Ethernet adapter and USB hub(and a mic input)??? If it had Display port hub, I would consider
  • Where is the high-end Polk drivers? High-res flat screen? What am I paying for here? Power inverter?