Surface Pro Docking Station now available, but only for a limited time [Update: gone!]

We’re at home rocking our Surface 2 (that’s the RT version in case you forgot) and while we’re super pleased with it, you ‘Pro’ fans out there have something to get excited about too: the Docking Station.

A few of the next-gen Surface accessories, like the Docking Station and Battery Cover, did not launch with the Surface 2, leaving a few of us a little flummoxed. However, after a few tips we received and some details posted on ZDNet by Mary Jo Foley (and Windows SuperSite), we can let you know that the Docking Station is now available—in limited quantities.

Fetching for $199, the Docking Station is the end-all, be-all when it comes to pro level accessories for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It boasts “a display port, an audio input/output jack, an Ethernet port, as well as a high-speed USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports” all in the matching Surface design. It’s an impressive piece of hardware and will allow many of you to replace your desktop setup with an all-in-one Surface Pro system.

So that’s the good news, the bad news is that these are only available in limited amounts. Both the Docking Station and Battery Cover were slated for an ‘early 2014’ release, but some of the Docks are now out for purchase (Battery Cover is still MIA). Indeed, when we checked the Microsoft Store online, we could order it for $199 with next-day shipping. How long you will be able to do that is anyone’s guess, so if you were considering it, you may want to act now.

To clarify, the Docking Station won’t work with the RT versions of the Surface—so no Surface RT or Surface 2, only the ‘Pro’ editions can take advantage of it.

[Update 4PM ET: The Dock is now listed out of stock. No word if it will come back.]

Thanks, James B., Todd P and others for the tips.

Daniel Rubino

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