We want to know what games you are playing on your Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet coupled with Windows 8, brought one of the most immersive gaming experiences to the mobile computing space when it was released back in February of 2013. Popular Android and iOS devices were also able to bring an exciting experience, but a well-built tablet with the full power of Windows truly unlocked the door for more than just a casual game on the go.

One of our loyal readers and forum members, MicrosoftFoLife, started a thread commenting on how much he enjoyed gaming and playing Skyrim on his personal Surface device. We would like to know is what some of your favorite PC games to play on your tablet are.

Popular games such as World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Portal, Call of Duty, and more, could be played directly from the Surface Pro due to its Intel Core i5 CPU and integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics chip. The Surface Pro 2 upped the power even more with Intel’s Haswell chipset and a new world of possibilities.

Popular benchmark site NotebookCheck, ran a collection of game benchmarks that included World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and F1 2012. All games were able to achieve a very playable frames per second rate of 27-32 on high graphic settings. If you turn down the graphics to medium in World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and F1 2012, you will get a wonderful 128 fps, 43 fps, and 28 fps respectively. If you turn down the resolution from native, you can achieve even smoother play rates.

If you have a Surface Pro 2, we really want to know what you have been playing! Do you play with your device’s Touch cover, Type cover, controller, or other peripheral? If you are a big gamer, make sure to also include your benchmarks and FPS rates!

If you want to join in the original conversation, you can click here to check out the thread over in our “Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro” forum.

Michael Archambault