A couple of days ago we reported that pre-sales of the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were doing very well, with stock running low on a few variations of the new hardware. Indeed, we can now confirm Microsoft wasn’t bluffing as the Surface Pro 2 (128 GB) is now listed as ‘out of stock’ through the Microsoft Store online.

It’s not clear how much initial inventory Microsoft planned for nor if the the 128 GB version will be replenished in the coming weeks. Presumably Microsoft can adjust manufacturing orders for the devices accordingly and we may see the 128 GB version come back online in the coming days.

So are the new Surface 2’s and Surface Pro 2’s really selling well? Since we don’t know how many units were actually allocated, it’s hard to say. Interest in general does seem to be higher than for the previous Surface launch. There is also no doubt that the four week turnaround time from announcement to availability will go a long way in keeping that awareness high. But without any firm numbers, they could have sold a hundred thousand or fifty.

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Interestingly, Microsoft did not predict the 128 GB version from running out of stock. Instead they warned that the Surface 2 (64 GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 GB and 512 GB) were running low. That means we may see other configurations run out soon too, so you may want to get your preorder in now if you were hedging.

Devices will ship by October 21 for an availability of the 22nd.

Source: Microsoft Store; Thanks, Keval S., for the tip

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