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Sold out: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 128 GB no longer available to order

A couple of days ago we reported that pre-sales of the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were doing very well, with stock running low on a few variations of the new hardware. Indeed, we can now confirm Microsoft wasn’t bluffing as the Surface Pro 2 (128 GB) is now listed as ‘out of stock’ through the Microsoft Store online.

It’s not clear how much initial inventory Microsoft planned for nor if the the 128 GB version will be replenished in the coming weeks. Presumably Microsoft can adjust manufacturing orders for the devices accordingly and we may see the 128 GB version come back online in the coming days.

So are the new Surface 2’s and Surface Pro 2’s really selling well? Since we don’t know how many units were actually allocated, it’s hard to say. Interest in general does seem to be higher than for the previous Surface launch. There is also no doubt that the four week turnaround time from announcement to availability will go a long way in keeping that awareness high. But without any firm numbers, they could have sold a hundred thousand or fifty.

Interestingly, Microsoft did not predict the 128 GB version from running out of stock. Instead they warned that the Surface 2 (64 GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 GB and 512 GB) were running low. That means we may see other configurations run out soon too, so you may want to get your preorder in now if you were hedging.

Devices will ship by October 21 for an availability of the 22nd.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab); Thanks, Keval S., for the tip

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Is there HDMI port on the new Surface?
  • Surface has HDMI out, Surface pro has displayport
  • With an adapter, yes.
  • there's one on the old surface too, just buy a microhdmi to hdmi cable on amazon for tuppence
  •  Great site.  Never had a complaint.  Micro hdmi to hdmi without ferrit (great cable) 15 ft = $21.21
    For cheapest cable (with Ferrit core) 15 foot = $7.50
    MiniDisplayport to hdmi too.... 15ft = $8.72

  • Sell-outs without numbers is worthless.  It means absolutely nothing.
  • "Sell-outs without numbers is worthless.  It means absolutely nothing."
    Well, unless I wanted to give Microsoft my money today to buy one. Last I checked, it's not ideal for a business to have a product unavailable to actually purchase. So I do think a 'sold out' is interesting in that regard.
  • You have a point, but companies often talk about sell-outs to give the mirage that a product is selling extremely well.    It would more accurately be described as unavailable.
  • This falls under bro-logic. At least I'm not sure it's ever been actually proven, but rather it falls under conspiracy rationale. Regardless, this isn't Microsoft bragging. This is consumers simply trying to order a device and it being listed as OOS. I don't see the angle here how this is good for Microsoft that people can't buy their product. If it's to give the illusion of high sales at the cost of actually being able to sell devices, well, that just does not compute.
  • That illusion can provide many headlines.  Let me say this: I wasn't saying that you wrote this to brag for MS.  That said, that is a good headline for MS.  When the average consumer sees something has sold out, it gives the impression of high demand, even if that isn't the case.  Plus, this size might be unavailable, but the rest aren't.
    Also, there isn't anything conspiracy related when talking about companies messing with stock to provide headlines. It has happened before and will happen again.
  • What is your problem?
    No one will have the answer anyways. Only Microsoft knows the reality of this. There is no point in arguing about something. This is just a headline that is keeping us updated about something that happened. Take it as you wish and keep it to yourself.
  • I'm sorry, I thought comment sections were for discussing even if you have different point of views...
  • What "problem"? Two people are exchanging ideas. Why should you take every discussion as a threat to your beloved brand?
  • You talk a lot, if you want it then preorder it,if not then leave it alone, you are just giving yourself a problem.
  • Actually I didn't know I was giving myself a problem.  Thank You.
  • I'd rather believe what Daniel said, that making a product not available is not good for the product. Maybe for Apple, this hungry sale strategy would work because they have a significant large market share and much more people are fighting to buy one. Marking it our of stock will lead to more potential sales. But situation is not the same for Surface. Showing out of stock is very risky for Surface because the hesitating people may go and buy the products of the competitors. A product shortage is not something good for Surface. I think it would be safe to think that the "sold out" is true.
  • My main point was never that MS secretly has stock and is lying about selling out. I simply, for like the 5 or so time, mean that marking "selling out" doesn't mean that it is selling well.
  • what a noble crazy idea. its like openning a restaurant and tell people we can't bring you food so people think you have such an excellent food that you can't manage to give them? you are officially crazy my friend
  • No reason to call people names.  The first Surface had some supply issues to start with.  We all heard that it was selling out or stock was running low.  Now that we can look back, it is easy to see that it didn't really do that well.
    While I may have been a little rough stating it to begin with, we have to wait until sales numbers come out some time down the road to see if it is really selling well.
  • Nintendo did it with the Wii... when people were told they were hard to find on the shelves, it became a must have item AND the best selling console for awhile.
    I think mase was suggesting that a number would give us a better idea of the supply/demand aspect of this product. If they have only manufactured 2000 units so far, and those are the units that are claimed, then the product isn't doing as well as the report may suggest. Doesn't sound crazy to me.
  • The wii was a $200 product I don't see any reason to feign a product that will be catered to a very specific demographic. The price bracket alone makes it a specific product your average joe will not be purchasing a Surface pro. businesses, professions and people that looking to get the most out of their computer and don't mind paying the extra cash to do so. Such devices traditionally have not been in consistently high demand with rare exceptions to apple products.
    The point I am making is that it is killing momentum to buy a $1000 product in no way can I really see it working in microsoft's favor.
  • No, it's not like opening a restaurant with nothing in the larder. I tend to agree with mase and understand his point, although it seems many are missing it.
    The point he is making is that other companies, BBRY being one example, might be tempted to only issue a limited amount of stock for a product that they don't think will sell brilliantly. Therefore, when the imited stock sells out it creates good publicity and engenders more sales. 
    MS had a bad time with the Surface and Pro first ime around and had loads of stock left over. It therefore makes it possible, if not likely, that MS "might" only issue limited stock, so as to artificially create sell-out news....
  • Why is everyone giving mase a hard time. Apple do this kinda all time. I work in retail. When apple say they are sold out in a particular store. They mean they want you to go to other shop in the area and buy it. Apple wont send stock out until. All the stock in the area is very low. Hence that how they can keep price up so high. When does finally run low in the area, It gets send out straight away. We also get invoice from apple say stock in allocated and available way before its sent.
  • I have hardly seen an apple product being unavailable for purchase. They push their shipping date further away while in demand, but very very very rarely unavailable.
  • Never try to make a point against Daniel. You'll never win. Believe me, I've tried.
  • Tell me a company has never taken advantage of "Sell out" headlines before. We all know it has happened. MS was more than happy last Surface release to mention it even though the overall number were not very impressive. I respect Dan for his hard work on this site. That said, it doesn't mean he is always right.
  • In this case, however, he is right. He reported that this device is marked as Sold Out and that is correct. Now, somebody explain to me how a product that is not released yet can be sold out. Why not just say orders placed today will arrive on x date? Surely they have a handle on their manufacturing and supply chain to accomplish that.
  • It could be that for a time, manufacturing didn't know when they would get more of a critical component (i.e. the 128GB solid state drive).  So they couldn't give a firm delayed ship date.  Hence the SOLD OUT message.
    The SOLD OUT message has been removed btw... it now has a delayed ship date like some of the other model choices.
  • "It gives the impression of high demand" You know that Microsoft is doing this to make a impression of high demands, people on other blogs/review websites know this as well and are commenting the same. If all the people know about this strategy of Microsoft then how would it help Microsoft to improve their sales? I really don't get it. Every blog/review website is saying Surface Pro is not sold out, Microsoft is doing this to make an impression of high demand. Do you really think a multibillion dollar company would be so ignorant, like they do not read blogs and reviews (Microsoft don't have access to this website and thousands of others) to find out what people think about their products and strategies. Or you want to say that Microsoft is reading all the reviews but still not doing anything when they know people are aware of their stratigies and it can have a negative effect.
  • "It gives the impression of high demand"
    You know that Microsoft is doing this to make a impression of high demands, people on other blogs/review websites know this as well and are commenting the same. If all the people know about this strategy of Microsoft then how would it help Microsoft to improve their sales? I really don't get it.
    Every blog/review website is saying Surface Pro is not sold out, Microsoft is doing this to make an impression of high demand. Do you really think a multibillion dollar company would be so ignorant, like they do not read blogs and reviews (Microsoft don't have access to this website and thousands of others) to find out what people think about their products and strategies. 
    Or you want to say that Microsoft is reading all the reviews but still not doing anything when they know people are aware of their stratigies and it can have a negative effect.
  • With all due respect, Microsoft needn't brag about the OOS part. Tech sites like this exist for a reason, to report every small thing. And I hope you would agree that Microsoft is fully aware that the news will catch up.
    Anyways, Microsoft's earlier guidance about stock getting quickly sold out doesn't mean anything without actual numbers. Well, it only means that few sites will create few posts about it. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Again, this is just my opinion. Your's might differ.
  • I wonder if this is as a result of MS trying to not over-produce and have another big writedown like with the Surface 1...
  • Still meaningless. They may have well adjusted inventory based on empirical sales data. Ie..the unsold generation 1. We all want to see this platform succeed but they should really publish meaningful data so the consumer can make educated decisions. I'm in the market for a tablet to replace my POS android tablet with a fruit of surface/Nokia with windows preferred but not without knowing that the platform is successful for dev and app support...
  • "...they should really publish meaningful data so the consumer can make educated decisions"
    Consumers aren't smart enough to handle actual data. Although you're right, nothing is more sexy in an ad than bar graphs, pie charts and statistics. Microsoft should do that right away. There's also nothing like publishing your sales data for your competitors. I'm sure once Microsoft takes your advice, Apple and Amazon will follow. Why wouldn't they? It makes total sense. They should also give me a puppy. /sarcasm.
  • If they published inventory numbers people would still think they lied, so damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  • To be fair Dan, I don't think he's talking about making advertisements with the data but rather having it available. If you weren't being sarcastic about the sexy bar graphs, then woops. My bad :P 
    Anyway, Apple does show their graphs in all of their keynotes, so to imply that they don't do so would be untrue. In my opinion, the graphs are intersting because they are a good comparison to their competitors. That might just be my math/science brain though.
    I do agree that most "consumers aren't smart enough ro handle actual data." People are just so dumb sometimes. 
  • To be fair, Apple usually disclose those graphs to shareholders and investors, which none of us are not. Granted those numbers are reported after the fact, Microsoft is nowhere near a quarterly reports end for new products that haven't been released.
    If they sold out of 20 or sold out of 2000, the consumer is the one that suffers until inventory is replenished.
    I think it's a good thing that they have empirical data to see that this is a desired product. It's economics 101, supply and demand.
    Having been burned once was a learning experience of sorts for Microsoft.
    Let's just see what happens and wait for the quarterly reports to be made public.
  • I did just watch a Verizon commercial showing coverage maps to people...though dancing Surface commercials are more sexy.
  • Dan is there any way to code that your comments come up a different color than others. I need a faster way to find your fantastically blunt rebuffs. If there's any way to do this I WILL give you a puppy.
  • Once again MS is clueless, you'd think they'd learned their lesson w/ intro. of surface.. Don't promise what you can't deliver, and with "2" being compared to a joke, "pro" better deliver!
  • It runs Windows 8 so you can judge app support from that. Even if they've sold 5 million pre-sales, it's not going to impact much on the overall Win8 figures.
  • So you're waiting to see the sales numbers before you purchase? You realize that they all run the same OS and thus whichever of the devices you list sells best has the exact SAME impact on a 'Platform for dev support'
  • Not exactly true.  If I was a dev., I would like to see the Windows 8 numbers broken down by tablet, laptop and desktop.  I say this because apps are more like to be used by a tablet Windows 8 device compared to a desktop Windows 8 device.  I know I use the apps a lot more on handheld devices with touch compared to my desktop with touch (or laptop without touch).
  • If you're a Windows 8 dev, you should be developing for all input types, not just the ones you think people are using.
  • True and I think my comment focused too much on touch.  My point was that I used metro apps on tablet-like devices compared to laptops and more so desktops.  I think that would be an important factor for a dev to judge the true Windows 8 market.
  • What difference does it make how many they sell? How does that change your mind if you'll purchase a Surface or not? The iPhone have sold millions and I still purchased a Nokia phone. Either you know what the device can do or don't. And if you're not sure about its capabilities then wait. But to say you're waiting on sales numbers that seems wishy washy at best. Or looking for excuses not to purchase one.
  • Evidently you have very little grasp of how retail works. Selling out creates the perception of desirability, whether real or illusion. The phrase "get them while they last" is one of the oldest tricks in the retail book. Without any confirmation of pre orders, it means nothing. Given they are not sold out through Best Buy though should give a clue as to reality in this case. It is as likely that they are intentionally keeping inventory low or are metering them out to create the illusion of high sales as it is actually high volume. People also have remarkably short memories since the same thing happened with Surface RT and Surface Pro. I expect sales probably are pretty good since Microsoft's tablet advertising has been at saturation level for months, but selling out on their own website is absolutely meanngless.
  • BTW, check out my comment down a bit.  I got a link to one of those stories.
  • I pre-ordered mine from BestBuy and they are sold out as well for the 256GB Surface Pro 2 model.
  • I do remember the original surface selling out last year so he does have a point.  Hopefully this time they are selling a lot more when they say they're sold out!
  • It means that it's sold out. Which is exactly what it's supposed to mean. And that's something.
  • Exactly. But they could have made only 5 of them. ;) I'm sure they didn't make too many presales considering last year, but I'd expect it to be in the millions.
  • I think maybe they have sold (in total of Surface 2's and Pro 2's) around 700,000.
  • it means informing the masses to get a 64gig or 256gig before its too late. Debbie Downer, no one cares how many are sold or not sold.
  • Yup, I am a Debbie Downer.  Or maybe I prefer companies stop playing the "minimal supply" at the begining so it looks like their products are selling very well. 
  • mase, you're overreacting. They did mot say that ALL models sold out. Only one. Which makes their claim real, true and relevant. They are not trying to pose a mirage, otherwise other models would be "sold out" too. It is what it is, for one model, take it ot leave it for what it means. You can't infer motives
  • I am simply saying that it is nothing to be excited about. I hope it sells like hotcakes!
  • MS should probably discontinue the 32 GB Surface 2 and focus on the 64GB model and lower the price to $499.
    Selling out is always better than not selling out.  The news sounds positive.
  • It means sales exceeded their expectations, which is always something good.
  • Or that kept it low on purpose to make it look like sales were great.  They played the same game with the first gen.
  • Dude let it go,we will know eventually, I can only tell you more of my friends are now thinking about getting a surface 2 after see it all over the TV and trying out mine.
  • You are extremely cynical.
    Article from WPCentral about the first Surface RT.  Point being, common thought was theat the Surface family was selling well to start.  Until actual numbers come out, things like sell-outs or shipping dates being pushed back doesn't mean much.
  • Don't hate.
  • I own a Surface btw bud.
  • That doesn't make you any less cynical.
  • I am being realistic based on past events.  I already posted a link earlier to prove my point.
  • Lol, u mad bro?
  • Didn't know I should be...actually I am quite happy.
  • Exactly, also people have a short memory because Microsoft claimed the exact thing last year when the released RT with the 32 GB selling out first followed by 64 GB. Yet they still had to write off millions due to lack of sales.
  • This is more or less my point. We can't assume it is selling well just because of this. Though i do think MS's biggest mistake was probably how many they made after the initial presale. That said, this article does serve the purpose of informing people that it is no longer available.
  • Neither can you assume it isn't selling well.
  • True though it is more likely to not be selling well based on history.  For third time in these comments though, I hope it does sell well.
  • I read through all of these comments on this thread. Mase you're exactly right, but when I look at these replies it looks more like a Macintosh forum. I have a 128pro from day one and love it, but what you're saying is reality. When did this forum get so close minded? Such a simple comment got many feathers a rustled. Guys, sold out doesn't = great sales. That was his only point. I'll take it as a good sign myself, but I know it's only a good sign depending on how many they produced. I'm still optimistic.
  • Well why are you commenting? You should've glanced and moved on to the next article
  • I believe that Microsoft would not want to not have product available. Why would they play games like....oh we are sold out to create demand would not work for them....they are to far behind for that....they rather get there products in the hands of people before they go to apple or Samsung....they probably did not make enough of that product because they wanted to make sure the sell well first so they don't need to have a fire sale and loose money....
  • Didn't anyone go to best buy last year they had less then 10 surface rt 7 32gb 3 64 GB Microsoft said they were selling like hot cakes, if you go to 100 best buys and they only 10 for 1000 people of course they'll be selling like hotcakes and demand is high what happens to the other 990 people either they leave with an Android tablet or an iPad.
  • They are back in stock.  This is what happened to the other two models.
  • It means I can't buy it right now.
  • Has Microsoft spoken on whether there'll be a trade up program for first gen surfaces?
  • Why not just sell it on ebay or craigslist?  You'd get more with that method anyways.
  • True.
  • I got $565 for my cracked Lumia 920 at the Microsoft store, that's far more than what I could get from Craigslist or eBay...
  • How? The highest retail price I've seen is $499, but usually $450. Are the taxes where you live that high?
  • WTH? $565?! Dude, I'm trying to get rid of my Unlocked ATT Lumia 920 for that! Especially not cracked though.
  • Selling it yourself and buying a new model will always be a better deal.
  • They wouldn't want to deprive you of unloading it for a hefty payday on some poor schlub that don't know any better now do they? Lol, =P
  • Microsoft wouldn't even give you as much as they would for an iPad on trade in.
  • These sold out never made sense to me, they did the same thing with the original Surface and yet they still had tons of unsold inventory.  What is wrong with taking orders and giving them a date when it will ship ?
     It's bad business sending a customer away , he/she may never come back ! 
  • They have to allocate inventory and can't guarantee X amount will ship to you on Oct 21.
  • I get that point, they cannot make any guarantees but they've been selling the Surface for almost a year now. They should have a rough idea about how long it takes to place an order  to when it finally ship to the end user.
    Just try buying  a device from Lenovo and you'll know what I'm talking about.. if they don't have the device in stock , they'll give you a date .. they never send the customer away .. They made the same mistake with the 1st Gen Surface and they're doing the same thing again. No wonder they have close to billion of unsold inventory. 
  • Sounds like you may not know how manufacturing works...which may be a sign that you shouldn't go into business. =[
  • I agree with you, better than sold out is giving a later day to ship - due to high demand your surface will be late by X day's -
  • If I can't purchase a Surface Pro 2 in Turkey soon, I will go really mad!
  • I'm mad I don't have money to purchase one!
  • Darn, I planned on pre-ordering my 128GB Pro when I went to my local Microsoft Store for the Panos Panay event. Hopefully they have more stock then, this really kinda screws with my master plans.
  • They had a deal in LA for Panos event where they'd give free touch 1 cover if you preorder.  I procrastinated too long, trying different things, checking out Makerbot, and Panos left (along with the free offer). 
    Decided to preorder 256 in Glendale, which to my horror is still a kiosk.  Especially after seeing Century City store, the kiosk is REALLY sad. 
    If you did want one on the 22nd, your best bet now is probably going to a store/kiosk rather than the website. 
  • My surface pro 2 in 256GB says it will ship along with my purple type cover on the 29th. Still getting it before my brothers gold iPhone 5Same.
  • I ordered the exact same, mine says it'll ship on the 21st.
  • Mine, too. No type cover for me yet, though... Getting the pro when I am in the US and the cover in Germany. Great that you can actually choose the keyboard you want :)
  • Hahaha! Love the pun. Apple is more dependent on Microsoft than they know. Hell, the Apple II uses Microsoft's programming language.
  • As everyone else has noted it, it still don't mean jack. I wish they've already sold millions but the truth is we have to wait.
  • I hope it is actually selling really well with huge numbers.  More tablets with Windows 8/RT means more app support. 
  • Seems everyone's priorities are a bit different, if you wanted one its important but if you were never planning on it, it isn't and you just want to gloat... =P
  • Hey! im from india, do anyone know if i can preorder form microsoft us website? will they ship it here?
  • No, they only ship within the country the store is in.
  • No, they wont.
  • Get a U.S. friend to preorder it and ship it to you. Ya I know, that's pretty lame though.
  • I would have done that if i had any friend there, Microsoft sucks at launching products in India,they haven't launchec the surface 1st gen here, they have to realize that india is a far bigger market than they think if they keep up there attitude towards India, they will have a tough time selling phone after acquiring Nokia coz India is nokia's 2nd biggest selling market.
  • I went to Best Buy yesterday and the Windows display was twice the size if apple and twice as many people there looking at all the surfaces abs devices.
  • The same as with Surface 1...
  • Does Best Buy sell the Surface Pro 2?
  • Good thing I already ordered mine!! I can't wait. Soo does that mean I should have it on the 22nd??
  • Without discussing business strategy and marketing logic, my opinion is they probably made less initial inventory compared to the first Gen devices because there was an issue with moving their inventory.
  • It seemed like last time that MS's big inventory mistake was how many they made after the initial group.
  • Manufactured shortage. The original Surfaces were initially reported to be selling well and it ended up having 900mil writeoff
  • Right. So your logic is: Microsoft lost $900 million dollars on Surface, Ballmer is leaving as CEO (with many pointing to that writeoff as contributing to it), Microsoft received more bad headlines and negative press against RT, so their strategy is to repeat it all for the same results. Got it. Makes total sense. "Manfucatured shortage" could be read as "being more conservative with inventory around this time", you know, so that they don't have to write 'em off next year.
  • Daniel, love your site. I own a Surface RT. Own a Lumia1020. I root for MS at every turn but MS continually makes mistakes. These Surfaces are once again, overpriced. If this is MS being conservative with their inventory then that means they're not producing many, not expecting to sell many, probably only selling to the MS faithful like me. They need to price these things to sell and get these things in peoples hands. More units sold means more developer support. More developers means more apps. And on and on and on... MS doesn't seem to get.
  • You do not get it. Steve Ballmer jumped and ran in this sweaty t shirt on developer conference stages screaming "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS". Unless that was part of the lyrics of Billboard number one single - Microsoft knows the importance of developer support on a new platform;.
    Absolutely no on cheap Surface at launch.