Surface Studio 2 firmware update rolls out with security and stability improvements

Surface Studio 2
Surface Studio 2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 has a new firmware update available.
  • The update includes several security updates and improves system stability.
  • There are no new features within the firmware update.

Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 recently received a new firmware update. The update doesn't include any new features but comes with the usual array of security updates and improvements to system stability.

Surface updates roll out in stages, so while the update is available and rolling out, you may not see it just yet. You may have to search for optional updates to find certain updates as well.

Here's everything that's new with the latest firmware update:

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Device Manager NameVersion and Update
Intel ICLS Client - Extension1952.14.0.1470 - Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
Intel ICLS Client - Software devices1.62.321.1 - Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
Intel Management Engine Interface - System devices2040.100.0.1029 - Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
Surface ME - Firmware11.8.82.3838 - Addresses security updates and improves system stability.

The update is available for Surface Studio 2 devices running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Windows 10 version 1903) or greater. There aren't any known issues with the update at this time.

If you're looking for more exciting Surface news, you probably won't have to wait long. Microsoft's spring Surface hardware refresh will likely occur within the next couple of weeks. We could potentially see a Surface Laptop 4, Surface Headphones 2+, and new accessories like a webcam. For fans of the Surface Studio line, it's unlikely that any new hardware is on the way unless you count the potential upcoming Microsoft Classroom Pen 2.

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  • Is it a firmware or bios update? unless you consider this a giant tablet
  • I just want someone to figure out how to separate the screen from these, a couple of those displays on my workstation would be awesome...
  • Hopefully they will announce the surface studio3 I do intend to buy that
  • If they can search their soul and find some way to charge < $4k then I'll buy one too. If they sell just the monitor so you can dock a SP8 to it, that would be amazing!
  • I just want the display as well. These are the best looking displays I've ever seen, and 2-3 of them would be an amazing workstation. Aspect ratio is great too.
  • I agree with others, the Microsoft's Surface Studio is actually a pretty stupid product computer wise and the only thing worth anything is the display. Why MS continues to insist this fantastic display should be bolted onto this under-powered mobile like device is beyond me. MAKE A SURFACE TOWER!!!! Then sell the monitor to anyone who wants to buy one regardless of what they are connecting it to.
  • I really don't mind the Surface Studio line. It's a great concept for my needs, but it is prohibitively expensive. If it had a Quadro card and the price was lower with current gen tech, I would totally get one.