Surface Studio 2 goes up for preorder starting at $3,499

Preorders are now live for the Surface Studio 2, with prices starting at a whopping $3,499.

If you're eager to pick up Microsoft's new Surface Studio 2, you can now throw your hat in the ring with a little early. The Surface Studio 2 is now available to preorder at the Microsoft Store, with prices starting at $3,499 for the base model and going up from there.

The refreshed Surface Studio 2 is mostly the same on the outside, with the only hint at a new model being a new USB-C port and a screen that should now sport deeper blacks.

On the inside, however, Microsoft has mixed things up with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics and Intel's 7th Gen Core i7-7820HQ processor. Though neither upgrade is in the realm of the latest tech from either Intel or NVIDIA, they're both significant steps up from the original Surface Studio's 6th Gen Core i7 processor and GTX 980M graphics.

The base model sports 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM for $3,499. You can step things up to the same storage but 32GB of RAM for $4,199. At the top end, a configuration with 2TB of storage and 32GB of RAM is available for $4,799. Yeah, this thing ain't cheap.

Shipments are expected to start going out by November 15. If you're interested in a Surface Studio 2 for yourself and can afford the price of entry, you can preorder the PC at the Microsoft Store now.

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