Surface Studio and new Surface Book certified to run Siemens NX engineering software

It looks like both the new Surface Studio and Surface Book with Performance Base will be a good fit for engineers. Microsoft has announced that both devices are officially Siemens NX certified, meaning they'll offer up a solid experience when running the product design software.

Siemens says it has worked closely with Microsoft to make sure the Siemens NX software runs smoothly on both Surface devices. Here's how Siemens describes the certification itself:

The Siemens NX certification is granted only to devices that have passed our series of hundreds of tests, which weigh a device's ability to deliver a highly satisfactory end-user experience. Our customers, including numerous major airplane and auto manufacturers, require and depend on this certification to tell them what devices will offer their team the best user experience. To do so, our team tests device capabilities like processor performance, graphics systems and more.

Overall, Siemens sees the Surface Studio and new Surface Book as a boon for product design, praising the ease with which engineers can jump in and create with a combination of different inputs. One of the most intriguing new ways to interact with Siemens NX is with the new Surface Dial accessory, which Siemens says will support basic zooming, panning and rotating, as well as more complex tasks:

Going a step further, we also looked at how Surface Dial can support dynamic geometry manipulation, such as changing sizes and adjusting attributes. These functions can all be performed more smoothly and reliably with Surface Dial versus traditional mouse dragging or even touch, allowing for much finer control over changes.

While the Surface Studio's merits for artists are obvious from the get-go, it's interesting to see how engineers — and really, anyone who creates — can leverage the all-in-one and its Surface Dial accessory. More importantly, it's a positive sign that the industry is supporting these Surface devices with formal certifications.

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  • Good on Siemens...
    Autodesk couldn't be bothered to make their software touch friendly...i expect them to ignore this dial.
  • They must. Surface devices altogether is too much to miss to reap the benefits out of their Architectural and Design solutions.
  • Somehow that's not their strategy.
  • The Dial in NX may not be a complete answer. A 3D CAD mouse does similar job. Maybe that's what Dial idea came out of. Dial does look a lot like Connexion's Spacemouse.
  • Uhm, AutoCAD 2016 has a touch mode:
  • No it doesn't. I use these products everyday.
    Obviously touch works with any Windows program, just like you can use touch in explorer... That's not enough. Specifically, the navigation bar doesn't support touch but it supports touch pad gestures... go figure. What I want is to be able to take a tablet out to site or any meeting and be able to at least... Pan & Zoom a 3d Revit model. Currently I have to load a PDF file on my 950xl which is not a solution. Not to mention adobe reader is too slow and buggy. Been waiting for this functionality since Windows 8 release and very strange that Autodesk doesn't see the benefit after 5 program revisions up to 2017.
  • I wish Siemens would update some of their elec protection IED software to run on something higher than WinXP
  • I really hope AutoDesk optimizes their products (specifically AutoCAD) for the Studio. This would be a deadly combination! It would only make sense if Microsoft tapped AutoDesk on the shoulder since they have the most influence on the software of their class...
  • If i remember correctly Autodesk and Microsoft have already been working closely with HoloLens. Wouldnt be surprised if they embrace the dial + Studio as well.
  • I guess that's Trimble.
  • They are inquisitive... Nothing more.
    There's 4 Autodesk apps in Windows Store.
    All of them fantastic, shows their level of competence but not nearly enough of what they can produce to Mobile.
    I expect the same lackluster release for HoloLens.
  • Autodesk + Microsoft = HUGE STEP Forward in Tech
  • No denying that.
  • :D
  • :D g (Smiling). Sorry about the double post.
  • Hopefully Dessault (Solidworks) follows suit! But considering the UI on Solidworks 2014/15 doesn't even scale well with high-resolution displays like that on my Surface Pro 4, I'm not exactly holding my breath for features like Surface Dial compatibility.
  • Siemens is a big-one on Manufacturing Software. I would like to see Dassault Systemes and Autodesk with their whole platform ready for Dial and Studio. CAD/CAM technologies should be integral on Creators Update.
  • My best friend is a mechanical engineer, he would probably be interested in this since he designs industrial pieces. This is just really good good news to all mechanical engineers in the Globe.
  • I am one and I absolutely agree. My current CAD computer is a laptop with a NVidia K2000m installed. But it doesn't have a touchscreen. I do have a SP3 also but I only use AutoDesk Inventor and AutoCAD on it.