Hands-on with Microsoft's Surface Studio

Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Surface Studio, an all-in-one PC that offers some advanced functionality for creative professionals. We've taken a look at the new machine to get a better idea as to how it all comes together to transform productivity and creativity on the desktop.

There's 32GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor, 2TB hybrid HDD storage, and a 28-inch PixelSense display, the thinnest LCD screen on any all-in-one PC. It's possible to pre-order the Surface Studio now, starting from $2999.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • I didn't realise it STARTS at $2999 - That'll be the i5 with the GTX 94x GPU, 1TB HDD and 8GB Ram?
  • a 28 in. 4K multi-touch touchscreen is going to cost plenty -- no getting around that.
  • Yeah, that is probably going to be half the cost right there.
  • I bet Apple can make something very similar that will be revolutionary and people will flock to buy it even though it will be more expensive
  • You can always upgrade the ram later.
  • I think most exciting thing they skipped (announcement) is surface dial. I would get one integrate it with my surface pro 4 & will get the best experience.
  • True and it just 99$
  • I want that desktop wallpaper :P Where I can download it ?
  • So sexy. So expensive.
  • So sexy. So expensive.
  • If it comes well priced will you put it next to the surface book price wise
  • That's pretty slick although the high glare screen could be problematic. I don't have a use case for this, but for creators with lots of cash to burn (do they exist?), it seems like it could be a win.
  • Yeah I don't have a use case for this myself, at least not at that price range anyway, but for sheer style and fanboism I would love to have one for sure. It is perfect for my wife but just too far outside the budget of what she would be willing to pay for a PC.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that most "creators" dont have $3k to spend laying around? It looks like a very powerful tool, but pricey for an indivual. Even if you work for an established company it will be hard to convince a corporation to spend that much. I know it has a lot to offer, but maybe they should have started a little bit lower?
  • The price point is very much on par with other options for professionals, while offering considerably more functionality. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than the common Mac Pro + Cintiq option.
  • What do you mean laying around? Do you do creative work professionally? This is a business expense in cases like that, for architects, video editors, artists, lawyers? and designers. An enthusiast might not have $3k laying around but an enthusiast doesn't need these levels of precision (talking about the display, pen)
  • For companies its pretty common to spend even more money than that on a PC, if that is what is needed at least. My current desktop at work was around £5000, my work laptop was around £3000. It's just another cost of business, but once you have it, usually it will take like 6-8 years to get anything new to replace it so the cost is spread out over a long time which makes it more like an investment.
  • I feel like for production companies, a max of 4gb of vram isn't enough. I am not super well versed in GPU precision, but when serious production involves quadros with 24gb of super precise vram, a 980m seems somewhat lacking in comparison...
  • I don't think it would be that hard to convince people. The iMac is pretty damned expensive. Every ************* has one of those.
  • Is anyone else sort of bummed they didn't announce a Surface 4? Was really looking forward to buying one to replace an aging Surface 2 but it looks like they are skipping it again. Is the non-pro Surface dead without more Atom processors from Intel?
  • If intel killed atom line, then MS could push at least Core M model (Some old Core M with lowest price) and whole tablet for 700  
  • Definitely bummed. It seemed like there was a pretty good fanbase for the slightly smaller form factor.
  • Yeah MS should be making smaller and smaller Surfaces until they're at phone. It would push a lot of Devs to make good UWPs if there were 7-9 inch Surfaces out there.
  • Yeah, it looks like they might be phasing out the "SURFACE" device. if you go to the microsoft website it doesn't even show up. Perhaps they assume people will just buy PC partners offerings from HP, lenovo, ect. Since they have low end options. It's too bad. I have a Surface 3 and it's my favorite device (despite just buying a new HP I7 Laptop in the last few months) It's a terrific device for I'd say 75% of the public. It's perfect for High School or college students.
  • Definitely. I just sold my Surface 3! :)
  • The issue is that the Atom CPUs are slow, and people expect more from a machine that costs as much as a low end Surface. But the m3s cost about the same as the i3s, so including that makes it expensive enough that it competes with the Pro models. There is no Intel chip that fits.
  • The drawing he is making on the screen is awesome!
  • $3000 to $4000 made me sad :( to rich for me! 3k for i5
    3.5k for i7
    4k for i7
  • When I saw the $2999 price tag I thought it was reasonable for people that this device makes sense for....I only realised from this video it's the STARTING price for the lowest spec'd model and it does make it seem quite expensive unless you REALLY need the unique features.
  • You could probably put something similar together for a bit less, provided you bought a color accurate display and a good drawing tablet.
  • I know apple is like f*ck we should have went first # touch bar macs
  • Don't get me started.  I saw that and was like "time to party like it's 2010".  Let's not forget the missing "escape" key.
  • I was thinking the same thing. They better burn the midnight oil at Cupertino to update their slide deck...
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  • I dont' need this but I want this. 
  • Looks awesome....however the motherboard is a laptop type board. No discrete graphics meaning the graphics components are soldered to the board. Also the hyper drive with a small capacity SSD and a massive capacity HDD reduces responsiveness..not to mention the price!
  • duplicate edit.
  • Yes, but at least they opted for a quad core which I don't think even comes in the surface book or SP4. That could mean a pretty big difference for graphic and video designers. An option to hook up a gaming card would be nice though.
  • If apple does it with their ****** imams for that price, I'd buy it.
  • meh..my DELL Inspiron 2350 say Hi.... from the bedroom of my daughter...
  • Yawn your trolling use to be better mate.
  • You mean the device that only has the same form factor?
  • Tbh, that was the worst hands on ever.
  • Can anyone explain why you need a rear camera on a all in one desktop computer?
  • Thank you for posting the best comment of the day, lol!
  • Probably just to fulfill some marketing checkbox used to compare it to Apple.
  • That is almost certainly a typo by the journalists reporting on it. One journalist/blogger makes the mistake (possibly by half-assing the specs from memory) and the lazier ones that can't be bothered looking at source material copy it. And that feeds the trolls, among others. Great job.
  • You wanna to upload with the Instagram app you need both camera
  • Is the multiple terabyte hard drive needed? I typically store things on the cloud and import them when I need them. Maybe it's needed for video editing or gaming?
  • It helps justify a $4000 price tag lol.
  • It's not that much storage really when you're using it for business. You don't want to have to re-download files that often. Think how much space a small-ish movie collection in 4K can take up
  • The businesses that this device is designed for use  servers that distribute files between a bunch of devices like this. Servers connected workstations with cintiqs. Now the studio can just connect to the server, cleaner lines and less IT crawling around under desks and fussing with lousey wacom drivers. If the machine can cope with the workload then it looks like a great option for business.  
  • It's not THAT much considering the focus of this device is for media creation.
  • great video looks grreat piece of kit.
  • That glare though. I could barely have dealt with the glare on my sp4. Thank god I found a great anti glare screen protector. Not sure if one will be available for this... And if it is... Just how difficult will it be to install .
  • The haters are quiet today. Lmao.
  • makes me want to start drawing
  • I'd pay $2500 for the monitor alone. But I can't buy an AiO for that much because I know I'll have to upgrade my PC again within 3 or 4 yrs, and I don't want to have to buy the monitor again.
  • Why forged aluminum instead of the normal magnesium of other Surface devices?
  • Less expensive and easier to acquire raw materials. Extra weight saving for the magnesium is not needed compared to the tablet because the Studio will be staying on the table, you won't be carrying it around
  • That dial tho.... Mmmmmmff ❤
  • It is a Marvel of engineering: True. But what about the software, which will run this beautiful hardware? Is it going to perform at the same level as all Macs do? Optimization has been a big concern for Windows, that is why all Windows PCs need a bigger graphics card to perform like a Mac. If it continues, nothing going to change.
  • The studio was built around windows by Microsoft so all the components are designed specifically for the architecture for Windows.
  • While I agree that this is true (and don't necessarily agree that Mac's perform better at equal hardware), my concern is that this was also supposedly true for Surface Pro 4. I love my SP4, but man has it had TONS of technical issues related to software. In fact, Windows 10 gives me grief on most systems in one form or another. I sincerely hope that the release on this $3k device will be properly tested, unlike SP4 was, so that the premium experience is not spoiled by software bugs. 
  • Except that Windows 10 even runs faster and better on a Mac than what Mac OS does. So stop spreading missinformation. http://mashable.com/2015/05/15/windows-10-new-macbook-performance/
  • Peewe
  • Microsoft's Studio all in one is A STUNNING great device for individuals and busisness who can afford to buy it to do Digtal art work, special effects editing, drafting, 3D drafting and even special table top games . Now Microsoft's OEM Partners should step up to the plate and make cheaper but simular devices. I think Microsoft will make profit off of sellimg the Studio all in one devices but they are too expensive for the General public. it's a great WOW FACTOR DEVICE. IF YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR HOUSE YOU'ILL BE THE TALK OF THE TOWN
  • We will start delivering later this year and STOP SUPPORTING NEXT to NEXT YEAR !
  • This is Microsoft not Google...so move along now
  • The price is peanut.
  • Damn glance screen. No professional can work with them. Give me non-glare and 3k is ok.
    I also noted the stylus is still awfully slow. Nowhere near real handwriting.
  • "I also noted the stylus is still awfully slow" - Wait, wut?  Have you ever used a Surfacebook?  The stylus is JUST like handwriting.
  • First of all, this thread is about the "Surface Studio" not the "Surface Book". Secondly, I'm referring to what can be seen in the "hands on" video in the article. And yes, I also noticed this lag in videos when the Stylus was used on "Surface Book" and I know its lag first hand from my "Surface Pro 3". So I don't know how much it has improved from SP3 to SB but judging from the videos its still lagging a lot.
  • I'm intrigued, but will wait for the Nvidia 1080 version.
  • I'm always amazed at people who claim this is too expensive when MAC has always had this price range. There is NO other device like this on the market thus the price point is very warranted. If you can't afford it stop complaining and save up for it.
  • My experience with Microsoft in the last year has been Surface pro 4, band 2 and XL 950. The band 2 went back after several band breaks, the phone is in the drawer and Surface is a toil to use and constantly fails to deliver. My advice on this expensive device especially because it's aimed at the professional is to Wait! Wait for something else wait for a finished product as this will not be... On a positive not I love the idea of it and the fact it will drive competition and innovation.
  • Wow! Sucks to be you.......I have the opposite experience. Love my Surface Book, Love my Surface Pro4, and my Windows phone is in a drawer......but not by choice...Verizon forced my hand. Microsoft is making some really solid products....granted I will say there are always bugs when they release a new product but they always correct the issues.  
  • My 950 XL was in the drawer for 6 months then I sold it for $300 less than what I paid for it. Thanks Microsoft! Could'nt even give us transfer software so we could bring our text from IOS over to Windows Phone or any useful apps. Even though Samsung phones blow up in your face and burns your leg off they at least gave us software to sign in to iCloud and tranfer content. That's a very bad Apple Microsoft