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Surface PC survives New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick temper tantrum

If you tuned in to the football game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, you may have caught Patriots coach Bill Belichick throwing his Surface Pro tablet into the stands in a fit of rage. But don't shed any tears for the Surface: they're designed to hold up to just this sort of abuse, at least according to Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

"We quality test for this exact scenario," Panay said in a tweet. "It's fine."

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Of course, Surface Pros used by NFL coaches on the field are protected by massive protective cases. Obviously, we wouldn't recommend you go tossing yours around your yard should a temper tantrum ensue.

No word on whether Belichick could survive a similar impact.

The NFL is making Microsoft Surface a winner on and off the sidelines

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  • If it breaks will he pay for it from his own pocket ? probably not . Can't stand people who break electronic devices in temper tantrums .
  • You are probably right but, I imagine if that Surface hit somebody he would need some lawyers and be ready to open that checkbook. Being hit in the head would not be a great experience. Most people are watching the field not watching the coach/sidelines during the game. So, I hardly think they would see it coming. At very least it should be treated like a foul ball in baseball and whoever caught it gets to keep it.
  • We know this much about the Pats: If they break the football, they'll at least get a fine and a four-game suspension plus lose two draft picks.
  • They don't even have to break it, just get accused of it. Then Goodell will impose his will.
  • Happens a lot when people don't pay for their stuff. It's disrespectful of their privileges.
  • Plot twist: It was actually a secret advertisement for the Surface Pro.
  • A device frustrating someone so bad they throw it doesn't sound like a great advertisement.
  • He was frustrated at his defensive team for allowing a late game score. Stop trolling
  • No way to know that watching the video. It certainly looks like he is frustrated with the Surface. If it was useful/working, he wouldn't have thrown it away after picking it up. This wouldn't be the first time. Surface are very buggy, I wouldn't recommend one to a non-enthusiast.
  • He needs to spend his life somehow. Unfortunately he picked a Microsoft site to troll.
  • bleached You know how you ball up all your frustrations and take them out on the Internet, making other people think you don't have a life? It's more like that.
  • Maybe they should get him a Fire Kids Edition tablet to replace it.
  • "No word on whether Belichick could survive a similar impact."
  • Mainly thanks to the case.
  • You didn't watch the two Surface events where Panos dropped the Surface Pro on stage? How many companies dare to do that live in front of millions of viewers?
  • It fine??? #FakeNews
  • The Surface will likely develop CTE, just as - sadly - some of the gladiators (oops players) will.
  • So what is the rest of the story?!
    Why he threw it?
    Did it hit the ground after he threw it?
    If not, who caught it?
    Did it break or not?