Survival shooter 'Vigor' launches in Xbox Game Preview

At E3 2018, Bohemia Interactive announced a supposed Xbox One exclusive called Vigor. A nuclear bomb has devastated central Europe, causing survivors to look towards Norway for survival. Players will have their own shelter, which operates as the main progression system, allowing you to upgrade it along the way. Just like Bohemia Interactive's DayZ, there's a focus on gathering resources and materials to keep yourself afloat. Lastly, crafting will also play a crucial role, and acts as one of the main gameplay hooks.

On Friday, ID@Xbox stated that Vigor would launch on July 31, 2018, but it's already available to Xbox One owners in a number of countries. You can currently purchase it from the Microsoft Store for $19.99. Bohemia Interactive has promised Xbox One X support in the future which pushes the visuals to native 4K resolution.

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  • I didn't get a chance to play this during the open beta. Anyone have any first impressions?
  • I played the beta. It plays like a cross between PUBG (3rd person with aim down sights) and Escape from Tarkov (risk/reward of staying in a raid vs. dying and loosing your loot/gear), but it's kinda rough around the edges. Aiming needs work, and finding the area in which you have to press and hold x to loot needs work. If/when they improve that stuff it will be a fun game.
  • The hold X thing is kinda annoying but the aiming isn't that bad. I have a kontrolfreek so that probably helps a bit. Does need a little tweaking; I'm not sure what half the advanced control sliders do but I'm sure there's a sweet spot in there!
  • The x thing gets ya killed cause gotta get it just right, but the gun doesn’t register a trigger pull A LOTTTTT I like the game/concept but tired of dieing cause gun won’t fire