Surviving Mars launch date is here for PC and Xbox, Xbox One X enhancements in tow

Surviving Mars is a survival city-builder mash up from the developers of the popular Tropico series, Haemimont Games. In partnership with Paradox, Haemimont has set its sights on creating a rich and intuitive city builder to complement other Paradox sims, such as Cities: Skylines.

In Surviving Mars, you will be tasked with managing resources, braving hostile cosmic hazards, and defending against potential alien threats, all while trying to build a large and thriving space colony on the red planet.

Today, Paradox announced Surviving Mars' launch date, due to blast off on March 15, 2018 for Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4.

As part of today's announcement, Paradox added that Surviving Mars would receive full modding support on PC, and enjoy 4K visuals on the Xbox One X.

For more details on Surviving Mars, take a look at our preview below!

Preview: Surviving Mars on Xbox and PC

Surviving Mars targets a March 15, 2018 launch date on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC, and PlayStation 4 with a recommended price tag of $39.99.

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