Surviving Mars 'Space Race' expansion adds rivals and sabotage (update)

Updated November 14, 2018: Space Race is supposedly coming to Xbox One on November 15, 2018. There will also be a free weekend then.

Surviving Mars is a colony-building experience which tasks you with thriving on the red planet. Today, publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Haemimont Games announced the game's first expansion called "Space Race". Space Race is coming to all platforms later this year.

The companies said that the download focuses on "rival colonies and mission sponsors". Space Race pits Earth's countries and powerful companies against each other as they compete for resources on Mars. You can even steal key colonists or monopolize crucial discoveries.

Recently, Surviving Mars got an update which adds a Creative Mode. You'll be able to have even more resources and not have to worry about surviving all the time. This should make the game accessible to even more players.

If you love games like Cities: Skylines, be sure to give Surviving Mars a go. It's a very challenging experience, but once you master the mechanics it can be quite rewarding.

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Asher Madan

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