Swype gets a boatload of money from Samsung, Nokia

Just the other day we were talking about how the "L337 |-|4> Swype from the Verizon Omnia II.

We also lamented both in print and the podcast about how this is a double edged sword for the little Seattle company: tons of exposure and praise, but peeps are stealing your goods!  Then again, we suggested that OEMs may see the great press featuring Swype and see they want that on their devices.

Looks like the latter happened (we won't say told you so). Nokia and Samsung have invested $5.6 million into the fledgling company, which has to have caused a lot of popping of corks this week.

Guess we can look forward to more Swype in official (and unofficial) devices in 2010.  Sounds good to us.  Speaking of, are you using Swype yet?

[via UnwiredView]

Phil Nickinson

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