WMExperts Podcast Episode 81

The third annual Smartphone Round Robin is under way, and Dieter joins Malatesta and Phil to kick things off. Also, some HD2 news, Skyfire's updated, and a big bonus at the end.

Top o' the news

Hardware news

Software news

Microsoft news

  • Fix for SMS syncing bug with Microsoft My Phone


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Phil Nickinson

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  • I never thought my joke about the Malware would actually make it to the podcast. hahaha. That's awesome. You should totally use it Mal.
  • podcast late again i c. reminds me of wm7!
  • lol. Not that late. It was out by Monday night. :p
  • Just to re-iterate my previous rant, the 600 MHZ Qualcomm MSM7227 in the HTC 2010 leak is not a new architecture. It uses the same CPU architecture as the OLD and hated MSM7200, just clocked a little bit faster. According to Qualcomm, this chip was designed for low-end smartphones. HTC if these leaks are correct and you don't have better WinMo handsets (Cortex-A8 or equiv) for 1H10, SHAME ON YOU!
  • BeyondPod!!! I use it all the time for downloading Podcasts.
  • Been waiting for this! nice.