Sync your Windows Mobile 6.5 device with a Linux box

Confession: we here at WMExperts, unfortunately, know jack about Linux, their distros (sounds like a fun party) nor how to really do anything in the OS.

Still, we imagine there are a handful of you who want (but can't) sync your trusty WM6.5 device with your favorite Linux OS. TrueFalse? We dunno.

Luckily Linux pro 'Feedsbrain' (ahem) has written a nice tutorial on how to just that.

Now to us, his directions are written in an alien language, but for your linux-experts out there, we're pretty sure this will make sense.

Now go read and let us know if this was remotely helpful!

"Synchronize Windows Mobile 6.5 and Linux Box"

Daniel Rubino

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  • Despite my reservations regarding privacy, i've given into the ease of MyPhone and cloud syncing. i hardly even sync with my Windows boxes, and i haven't booted into my emergency Linux partition in ages, nor do i have the time to dabble with it as i used to. i guess it's a nice bonus for that miniscule intersection of people who use Linux and Windows Mobile primarily.
  • Cool! Someone tell the presales folks over at Novell (Groupwiswe team probably) and Red Hat.
  • This is very useful news for me as I love to use linux. I like to use command of linux very much and now I am very happy because now I can sync my windows mobile with linux box so that I can develop different different commands.
  • Linux sucks