T-Mo Dell Venue Pro to finally get firmware update next month [Updated]

At last, Dell Venue Pro users on T-Mobile may finally get some reprieve next month as Dell is evidently set to roll out a new firmware to address the plethora of bugs plaguing the device.

In numerous recent Tweets, Lionel Menchaca (Dell's chief blogger), mentions that the update is coming next month and that he'll detail more in a blog post:

"New version of the firmware coming for T-Mobile customers next month. Working on a blog post now."

Of course we've heard about past firmware updates from Dell back at the end of March, but relief has yet to come to users who are still suffering from poor WiFi connections and general instability of the device, thought to be connected to the internal SD card.

We've heard that Dell has been working closely with Microsoft to fix these ongoing issues and hopefully that will come to fruition in July. The DVP is one of the most innovative Windows Phones out there, in terms of sheer design, so it's a shame to see it marred with so many problems and complaints (not to mention the seemingly slow response from Dell on the matter). Stay tuned.

Update: Evidently, Dell are already replacing some user phones with devices running the new firmware. From @paulvtattoo:

"Dell replaced my phone with one with the new firmware. Huge difference! The phone runs smoother and faster than ever."

Update 2: Dell Blog has more information (opens in new tab):

"The new firmware will be rolled out to customers with unlocked phones globally and to T-Mobile customers in the US around the middle of next month. This will be via the Zune update process. Beginning this week, customers who order the unlocked version of the Dell Venue Pro will receive the phone with version 2.12 of the firmware installed.""The main fix in the updated firmware is that it addresses the Wi-Fi and lockup issues. Here’s what was going on: the Wi-Fi and the user memory storage area both use the same DMA channel. So, if you downloaded a lot of data via Wi-Fi (like a game or other Marketpace app, or even a YouTube video) while the phone was trying to write to the user memory storage location, you sometimes see lockups due to a DMA conflict. In other words, lockups could occur when Wi-Fi data downloading conflicted with writing to the user memory storage location."

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Kiel & Diego, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Plethora of bugs you say? Got a link? Just asking because I haven't really had issues with mine. First Post BTW!Update: Damn you Advertising Bot!!!
  • It's mostly 16GB devices, 8GB seem to be ok. There are a lot of threads over at XDA on it and we've received a lot of email from irate users.
  • I've got an 8gb and the .206 firmware (latest until now) and I can tell you that I literally cannot use wifi at all. The maps application doesnt work, marketplace will freeze, and viewing more than 5 web pages n the browser is asking for trouble as well. I think the perceived bias in 16gb models only exists because more users opted to buy the 16gb as opposed to 8. but they definitely exist in both.
  • Sir, I the owner of a 16gb and I would like to say you have what I had about 2 months ago. The problems I've experienced on mine are that I cannot connect to wifi because it will lock up. Can't text because it will lock up and reset itself losing recent texts. Oh and every 2-3 days it likes to proform a factory reset on itself. Not to mention that half the time I try to use it I get a message telling me my MicroSD card is broken. I could continue to list more but I think you are right in that the 8gb models are also affected, just not to such a degree.I recommend you call dell support and whine a little, last time I did they sent me a new DVP that arrived in less than 24 hours. So maybe I'll do that again and hope for a firmware update :)
  • This is good news for thoes that did not upgrade the SD Card with the dell venue pro like I did.but I did exchange mine for a newer firmware only because my bluetooth in the car would never disconnect when I exited the car so I would have to shut off the bluetooth and back on. with the updated firmware that I received a month ago I no longer have this issue nor did I need to put my store bought SD Card in but they did send me a 32 gig phone instead of my 16
  • I also did the same by exchanging the same spec and brand of card simply by stopping by my local Rad-Shack and forking over a little cash. Any issues I had ceased that very day. Good news indeed for those with more patience than me.
  • **** A......I have been so waiting for this. I love my VP but this lock-up issue with WiFi is STARTING to drive me nutts. Very welcome news!
  • Since a tmobile can be used on a cincinnati bell network I wonder if Cinbell will get the upgrade too???
  • Why does it take Dell so long to distribute this firmware update since the it has been in testing for quite a while?Firmware information: http://wmpoweruser.com/dell-venue-pro-users-new-fw-report/
  • Its becos microsoft controls the update process and its scheduling. Me and the other beta testers gave our feedback and dell within a week approved the update(abt 2 weeks back). Hence, the new FW is on the new devices that are purchased. MS agreed only to a mid july update due to the various stages involved in thier update process.
  • This is great news. I was one of the few that took the chance on voiding their warranty by replacing the store-bought card, yet I still can't play games like Hydro Thunder Go or Glyder without the phone crashing and exiting the app. Hopefully this will fix the issue and I can actually use my phone.
  • I have firmware 2250.1500.7004.105 and I'm wondering if ALL Venue Pros, such as mine with older firmware, will receive the update.Personally, I don't have too many problems but there are extremely irritating issues with the Bluetooth such as being unable to use the phone's voice commands because my BlueAnt Q2 tells me that the function is not supported on my device. And if I close the keyboard without softening the effect, like if it slides too quickly, it'll restart (not a terrible problem as WP7 starts back up ridiculously fast, but a problem nonetheless).I hope those issues are corrected and I sure hope that I'll get it.Btw, should my firmware have gotten updated with NoDo or did I always have to wait to get anything? Just asking cause I see some users have .206 and I have .105
  • I have the same version you have and I received my phone on December 24. The lock-up issue with my phone is not bad at all but it is irritating and almost always happens when using WiFi. Other than that I love the phone.My hardward revision number: 112.576.2.0
  • Yes, you will receive the new update. Those that have .206 are those that bought the phone recently or have got a replacement recently.
  • Wow, I'm running .206 and I still have more problems than ever before. .206 isn't the fix right?
  • Dell actually had people come in from MS WP7 team to help them sort this mess out. I really like the design of the DVP but can't buy it after what I've seen happen and even more so now that Nokia is in the game. As for the device it's a shame that Dell dropped the ball it's one of the best looking devices. Plus folks want to see and hold the device before buying. Dell should have sold them in the T-MO store. but them more people would have been screwed over.
  • finally!!!I do love my DVP and, when it's working it's an incredible phone but, the lockups and random restarts and other glitches really do make it hard to appreciate the phone somedays. WiFi issues, Bluetooth issues, lockups, powering down when the keyboard is closed... I think I've seen it all with mine (a .105, 8gb model), thankfully these issues are not a daily problem or I would have long since given up on it but, it really does suck when they do crop up.
  • "Beginning this week, customers who order the unlocked version of the Dell Venue Pro will receive the phone with version 2.12 of the firmware installed."2.06 is not the newest version. (My T-Mobile still has 1.05 and I swapped the 8GB for a 32GB card, but after a few weeks, issues returned. Turned off WiFi and it has been silky smooth.)