T-Mo Dell Venue Pro to finally get firmware update next month [Updated]

At last, Dell Venue Pro users on T-Mobile may finally get some reprieve next month as Dell is evidently set to roll out a new firmware to address the plethora of bugs plaguing the device.

In numerous recent Tweets, Lionel Menchaca (Dell's chief blogger), mentions that the update is coming next month and that he'll detail more in a blog post:

"New version of the firmware coming for T-Mobile customers next month. Working on a blog post now."

Of course we've heard about past firmware updates from Dell back at the end of March, but relief has yet to come to users who are still suffering from poor WiFi connections and general instability of the device, thought to be connected to the internal SD card.

We've heard that Dell has been working closely with Microsoft to fix these ongoing issues and hopefully that will come to fruition in July. The DVP is one of the most innovative Windows Phones out there, in terms of sheer design, so it's a shame to see it marred with so many problems and complaints (not to mention the seemingly slow response from Dell on the matter). Stay tuned.

Update: Evidently, Dell are already replacing some user phones with devices running the new firmware. From @paulvtattoo:

"Dell replaced my phone with one with the new firmware. Huge difference! The phone runs smoother and faster than ever."

Update 2: Dell Blog has more information:

"The new firmware will be rolled out to customers with unlocked phones globally and to T-Mobile customers in the US around the middle of next month. This will be via the Zune update process. Beginning this week, customers who order the unlocked version of the Dell Venue Pro will receive the phone with version 2.12 of the firmware installed.""The main fix in the updated firmware is that it addresses the Wi-Fi and lockup issues. Here’s what was going on: the Wi-Fi and the user memory storage area both use the same DMA channel. So, if you downloaded a lot of data via Wi-Fi (like a game or other Marketpace app, or even a YouTube video) while the phone was trying to write to the user memory storage location, you sometimes see lockups due to a DMA conflict. In other words, lockups could occur when Wi-Fi data downloading conflicted with writing to the user memory storage location."

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Kiel & Diego, for the tips!

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