T-Mobile gets new hotness, old (er, former) hotness

That's right. Not only is T-Mobile expected to get the new HTC Snap and Touch Pro 2, it's also bringing back Catherine Zeta-Jones to pitch the phones. Not that we needed another reason to pick one up, but we'll take it. [via Fierce Wireless]

To help drive home the message that millions of Americans could save money on their wireless service, a familiar face and voice, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is again featured in T-Mobile's television advertising. In the ads, she prompts people to get a Mobile Makeover in order to help determine if they are currently paying too much for their wireless services, and where to find the best value, based on their individual needs."As an avid T-Mobile customer, I'm delighted once again to help T-Mobile carry its message to millions of Americans about the great value they deliver," Zeta-Jones said. "The Mobile Makeover campaign is a smart way to show consumers that they could save some serious money."

After the break, we relive some good times with our favorite Welsh actress. (Updated with the new commercial!)

Phil Nickinson

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