T-Mobile HD2 gets an (unofficial) official ROM update

Well that sure didn't take too long.  Looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD2 (aka WM6.5's last hurrah) has received a ROM update.

Slight word of caution: we're hearing this isn't 100% officially public yet, but perhaps the final ROM for T-Mo employees/testers, etc. So expect an "official" announcement next week by T-Mobile and HTC on this exact update.

The OS build is bumped to 21892 (a very good build, we might add), updated radio, updated Swype , reportedly more stable and responsive (via XDA forum) and finally, it includes a new app to see your account information. 

If you want to know all of the software changes, here ya go (not for the faint of heart!).

You can grab the download directly from HTC here (opens in new tab).

Update: HTC pulled it :-/

Update II: T-Mobile will make the update official on the 18th!

[via TMoNews and PPCGeeks forums]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Beware! It's ok, but scrolling on the start menu is not smooth and get's unresponsive.. Setup process during first use is sluggish, especially noticed when typing, as manifested by delayed text input response.
  • Looks as though HTC is directing all its resources towards android now, recent rom updates for their WM devices have been pretty poor, introducing more bugs than they fix. If only MS hadn't decided to clone the iphone, I could be more excited for WP7 and its OTA updates direct from MS themselves. HTC Sense is crap!!!
  • True, HTC is pumping out a lot of Android phones lately but right now, they're the flavor of the month. Nothing really special about most android htc devices with the exception of the EVO 4G. I just dumped the Droid for an HD2 and the only reason I didn't do it sooner is because I couldn't find a TMO store that could hold them in stock for more than 5 minutes. What? You think we won't see an HD3 soon after WP7 rolls out? Bet there will be and I will certainly have it. Android is over-rated just like the iPhone as I've had both and both have their own shortcomings....and whats your beef with the Sense UI? I think it's a great integration with WM6.5 on the HD2 and expect even more in a WP7 combo.
  • i'm going to wait.
  • It says enter your 15 digit IMEI number. My HD2 has a 17 digit number. Is this the correct link? Also it says the download for the Tmobile Dash.
  • It is a my dream phone I can say.I was thinking to pay the full $459.99 price for the HD2,but I was actually eligible for the full subsidy so I bought it for just $199.99 plus tax....
  • Thank you WMexperts, for being the only ones to say 'Unofficial'. The only official updates are at; http://www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade/
  • have tmobile replace ur hd2. I had the same problem got
    it replaced and im loving my hd2. I'm sure there is a batch of bd2s that camerican out defective. good luck.
  • please tell me how to get android on hd2
  • I own an Iphone, an Android, and the HD2. SO far, the HD2 wins me over. THe phone is great ONLY IF you know how to properly use, and tweak the phone. It runs perfect for me, and the browsers WITH flash are a PLUS. Everyone quit trashing the HD2! It is a wicked phone, and in time will have major updates. I wont be suprised if Windows 7 wil be able to work fine on the HD2 regardless of the so called "hardware button" that makes it non compatible. If you can run Android on an HD2(I am rite now!), then I am sure WIndows 7 will tip toe into my HD2. PEace everyone! :)
  • How did you get android on ur hd2 can you email me..? Giovannipaul007@gmail.com
  • please let me know how you got android to run on your HD2. I have the dual boot program working, but cant get to run.