T-Mobile HD2 spotted

As March 24th slowly gets closer, the anticipated T-Mobile HD2 release date, we are now seeing images of this new Windows Phone. TmoNews has captured a series of photos of the HD2, complete with T-Mobile branding, and they look good.  Sporting Sense 2.5, you can see the Blockbuster and Transformer movie shortcuts that are a part of T-Mobile's mobile entertainment package.

Upgradable or not to Windows Phone 7 Series, the HD2 is an impressive piece of equipment and is sure to attract its fair share of customers to T-Mobile. One can only hope that other carriers will spread the joy and offer the HD2.

Read: tmonews.com

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  • Woah woah woah, Ms. Lippy... Is that just WM6.5 I see? Wasn't the whole finger friendliness of WM6.5.x meant to be for the HD2 and other capacitive phones to follow? Strange how long it takes for these things to get pushed out of development.
  • I'm wondering what the purpose of the blockbuster app with no tv out on the phone.
  • I'm sure the HD2 can do TV out. My HTC Fuze with WM 6.1 and now 6.5 can do TV out. I got the cables from DealExtreme for about $12.
  • Ummmmm.... perhaps some people will want to watch films on that huge screen? Just a thought. :)
  • Such as sweet piece of hardware (fade to silent)....
  • MMmmmmmmm... so sexy. And just when I've finally come to the conclusion that I could live with a device without a physical keyboard. Unfortunatly, no CDMA version. And no way I would switch to T-Mobile (not very good covereage there I live). Too bad, though. Gorgeous device.
  • no the real trajedy is no one gives a damn about the OS anymore............
  • The trolling is getting old.
  • I still can't believe a device like this will not be upgradeable to WM 7. I believe this does fit all the requirements. Maybe its better if it runs on an OS that is lighter than the next gen platform. Plus there are still great apps out there for Wm 6.5 and below that i don't think i will be upgrading my device anytime soon.
  • Until XDA-developers makes a rom for it to do WP7S there will be no upgrading for me.
  • Until XDA-developers makes a rom for it to do WP7S there will be no upgrading for me.
  • grrrr slow updating page double post :(
  • If this thing did have an upgrade path to WP7 it would sell like faster then a bat out of hell. My guess it will but not until after other WP7 devices go on sale.
  • The HD2 is still a very desirable phone for millions. A lot of WM users could care less about WP7, which seems intended more for the social users or iPhone types. They
  • Ironic then that a lot of these customizations are designed to mimic iphone features.
  • Like...?