T-mo's Dell Venue Pro firmware update delayed till next week

New unlocked devices are shipping with it. Non-U.S. customers are getting it. But T-Mo users...not so fast. Yes, while the famed 2.12 firmware for the trouble prone Dell Venue Pro finally starts to be pushed out, T-Mobile users who were supposed to receive it today will have to wait till "next week".

Delays and more delays should be a familiar situation for frustrated DVP users. The good news is that v2.12 really does fix a lot of the remaining issues with the DVP, but the bad news of course is more waiting. Plus there's the AT&T users...

Source: Twitter

Daniel Rubino

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  • I guess Dell isn't providing any info regarding the reason for the delay? To be honest I've just gotten used to waiting.
  • Carrier approval (again), no doubt.
  • New T-Mobile units are shipping with .212 already on board. I have 2 of them. Really dont know why it would take this long to update existing handsets...
  • All I can say is the wait is worth it.. I havent had a lock up, freeze, or slow down since 212 has been installed! Normally I just suffer with no wifi but its working like a dream now.