Dell rolling out Venue Pro Firmware Update?

The tweet from Dell says it all. The Venue Pro's firmware update is due to start rolling out to the Windows Phone today for T-Mobile Customers in the U.S. as well as other Venue Pro customers outside the U.S.  There is no mention on the AT&T updates.

We had earlier reported that T-Mobile would get the update "around the middle" of July and if the update is rolling out today, Dell's not too terribly late. So, has anyone actually seen the update in action?

Thanks goes out to the countless tipsters who sent this in!

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  • just finished updating mine to 2.12. Hmmm... Anyone care to share what I should be looking at with this update? Camera?-DVP unlocked, 7392; 2.12; bought in UK, use in HK, currently in SG
  • Anyone know if this will affect the Mango beta or how the Mango beta will affect this? I'm unsure if I want to update to the newest firmware if it'll mess things up when I use my backup before the real Mango update.
  • The primary fix here is that WiFi and SD Card (DMA) channels often conflicted, resulting in a freeze. For example, using WiFi to download apps was a big culprit. This is supposed to prevent those kinds of conflicts/freezes from happening. Beyond that, we may see some other firmware tweaks, but I can only hope Lionel @ Dell gives us those details on the Direct2Dell blog.
  • I'm running the Mango beta on my DVP and do not see the FW update in Zune. I believe this beta version of Zune is hot-wired to pull in the Mango beta from some special MS server and therefore would not be able to get the Dell FW update. I think our only option is to back out from the Mango beta, get the Dell FW, and then reapply Mango. Personally I'm going to wait for the official Mango release since I have the 32GB DVP and am not experiencing the Wifi issues that I was on the 16GB version.
  • Yeah Mango is so darn stable, going to hold off on updating my DVP until the official Mango comes about.
  • Updated mine to 7392.212 in India, unbranded device. Working flawlessly till now.
  • You dont want to hold off on this, this is a device specific update to fix a firmware issue: The crashing of your phone when using wifi while accessing/saving data to your SD card.
  • Yep, updated mine and running smooth as silk and havent encountered a freeze/crash problem with wifi on so far! Excellent :)
  • We received the update last night, note that it has been delayed for T-Mo customers..!/LionelatDell/status/93867978797490176