tado° smart heating Windows Phone

Smart thermostats and appliances are the new rage in 2014 and now tado° (tado.com) is on board with Windows Phone.

For those who do not know tado° heat was a Kickstarter project from a few years back. The device connects to your wall mounted heater and makes it 'smart' by detecting your phone's presence and adjusting the temperature accordingly.

tado° smart heating Windows Phone

The same company is now doing a Kickstarter for tado° cooling, which looks to do the same for wall mounted AC units. These devices are different from something like Nest, which presumes you have a centralized HVAC system for your house or apartment, and instead have smaller, wall-mounted or individual units instead.

The tado° heating apps looks gorgeous with a minimalist UI.

You can learn more about tado° from their website (orders are Europe only). The device itself is a reasonable $149, and it seems like a decent investment if you want to make your abode 'smarter'.

Thanks, Heinz M., for the tip!

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