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Tekken 7 Xbox One Achievement Guide

Tekken 7 is a huge fighting game with 36 characters, multiple modes, and 43 Achievements. Finding the best way to unlock all those Achievements would take a lot of effort. Our guide has strategies, tips, and screenshots to help you earn them all!

Injustice 2 Xbox One Achievement List and Guide

Injustice 2 is a massive fighting game, with 28+ iconic characters and plenty of modes to keep players busy. It also features 62 Achievements/Trophies to unlock. This Achievement Guide offers tips and strategies for all of them.

Clicker Heroes Achievement guide

Clicker Heroes is a deceptively simple 'idling' game that you play with clicking attacks. But reaching the late-game content and unlocking 'Achievements' takes careful planning and strategy. This guide will help you get there as quickly as possible.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievement Guide

Resident Evil 7 debuted to much critical acclaim, quickly becoming known as the scariest game in Capcom's long-running series. We don't want the Achievements themselves to be frightening though, so here's our comprehensive Achievement Guide.

WWE 2K17 Achievement Guide: How to win every Achievement on Xbox One

WWE 2K17 is the largest WWE game ever in terms of wrestler count and venues. It also has the most Achievements, a whopping 58 of them on Xbox One. Unlocking all of those is a task bigger than Brock Lesnar, but we've got a comprehensive guide with tips for every single Achievement. Can you dig it?

Gems of War: Achievement Guide for Xbox One, Steam, and more

The creators of Puzzle Quest recently teamed up with 505 Games to bring a new puzzle-RPG to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Gems of War is a deep and addictive puzzle game featuring endless hours of single-player content as well as online guilds and asynchronous player-versus-player battles. Some of the game's Achievements can be very time consuming, but our in-depth Achievement Guide will help you get them all – and become a better player!

Crimsonland: Achievement Guide for Xbox One, Steam, and more

Crimsonland is a twin-stick shooter from 10tons with local co-op and loads of weapons, perks, and modes to unlock. Some of the game's Achievements can be quite difficult, but our in-depth Achievement Guide has lots of advice to help you unlock them all!

Extreme Exorcism: Achievement Guide for Xbox One, Steam, and more

Extreme Exorcism from Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone is an action-platformer with a twist. Whenever the player defeats a ghost, a new ghost will spawn that mimics the player's previous actions. The Xbox One and Steam versions of Extreme Exorcism possess thirteen spooky Achievements. At first glance, these Achievements might seem difficult or impossible to unlock. Our detailed Achievement Guide tells you exactly how to get each one with a minimum of fuss – check it out!

Farming Simulator 15 Guide: How to make unlimited easy money

It takes money to run a farm, even in videogames. Recent Farming Simulator games have a great money-making exploit that will bring the money in super quickly. Our in-depth strategy guide with video explains just how to do it!

World at Arms: Windows Phone and Windows 8 Achievement Guide

Over the weekend, we published a guide to importing Puyo Puyo Tetris for Xbox One. That guide stirred up old feelings in yours truly, as I wrote strategy guides for years before becoming a gaming journalist and critic. It turns out I had another guide in me, this time for Gameloft's World at Arms for Windows Phone and Windows 8!

World at Arms is a military-themed city building game with strategic battles against AI and human opponents. Many gamers are so over city builders, including me. But World at Arms is one of the better ones, especially now that it has Xbox Live Achievements. Our detailed guide will tell you how to get them all and dominate the online competition!

Xbox Live - Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

When the first Final Fantasy arrived on Windows Phone, all of its Achievements were secret and thus couldn’t be viewed by players. We quickly posted a Mini-Achievement Guide to help get players on-track.

Now Final Fantasy III has appeared on Windows Phone, once again with Xbox Achievements. This time, the Achievements aren’t secret. But they do require plenty of time and effort to unlock. You just might need a guide! And wouldn’t you know it? Windows Phone Central is proud to present our latest Achievement Guide, filled with tips and resources for dedicated RPG players and Achievement hunters.

The Sims FreePlay Achievement Guide for Windows Phone 8, Part 2

Welcome to the second half of Windows Phone Central’s Sims FreePlay Achievement guide! In this installment, you’ll learn how to bust ghosts and feel good, make babies, and get your kids’ grades up on high. We’ll put you on the long, long road to completing 1,000 goals as well.

In case you missed it, please note that The Sims FreePlay MUST be connected to Xbox Live in order for an Achievement to unlock. Sometimes it drops the connection during gameplay – without warning the player. If that happens, any Achievements you unlock won’t count.

To avoid unlocking Achievements while offline, always save and exit the game by pressing the Save and Exit button at the bottom right corner of the main menu. You can also do this right before you expect to earn an Achievement. That way, whenever you restart the game you’re sure to be connected.

The Sims FreePlay Achievement Guide for Windows Phone 8, Part 1

Last week Windows Phone Central brought you a guide to the In-App Purchases of The Sims FreePlay for Windows Phone 8. Today we’re back with part one of our exclusive and thorough Achievement Guide! It will take many, many hours to get The Sims FreePlay’s 200 GamerScore, but we’ll help you do it.

Before we get to the strategies, note that Sims FreePlay does have some Achievement glitchiness. The game MUST be connected to Xbox Live in order for an Achievement to unlock. Sometimes it drops the connection during gameplay – without warning the player. If that happens, any Achievements you unlock won’t count.

To avoid unlocking Achievements while offline, always save and exit the game by pressing the Save and Exit button at the bottom right corner of the main menu. You can also do this right before you expect to earn an Achievement. That way, whenever you restart the game you’re sure to be connected.

Unlock the secrets of Chaos Rings with our Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Square-Enix’s Chaos Rings is easily the cream of the single-player Role-Playing Game crop on Windows Phone. With an intricate storyline spanning alternate dimensions and timelines and four teams of playable characters, it’s also one of the vaster and most complex games in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup.

Windows Phone Central has spent countless hours exploring Chaos Rings’ every cranny and secret, and now we’ve got an exclusive Achievement Guide to share with you. Learn which team to start with, the best equipment and skills to use, where to find the hidden bosses, and lots more – after the break!

Score big, unlock secret teams in NBA Jam with our Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Hey Xbox game fans, Windows Phone Central is back with another exclusive and professional-quality Achievement guide. This time we tackle the Windows Phone version of NBA Jam from EA Sports. Whether you’re a Jam veteran or new to the series, our guide will help you knock the game’s Achievements out as quickly and easily as possible, though it’ll still take just over 30 hours to unlock the final one.

Earning NBA Jam’s Achievements also unlocks a variety of characters, but several of the game’s most outlandish characters can only be accessed via secret codes. We’ve got those for you too, right after the break. Boom shaka laka!

Get ahead in Ice Age Village with our Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Ice Age Village from Gameloft is a free Xbox city building game for Windows Phone 8. As far as we know, any Windows Phone 8 device can run it and the game only takes up 79 MB of storage, so it should have a sizable player base already.

The city building genre is a time consuming one since many tasks involve returning to the game at a later time or date to reap their rewards.  Wouldn’t it be nice to speed up the process a bit and get your village making money faster right off the bat? Darn right it would.

Windows Phone Central has a bunch of codes for free Coins, animals, and items, plus a handy Achievement guide. Don’t spend a single Acorn until you’ve read it!

Sonic CD Achievement Guide - Xbox Windows Phone and XBLA

Sonic CD is quite a unique entry in the Sonic the hedgehog series. It’s got everything players loved about the Sega Genesis Sonic games, such as fast movement, deep backgrounds, great music, and plenty of personality. But it also adds new time travelling mechanics to learn, a strong focus on exploration and side goals, and another unique set of Bonus Stages. Check out our review for an in-depth discussion of these features.

Getting all of the Achievements could be hard for players new to the game, but we’re here to help! Head past the break for our Achievement Guide, complete with maps that actually label important locations. You’ll have the full 200 GamerScore in no time!

Xbox on Windows Phone Achievement Guide: Extraction

Extraction: Project Outbreak differs from what we’ve come to expect from Chillingo games on Windows Phone. Besides a complete lack of cuteness, it’s also pretty tough! At first players will have to come to grips with the game’s unique controls. Then they’ll encounter a steep rise in difficulty that seems designed to encourage spending money on PDLC and/or pad the length of the game more than anything else.

Thankfully your favorite Windows Phone Central game reviewer/ninja has unlocked all 20 of Extraction’s Achievements and will now help you do the same.

Windows Phone Xbox Live Achievement Guide: Galaga Legions DX

The most challenging Xbox Live Achievements in the Windows Phone version of Galaga Legions DX involve reaching high score milestones on Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, and Championship. These goals are no easy task, and it seems that the developers forgot to factor this version’s terrible movement controls into account when choosing the scores - let's hope for a patch. That said, none of the Achievements is impossible and we’ve got some tips to make things easier.

Xbox Live - Final Fantasy secret Achievements and Achievement Guide

Final Fantasy is finally available, and we’ve already provided some beginner tips and resources to help players get started. Even advanced players will need help with the game’s Achievements, though. Why? They’re all secret, meaning players can’t view them in-game or through Xbox Live prior to earning them. This led many to speculate that the Achievements would all be story-related. As it turns out, that did not prove to be the case.

We know this because Achievement hunter-extraordinaire Zebrasqual managed to uncover Final Fantasy’s full Achievement list. Windows Phone Central then broke those Achievements down into categories for your convenience. Not only that, we’ve got tips and resources for the more challenging ones that will set you on the right track. It won't be easy though, so prepare for a lengthy journey!