Xbox LIVE's new MyAchievements program rewards Gold members for their Gamerscores

Microsoft has added a new perk for Xbox LIVE Rewards Gold members. MyAchievements, as it is called, offers benefits for players who have achieved certain Gamerscores. The program is live and has already unlocked the different tiers for players who have reached each milestone, of which there are three.

The Contender level (Gamerscore 3000-9999) entitles you to a "special gift" during your birthday month. It's not clear what exactly that gift is, but according to the fine print, it's worth a whopping $.25. We are guessing it is a birthday prop for your avatar. In addition to the birthday gift, the Champion level (Gamerscore 10000-25000) entitles you to a 1% discount on Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases. The top level, Legend (Gamerscore 25000+) doubles your discount in the Marketplace to 2%.

It's certainly a step in the right direction for Microsoft to offer something to players for their Gamerscore, other than just bragging rights. And seriously, who really ever brags about their Gamerscore anyway? The rewards aren't significant enough to drive up the number of Gold subscribers, and falls short of what other services (like Sony's PSN Rewards) offers their members, but at least they're throwing the current ones a bone. The MyAchievements program is set to go until June 30 2013, so who knows, there could be more to come.

What do you think? Is the MyAchievements perk enough to get you gaming?

Source: Microsoft

Seth Brodeur