Joe Belfiore: We’re working super hard to bring customers their favorite apps

Joe Belfiore is a man the community has come to know as the face of Windows Phone at Microsoft. He’s been on hand for all major previews and launches of the operating system and runs the team responsible for Windows Phone product definition and design.

Belfiore recently sat down with the BBC for an interview about the current growth in market share that Windows Phone is experiencing. He did this last week, but we missed it and figured a few of you might have missed it as well. There are some interesting points brought up by Belfiore that are worth pointing out. There’s also a video after the break and some highlights from the BBC interview.

Flixster updates its Windows Phone app with unknown improvements

Movie app Flixster got a small bump up to version 2.2 today. There doesn't appear to be an updated change log and the "new features" section describes additions that were covered back in October, so we are guessing the update just brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

Prepare to be entertained with the first wave of media apps for the Xbox One

Microsoft is taking its Xbox One console down the home entertainment path, while continuing to cater for gamers around the world. The company has today announced a line-up of entertainment and TV apps Xbox One owners will be able to load and use on their console. Moving on from explaining just what features will be available in the experience, Microsoft is now touching on some of the content that will expand the capabilities of the console.

FOX NOW, HERE Explore, SophieLens HD and more are your app highlights of the week

Every week we strive to bring you the latest when it comes to new apps and app updates in the Windows Phone Store. But no matter how hard you try, you might miss out on some cool apps. A lot can happen in a week, so we’re going to start taking Saturdays to sit back, relax, and go over some of the highlights when it comes to the weekly changes in the Windows Phone Store.

We’re going to highlight noteworthy apps that are either new or received a new update during the week. We’ll work on tweaking this column based on your feedback. Either way, let’s look at this past week in apps.

Beautiful Vieather gets bumped with new features and a redesigned UI

Vieather is a beautiful weather app for Windows Phone. We last looked at the app back in June, but today we've been made aware of an update that's been published to the store. In this release you're looking at wide Live Tile support, more personalisation options and improved language support. there's a lot to take in so hop on past the break.

Glad Instagram is coming to Windows Phone? There's more where that came from as more apps join the list

Today has been a rather hectic day with Nokia World 2013 and all. We knew it was going to be a right blast, but Nokia has unveiled much more than originally expected. If you're happy with news that the likes of Instagram and Vine are coming to the platform, boy are you in for a surprise. Turns out, there are loads more apps and games on the way too. It's a good day for the Windows Phone Store.

Prepare your recorded clips as the official Vine client for Windows Phone is coming soon

Nokia today unveiled that an official Vine ( app is well on the way to Windows Phone. If you're not familiar with the service, it's a social network owned by Twitter. You essentially record and share clips that are up to 6 seconds in length. The recordings can be of anything you choose, be it cats, humorous sketches or just random updates. 

Time Warner Cable app releases for Xbox 360 - TV heads rejoice


Today, Time Warner Cable customers within the United States should be excited as the official app has landed on Xbox 360. Users who have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, will now have access to stream their favorite TV channels and on-demand videos straight to their console.

Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google

It was just 24 hours between the time that Microsoft re-released its revamped Official YouTube app for Windows Phone and time that it became virtually unusable due to crippling error messages.

We surmised that the "revoked developer key" causing the error was the result of Google blocking the key being used by Microsoft's app, and it turns out that that was indeed the case. Despite collaboration efforts between Google and Microsoft, Google has told The Verge that they are responsible for the revoked key.

MTV app launches on Xbox 360, offering entertainment at your fingertips

MTV has come to Xbox Live with an app launching on the Xbox 360. If you're a huge fan of Teen Wolf, Catfish and other popular shows, this app is now your bestfriend. Offering full episodes, bonus content from said shows and additional video series from MTV, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to enjoy episodes both past and present. 

Lumia Pusher gets pulled but NOKIA COLLECTION takes the baton to keep your apps up-to-date

Nokia Windows Phone owners will have used Lumia Pusher in the past to see if the plethora of apps and system apps installed require updating. The app has unfortunately been pulled for some reason, but fear not as another developer has picked up the baton and launched NOKIA COLLECTION.

The new app shares similar functionality to Lumia Pusher in that you can hit multiple entries to be beamed to the store. It's a solid replacement.

Netflix for Xbox 360 receives update; sports new design and separate user profiles

Netflix has recently updated their app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. The fresh update brought a redesigned interface along with the ability to select individual profiles for viewing.

Official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone gets substantial update with bug fixes

The official Tapatalk app for Windows phone got updated yesterday to version The app, which centralizes communications to various online communities, was released back in June for Windows Phone 7 and 8, and saw a fair share of connection issues to different sites. This latest patch resolves many of those issues, as well as some other minor bug fixes.

Microsoft announces the Windows Phone store in more markets, added another billion transactions

Microsoft's Todd Brix announced yesterday new developer tools to further expand the opportunity for those who wish to produce content for Windows Phone. As well as new capabilities for developers, the official blog post also goes into detail about new payout markets, as well as expanded payment options and how the store is growing. If you're considering whether or not Windows Phone is worth it, these changes may sway your mind.

App Reinstaller updated to version 2.0, now works again with new features

We've covered Reinstaller before, but here's another app with similar functionality. App Reinstaller is by another Windows Phone developer, also offering consumers a way to quickly check, download and install apps. This is highly useful if you're moving to a new phone or had to wipe your current Windows Phone due to issues.

Version 2.0 of App Reinstaller has just been pushed to the store and reportedly contains multiple bug fixes, as well as patches for server connectivity.

Nokia: "By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline or published"

Engadget took time out to sit down with Bryan Biniak, VP and General Manager of Global Partner and App Development at Nokia, to ask about app development on Windows Phone. Since today was also the UK launch of JobLens, as well as a new partnership with Entrepreneur First to help fuel mobile innovation in young minds seeking to start new businesses.

Biniak explained how the Windows Phone ecosystem is growing quickly and most-wanted apps are more the question of "when?" and not "if only."

Microsoft releases Where's My App for iOS, Android converts on Windows Phone

Microsoft has released Where's My App? for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices, a utility designed to help you find Windows Phone apps and games.  Where's My App? will show you the app availability and if what you are looking for isn't available, Where's My App? will suggest alternatives to consider.

Where's My App? isn't intended to replace the Windows Phone Store but rather highlight popular apps that are available on other platforms as well as offering alternatives for those apps that haven't found their way to the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft enforces new Windows Phone Store policy; removes apps with vulnerabilities

Microsoft has announced this week that it will be removing Windows Phone apps that the company deems to have critical vulnerabilities. Microsoft notes in a TechNet blog post that developers will be provided 180 days to patch the issues in their app or their work will be pulled from the store, preventing consumers from accessing the app from their smartphones or via the web.

Mobile Nations site apps for Windows Phone and more!

We all know Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central are the best places to go to for your Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone news… But did you know we have a whole family of apps purpose-built to free you from the shackles of your desktop computer?

Below is a quick roundup to connect you with these awesome apps. Download and install. You'll be glad you did!

Belgian bank Fortis currently working on Windows Phone app

Numerous banks around the world have joined the Windows Phone platform and launched apps for customers to utilise while on the move. We can almost add another bank to the list, BNP Paribas Fortis. The Belgian bank has informed a customer that a Windows Phone app is currently in development and will be released later this year.