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If you are Finland and own a Lumia 1520, you are one of the lucky few to get officially the new Lumia Denim OS and firmware update.

Heading to the Microsoft support page, Finland's Lumia 1520 'country variant' is marked as eligible for the Lumia Denim update (firmware 02540.00019.14484.37004). In checking other regions and countries, Finland appears to be the only one with a Lumia 1520 and Denim.

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Finland's Minister of Finance Antti Rinne has said Microsoft has "betrayed" his country. Rinne is angry with the layoffs announced yesterday, 12,500 of are due to Nokia's Devices and Services division, which Microsoft acquired in April. Rinne feels that Microsoft hasn't lived up to the commitment it made when the acquisition was originally announced, according to Finnish business paper Kauppalehti:

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We've already covered some locations across Europe where consumers can pre-order the Lumia 930, but Finnish mobile operator TeliaSonera has the new Windows Phone available for pre-order, priced at €549 with an expected release date of July 10 (July 3 for Ireland). The new Windows Phone from Nokia, which sold its handset division to Microsoft earlier this year, is the new flagship from Microsoft Mobile and is available in a variety colors.

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Using a Nokia Lumia 1520 outside the United States? You might have a firmware update ready to download if you are. Reports are coming in that an update is available for the Lumia 1520 that addresses a few issues users have had with it. So far we’re already seeing the update for Lumia 1520’s in the UK, Finland and Italy. Read on to see what’s been fixed.

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Nokia is moving out of its current headquarters in Espoo, Finland when the sale of its Devices & Services unit to Microsoft gets finalized in the first quarter next year. Most of the people currently in the building are working on Devices & Services related activities. The 32,000 employees who aren’t transferring to Microsoft will relocate to Nokia’s own premises in Karaportti, Espoo, while others will set up in Otaniemi.

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No, it’s not April Fools’ Day, but we appreciate a good prank when we see one. Microsoft recently announced its intentions to buy Nokia for a whopping 7.2 billion dollars. The tech world had reactions all over the spectrum. Many were worried that this signaled the death of the Nokia they’ve come to love over the years. Some took it harder than others, while others are able to sit back and have a bit of fun at the situation. Like this prankster in Nokia, Finland.

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We're currently at Aalto University in Finland, where the AppCampus program — a joint project of Microsoft, Nokia and the university — is held for Windows Phone developers around the world to engage in. What exactly is the program all about? We covered AppCampus back in 2012 when the project kicked off. Since then, numerous apps and games have been released on the Windows Phone store, with over $1 million going to participating teams.

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Who said it were only humans who could work a smartphone? Pictured above is a cheeky little chap who's currently wielding a Lumia Windows Phone. Visitors were not only able to take shots of the monkey enjoying some tunes through Xbox Music, but they probably found themselves being filmed for the others in the pack to have a gander at later on in the evening. So how does a primate come to own a Lumia smartphone?

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Finland has been in the spotlight today with news that the Lumia 520 has taken the best seller spot across three national mobile operators. We're not halting with that report as it hascome to our attention that StatCounter paints an interesting picture regarding market share in Finland. According to the web traffic analysis company, Windows Phone holds 24 percent of the smartphone market.

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The Lumia 520, Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 smartphone available, has taken Finland by storm. According to a report over on Teknikka & Talous, a "techno-economic journal that deals with technology and innovation" and one of the largest in Finland,  the affordable mobile device is the top seller on Elisa, DNA and Sonera for the month of July. The report states that while the Lumia 520 only launched in the country last month, it's already the best seller across all three mobile operators.

Considering Samsung has taken the number one spot from Nokia in Finland, this is good news for the manufacturer.

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Chinese electronics giant, Huawei, is opening a new Research and Development facility in Helsinki, Finland, home country of mobile phone competitor Nokia. The $90 million R&D venture will start with 30 employees whose purpose will be “optimizing the user experience of existing operating systems such as Android and Windows Phone 8" and is expected to grow over the next five years to as many as 100 employees...

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Nokia HQ, Espoo, Finland

File this under rumor but it's coming from a notable source, Finland’s own Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. The report states that Nokia is in the process of selling off their main headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The move would be quite shocking to the country as physically the building has come to represent the company in many ways--much like the Chrysler building in New York City years ago.

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Nokia has continued to cut jobs and close down facilities, now the company has finalised plans to close their handset factory in Salo, Finland. Being a European handset maker, it's a shame that it's having to move manufacturing to cut costs during troubled times.

Nokia made its last mobile phone on Wednesday at the Salo plant and 780 people will unfortunately lose their jobs during this year. We reported on the first Lumia Windows Phone rolling off the assembly line at the new plant in Argentina earlier in the month. 

via: The Nokia Blog

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According to data from StatCounter, Windows Phone is doing relatively well in Finland by capturing 8% of the smartphone web traffic, thanks to Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer is working hard at promoting not only the Lumia line of smartphones, but the Windows Phone platform too, and on a global scale. It's good to see brand support in its home country remain strong.

Unfortunately, the picture for the rest of the world is rather bleak. Microsoft's OS has only 0.53% of the worldwide mobile web traffic. The country sat in second place, behind Finland, is Iceland at 2.3%. Even though it's quite a considerable gap between the two spots, it's interesting to see Iceland near the top instead of the UK or other markets that have witnessed heavy marketing.

From first-to-tenth in terms of web traffic ranking for Windows Phone: Finland, Iceland, Martinique, Faroe Islands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Spain. While web traffic doesn't equal sales or true market share, it's an indicator of where Windows Phone is performing well. IDC has recently put Windows Phone (combined with Windows Mobile) marketshare at just 2.2%.

Nokia is set to hold the Nokia World conference this year in Helsinki, Finland.

Source: Pingdom

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