Nokia's Lumia 520 takes Finland by storm; top seller on multiple networks

The Lumia 520, Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 smartphone available, has taken Finland by storm. According to a report over on Teknikka & Talous, a "techno-economic journal that deals with technology and innovation" and one of the largest in Finland,  the affordable mobile device is the top seller on Elisa, DNA and Sonera for the month of July. The report states that while the Lumia 520 only launched in the country last month, it's already the best seller across all three mobile operators.

Considering Samsung has taken the number one spot from Nokia in Finland, this is good news for the manufacturer.

As one would expect, there are numerous Lumia Windows Phones in all three lists, but it's interesting to see how quickly the more affordable option took the number one spot. That said, we've previously looked at reports detailing the Lumia 520 surge in multiple markets, particularly in locations where cheaper, low-end handsets are the rage. Check out our in-depth review of the product, if you haven't already done so.

Have you purchased a Lumia 520 - what do you make of the more affordable experience?

Source: Tekniikka & Talous; thanks, Matz, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Well I am sure they will introduce new models once old models fall off the sales.. I think that is why they are wating for 925 introdcution as may be still people are buying 920. I think 625 may come in sooner than 925
  • Way to go Nokia!!!
  • Go Nokia!
  • Someday Nokia will rise again!
  • Sadly Finland is not very big market.
    Nokia should prioritize the markets like India where they are very strong traditionally. They haven't released 925 here yet :(
  • Finland is the home of Nokia... It's still an important market, even if it's a lot smaller than India.
  • Its home turf.
    Its like running for US President. If you cannot win your home state you have no business being elected President.
  • I agree since market share and numbers tell different stories. There's growth but we're still not there.
  • Nice!
  • Keep regaining your homeland Nokia!
  • Cool 520 steps at a time
  • Let's face it, even in the USA it's the best value Smartphone out there but the US market is just different due to subsidised phones hiding the true cost of what you are getting. 
    Nokia must have decided to give it all and commit to making millions to get pricing down with the aim to flood markets with it, which I think it a good thing as more devices = more drivers for apps.
    Loving it!
  • I never understood this. We have subsidized phones here too, but a simple calculation shows how much a normal customer can lose if they don't buy an unlocked phone. I hear that's also the case in US. So why do people still lock themselves to carriers?
  • For a while you could only walk in a store and get a 2 year locked in contract.
    T-Mobile started the change along with stores like Walmart demanding better month-month phones.
    The market is slowly waking up to the change and I think it's good for consumers, but it takes a while to change long term mind sets and people who are used to getting a 'free' phone will have to open their eyes.  Similar to opening their eyes that an iPhone is not the only Smartphone you can buy.
  • because they are stupid spoiled americans who live on fake money, just like how the country is run.
  • Sadly, you are right about the US.  Although I have already bought two 521's for family memebers, and I convinced another friends to grab the 521 even though he is still on a 2 year contract for his Android phone.  Slowly but surely, I'm converting family and friends to the wonderful world of pre-paid.  I use a very simple message.  "You are paying $60+ per line with Verizon/AT&T/Sprint and $200 for a new phone every 2 year years.  I pay $25 per line on T-Mo and $100 for the Lumia 521, coming out to thousands of dollars less than you for 2 years."  I have to think this is catching on.  I hope T-Mo reveals some interesting numbers soon which forces AT&T and Verizon to adopt better pre-paid options.
  • That's the sole reason why iPhone is successful in US . The phone sells badly in prepaid model countries
  • For 3 of the 4 big carriers they charge the same amount for the service whether you have a contract or not. However, if you sign a contract you get the phone at a huge discount.
  • Basically, in the US, for your standard carreir plan, you pay the same monthly rate whether you are on a contract or not.  Thats kind of how the 2 year contract thing became popular.  People figured "well, I'm paying this rate anyways, so I might as well get a discount on my phone".  They just don't realize that there are way cheaper pre-paid options out there.  Or if they do know about it, they balk at having to pay $600 for a new iPhone and decide to stick with their contract even though it means way more money in the long term.
  • The quality of service, at least in my area, has always been very poor in my area. T-Mobile, for example, still runs on 2G where I live. This is why I keep locking myself to AT&T. That being said, it does look like the situation is shifting.
  • AT&T has improved their no contract plans.  I bought my 920 outright ($450 when it launched) and use their $60 a month plan which includes unlimited talk and text and 2GB of Data and included LTE coverage.  
  • you are referring to the GoPhone plan I assume. DO they let you use Internet Sharing?
  • I consider $60 to be too much for prepaid. Im paying $110 for 5 lines on T-Mobile. But that's the thing, I think tmo is the only carrier to offer prepaid family plans.
  • I guess you guys haven't heard about the MVNOs in the US.  Straight Talk is what I use.  I chose AT&T's network, and pay $42.50 per month for unlimited voice, text, and data at 3G speeds.  So when the Lumia 920 came out, I bought one from AT&T, plugged in my Straight Talk sim card, and changed the APN settings.  I get much better coverage than T-Mobile and I didn't have to wait for T-Mobile's version of the 920. I've heard they complain if you go over 2GB per month and did not sign up for monthly automatic contract renewals.  I set up the automatic thing to drop the price by $2.50 per month.
  • Great to see them coming back again! My 920 is a beast!!
  • Not surprising really. Finnish people want a good phone at an affordable price. The Lumia 520 fits that description. If you ever went to Finland you'd know that 'lots' of people have been using pretty old Nokia phones and other older phones. If they want an upgrade it would be to a cheap smartphone.
    Also keep in mind the Finland is also a very small market in the world of mobile phones. The only reason this makes any news is due to Nokia being Finnish, well they used to be. So there's some loyalty there.
  • Just sold 6 of this babies at our local store in a couple of hours.The 520 is just awesome!
  • Where is your store?
  • Glad to know there's a salesperson out there that's not Pro Apple or Android and truly show people there's alternative options outside of those two. Thank you!
  • Come to Switzerland and I'll buy you a few beers! ;-)
  • I like the 520 but no camera flash is a real deal breaker.
  • LED flash on a phone is almost worthless, other than being used as flashlight.
  • for me flash is not really an issue, on my old samsung focus I had it turned off nearly all the time anyway
  • Exactly, I have had flash turned off in almost every device. With flash on pictures are meh.
  • Get 620 then lol .. U cant get everything for that price
  • I can attest that the camera is pretty mediocre by todays standards. Its good enough for taking quick shots. Honestly, for $100 I'm just happy there is a camera at all.
  • Just turn on night mode in the camera settings..
  • I bought the Lumia 520 (after struggling to find one because they were sold out everywhere in South Africa). It's awesome! For the price it beats everything else out of the water.
  • Awe :P
  • The 520 is a very nice phone. It feels nice and light in the hand. If it had a clearback display and a better screen, it would be a top of the line phone. Most people don't need the extra awesome camera like the 92x and esoecially the 1020 have. Windows OS is so light wieght the inards of the 520 such as ram and cpu speed are hardly notice. The race to have the highest specs only matters to the first adobters, everybody else just wants something that is easy to use and just works. We techies often forget that we are not the generally population, what matters to use is rarely important to everybody else. 
  • That's why you have the Lumia 620 on the market! Fantastic phone, great feature set for its price
  • I had a lumia 521. It was nice but I sold had these wierd bugs where it would require a pass code to unlock kids corner. I thought you kept your phone password protected, the kids could simply swipe left or right to access kids corner...didnt work most of the time on this the lack of flash, I ended up selling it and going back to my lumia 710 flashed with 7.8
  • that's the weirdest Windows Phone story I've ever read
  • That's not a bug, it's a feature.. Or at least it's intentional, there was some debate about it when it was introduced. On the other hand, Kid's Corner would expose the content your entire photos app to the kids, so think before you snap.. :)
  • Actually the pin lock makes total sense. I don't understand why people keep complaining about it. You are suppose to unlock the phone, swipe left and hand it to them. This way your kids will not just grab your phone and play whenever they want. They also cannot get to the main part of the phone unless they lock and enter the pin.
  • Yeah, what an odd complaint. It works exactly like it should, and in a way that makes the most sense. You essentially "lock" the phone with Kids Corner by using your code. What would be the point of having a restricted user area if it wasn't locked from access?
  • I would like to be the one to decide whether it has password lock or not.
  • I have sold three 520 since they came out on att last week. This is going to be good for Nokia WP. Most low end around here is android, and low end android is junk. The 520/521 should kick ass on att. Month to month phone is really attractive to alot of people.
  • Where is here?
  • Yeah, if you're not the only sales person who pushed WP. Can you tell us if any of your coworker try to sell WP devices?
  • Good news! Especially when I'm from Finland. Btw it's "Tekniikka ja Talous" not "Teknikka ja Talous"
  • This seems pretty obvious, and should definitely be the focus of both Microsoft and Lumia (the cheap, low-end devices).
    If roughly 80% of the world's population are considered poor, it makes sense that the cheapest handsets are the best sellers, no?
  • Finland mentioned, whopee!!!
  • Good. Now we need a Lumia 4xx-series that comes in at even less, i.e. something that hits the market at $100 tops but less. This will be a key driver for Lumia growth next year, and it's important to have 4xx, 5xx and even 6xx available in every single market with a sizeable mobile phone user base. We need to train individual dealers in the small shops and carts, we need a Lumia in the hand of every current mobile phone user... *This* is the goal.
  • What would you cut out to get a cheaper phone?
  • Good question.  I would reduce screen size to maybe 3.8", possibly lower (wasn't iPhone 3.5" until 5 came out?).  4GB of space (but with SD card).  Possibly use a single core 1GHz CPU (if it can still run WP8), or come out with a 800MHz dual core.  3G only.  With the smaller screen size, less powerful CPU, lack of 4G, you can probably reduce the battery size.  Overall, this might bring the cost down to about $80 while still providing a phone good enough for my inlaws.  WPCentral users will of coarse balk at such a device, but they miss the point.
    Edit: Forgot to mention packaging, perhaps the easiest move to make. My 521 came in a huge T-Mo box with documentation, USB wall charger, USB cable, SIM card, and even car charger. Release this 4X series as JUST the phone in a simple box. The people buying it probably already have their own cables and SIM card and would prefer the extra savings. Heck, you can call the whole thing "Green" and claim your trying to save the enviornment.
  • You just cant have a slower cpu below than 1ghz coz ms restricted it to run between the range of 1ghz to 1.5 ghz cpu
  • Underclocking the CPU won't make it any cheaper. Price difference for 0.2" screen size is likely less than $0.10. 520 already lack 4G. Releasing a phone without a charger would reduce the price by a couple of $, but they don't really need to have new model for that. When comparing spec to spec, 520 is clearly the best value for money right now. It would be very difficult to go below it.
  • If Nokia were to try and make phones priced lower than 520, I would guess they would have to lower the storage from 8GB to 4GB, 5MP camera to 2MP camera, 4" WVGA screen to 3.5" VGA screen dual core to single core processor.... YUCK.. I'd rather stick with 520 with decent specs. That's why they have their own Asha line.  
  • I have taken one for mom & she loves it! Even i with a 920 like the 520. So it appeals to everyone!
  • Its August so schools start soon. Naturally parents want to buy a phone to their kids so cheap Nokia phones like the Lumia 520 and 301 fit the bill ;) those were the two top sellers in Finland this past month. Go Nokia indeed! :)
  • Whats going to happen if apple floods the market with their low end ios device :o
  • Just couldn't keep i out of your vocabulary this morning.
  • If it looks anywhere as bad as the leaks suggest, nothing will happen. It will only hurt apple. No one is interested in a cheap iphone, the brand image is associated with high end quality, and since apple don't have a clue about using policarbonate on their phones, the cheap iphone will be a piece of crap.
  • Good... More customers means more income...and hopefully more apps....
  • It looks like that DNA Carrier is pushing android and the others are pushing Windows Phone..
    there is always one in t he bunch :)
  • In Carphone warehouse yesterday helping mother in law buy a 520. Other couple in there burying same one. Staff said less apps and more cost though? More adverts and useless apps (we miss some good ones still) but for her: so pleased with it.
  • Doesn't surprise me since we are mostly practical people. I toyed with 520 myself last weekend and liked it a lot. Decided to stick with my 800 though. Maybe next time...
  • I just bought one!!!! it is in the mail. i cant wait. and at 150 unlocked its a total steal.
  • I want to jump on WP8 ASAP starting with a temporary cheap phone before I go for the Lumia 1020 when it's available in Canada. My eyes are already fixed on the Lumia 520. If anyone knows a good deal in Canada please let me know. 
  • A great phone and that's good news for WP ecosystem. Nokia needs to be strong in Finland.
  • Currently there is a Nokia campaign going on in Sweden. The company Inet have almost every modell up for bargain prices. The L920 costs 3319 SEK and the L520 as cheep as 1290 SEK without contract.
  • I just bought mine today :D!
  • I love my Lumia 520 <3