HD7 to be first Windows Phone to get Android port?

It looks like those ambitious folks at XDA.cn have been attempting to squeeze good ol' Android on the HTC HD7. Pocketnow reported on this a few days ago but it looks like more progress has been made, including trying to get it on to the T-Mobile version of the device.

Still, work has to be done to get everything working and it looks like the team is aiming for a June release, which isn't too far off. Of course the proof is in the pudding, as they say and the video above (the 2nd one released) shows Android to be humming along quite nicely on the device.

The question is: how many of you will bother to do this, assuming it's not ridiculously hard to load? Call us crazy, but we like WP7 as an alternative to Android. Then again, we're also geeks about hacking on these phones, so could be a fun weekend project.

Source: XDA.cn; Thanks, Jordan L., for the heads up!

SMS Issue on HD7 Caused by NoDo?

There has been discussion on multiple sites surrounding the issue with the HTC HD7 and text messaging, where outgoing messages are failing to send and the irritating "Cannot send message. Try again" alert is constantly popping up. Is this a device issues (possibly caused by NoDo) or is it signal/carrier related?

Hard to tell really, I have experienced this problem numerous times on my Omnia 7 before and after the NoDo update, which is entirely down to signal not being strong enough (anything above one bar will work) - simply holding the device higher up in the air or walking around normally fixes the problem (Three network has very good coverage generally). Several members over at the XNA Developers forum have voiced rants and complaints about texts not sending:

I have had the HD7 for a few weeks now... before the nodo update i never had a problem with it but ever since then, i keep getting a lot of error messages for text messages saying the message wasn't sent. This usually happens when the signal is 1 bar or no bars (but signal is still there) and sometimes even happened with full bars.

Fake HD7 (complete with fake WP7) discovered in China

It's nothing new to find a cheap knockoff device pretending to be the real deal in China, but in what looks to be a first, a phone has surfaced that runs a fake version of WP7.  In reality, the HD7 imitator runs Windows Mobile 6.5, customized to resemble WP7.  Despite the chintzy OS, the Shanzai "HD7" sports a gigantic 4.8" screen with a 400x800 resolution, compared to the real HD7's 4.3" display.  Other specs on include:

  • 1GHz processor
  • Dual SIMS
  • Two MicroSD slots (total of 32GB extra memory)
  • 256MB RAM/512MB ROM
  • WiFi/Bluetooth
  • GPS

There's no word on when the phone will be available, nor how much it will cost.  But, come on...you really wouldn't buy this thing anyway.  It's just fun see what the Chinese counterfeiters come up with next.  Who knows, perhaps it might just inspire HTC to create a true monster-screen device for Windows.

Source: Shanzhai Via: UberGizmo

Telstra HD7 offer free return flight in Australia

Remember when we gave a shout out about a fantastic offer for Telstra customers? Well, believe it or not, we've come across a more exciting deal. Fancy winning a free return flight to a mystery destination in Australia?

The offer closes on the 31st May, requires a $10 booking fee as well as the usual proof of purchase by registering your details. This is a great deal from Microsoft and their marketing will never fail to surprise us. So if you fancy jetting off (for free) to the amazing Sydney, tropical Cairns or a range of other destinations, get the HD7 on Telstra.

Source: Microsoft WP7, via: istartedsomething

Special offer for Telstra HD7 purchases

We previously covered Telstra bringing the HD7 to their network, now there is a special offer being ran where should you purchase the HD7 on Telstra you are entitled to either 3000 Microsoft Points or two Xbox 360 games. Though we're not certain what titles are available in this limited offer, Halo:Reach and Kinect Joy Ride are present in the promotional illustration. Fantastic news for our Australian/Kiwis friends!

To be eligible for the above prizes, you must purchase your device before the 31st May, competition doors close on the 6th June. According to Gizmodo, the offer is limited to 5000 prizes and the redemption period is activated on April 13th for which you are required to provide proof of purchase and have a valid Live ID.

Source: Xbox,via: Gizmodo

o2 rolling NoDo out as planned

Recently we covered o2 claiming that they're looking to push NoDo update out for customers on April 5th, which is today. Long and behold folk are begining to announce they're updating and we've had a reader tip us that he's received the update notification and is updating his device too. Seems o2 held their word and all WP7 users on o2 UK should begin to receive the notification from today onwards.

Have you received the update notification on o2 yet?

Thanks StaticPlaya for the tip!

T-Mobile's HD7 still lacks multi-lingual keyboard after promised fix

Everyone hates un-finished products, but to have a smartphone only limited to one language? If you aren't familiar with what I mean, back in December we covered how the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile was the only device which was limited to having English as the only available language setting. As one would expect, many have been relatively annoyed by the lack of multi-lingual support - in this case, Spanish speaking Americans.

As well as explaining the problem and why it occurred (due to "lack of time"), HTC also stated to Jeff (he got in touch with HTC about the problem and tipped us originally) that "by February this should not be an issue", meaning the NoDo update should see more languages supported by the device.

It seems HTC (or T-Mobile) hasn't lived up to their promise and Jeff has now reported to us that multi-lingual keyboard support is still missing. Bizarre, more than anything. On one side of the wall you have Microsoft being beaten to death by an angry mob while desperately attempting to apologize for previous mistakes, and on the opposite side you have HTC making promises they don't seem able to keep.

Looking at the same thread at the T-Mobile forums that Jeff brought to our attention months ago, a few recent, post-update, concerns have been voiced.

Alternative explanation? With Samsung and Dell shipping firmware updates in addition to the February/March updates, perhaps, just perhaps, the HD7 will also be getting a separate firmware update that will fix this as well as other "issues". We'll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

o2 brining NoDo on April 5th

Recently we announced that o2 UK are looking to bring NoDo to customers early April, now we can confim this with the above tweet on their Twitter profile, which clearly states they are expecting to begin the roll-out on April 5th. Fantastic news for all o2 WP7 customers.

One thing that should be noted is that the updates are all being distributed gradually, and isn't as bundled like iOS. You may be on o2, you might not receive the update for another week, but it will come. 

Source: o2 Twitter

T-Mobile makes it official: HD7 getting NoDo, not yet for Dell Venue Pro; Changelog posted too

By now, a lot of T-Mobile US customers have received their alert about the February and March updates for their HD7s. T-Mobile has published a step-by-step guide on the process, which can be found here.

What is obvious is that the HD7, but not the Dell Venue Pro is getting NoDo today. The DVP did receive the February pre-NoDo update but we've heard, but not confirmed, that NoDo will be hitting the Dell phone in mid-April (April 18th?)--has to do with more "fixes" being on board in addition to NoDo. Hopefully we'll hear more about that later.

In addition, what is curious is the changelog for the HD7:

  • Adds the ability to copy and paste text.
  • Stops unnecessary data connectivity and lowers data usage while using Yahoo! Mail.
  • Improved Marketplace search
  • While connected to Wi-Fi, customers will now see different background images in the Search screen.

We haven't heard about the Yahoo! Mail bug being fixed in this update before, nor about the the "background images" being different during search when over WiFi--more subtle changes we suppose.

Source: T-Mobile 1, T-Mobile 2

Flash NoDo on your T-Mobile (US) HD7 right now [Hack]

For those who just can't wait another 2 weeks or so, you can go the guerilla route and just directly flash NoDo (7389) on your T-Mobile HD7 today, if you wanted. The process is actually quite simple: you download two ROM files (the old school "ROM Update Utility") and simple flash one, then flash the other.

The first ROM puts a signed Telstra version on your phone, the second, which is much smaller, NoDo (7389). The difference here is the Telstra ROM has the T-Mobile US radios on board, keeping the important part the same and since NoDo doesn't touch the radio, the second ROM is just an OS upgrade.

All in all, the process takes about 10 minutes. You won't be able to backup anything, so this is a clean install, meaning you'll lose any pics or data not saved elsewhere. The other thing is you'll rock some Telstra branding on the bootscreen and a few OEM apps (that of course can be removed), however once you throw in your T-Mo SIM, you can re-download their OEM apps instead.

So how is it? Well, it's NoDo so it fast as heck and we haven't noticed any downsides (it does make the camera better, less pink; also Bing Voice now speaks the Queens English, no joke). On the other hand, it's probably best to just wait a few weeks for the official version. But, if you want to go ahead, read all the directions here at XDA.

o2 rolling out NoDo in early April

o2 have announced on Twitter that they are working with Microsoft to bring the NoDo update to Windows Phone 7 (HTC HD 7) customers in early April. This is great news for everyone who is awaiting the update (and cut & paste) who is on the network. However, it should be noted (just like pre-NoDo) that this isn’t concrete, and could be delayed.

Are you on o2, and patiently awaiting NoDo? Join in the conversation covering the NoDo rollout on our forums!

Source: o2 on Twitter

Free 360 game with HTC HD 7 deal on o2

o2 is (and has been) running an attractive deal for their Windows Phone 7 offering - the HTC HD 7. Exclusively to the carrier, the device packs a punch specification wise, and is no push over compared to other models available.

Pricing for the phone is £399.99 on PAYG (Pay As You Go) or £50 for a £30/month 18 month contract (device is free for the £35 or higher tariffs). But what is the fuss about? Well, for starters, we have a huge 16GB memory capacity, not currently found on other UK based models. Not only that, the offer states that a purchase of the HTC HD 7 will enable the customer to receive a free Xbox 360 game. While we’re not completely sure what titles are available for the deal, Halo: Reach, Forza 3, Crackdown 2 and Fable 2 are displayed on the page.

Thinking of trying Windows Phone 7 out and want a HTC device, or are you already an o2 customer and are looking to upgrade? This is a golden opportunity for you.

Source: o2

Telstra launching HD7 on March 29th

Good news for our friends down-under in Australia and New Zealand, it looks like you'll be getting the HTC HD7 (but not the "S" variant) on March 29th.  In an official press release, the carrier announced all the details:

“We are pleased to announce the HTC HD7 will be available exclusively on the Telstra Next G® Network in March,” said Ben Hodgson, Country Manager, HTC Australia and New Zealand. “HTC has shown strong leadership in developing Windows® based devices in the past, illustrating our ability to be first-to-market. The HTC HD7 continues along this tradition with its focus on providing the ultimate multimedia experience coupled with a nice simple user interface and access to a broad range of useful applications.”

The HTC HD7 is available for RRP $768 which can be repaid over 24 months when purchased in conjunction with a Consumer Telstra Next G® Cap plan or a Telstra Business Mobile PLUS Plan. It is available from 29 March from Telstra Stores and partners.

While it makes no mention of the 'NoDo' update, we would be very surprised if this HD7 didn't come with the latest OS build already on it, making it even more of a great deal for first-time WP7 adopters.

Thanks, Soundman, for the heads up!

HTC HD7s vs HD7 - a tale of two screens

Yesterday, it was announced that AT&T would be getting the HTC HD7-S, with the "S" standing for Super-LCD, a screen tech comparable to Super AMOLED (sans the annoying pen-tile matrix). It's a big win for the HD7, since the T-Mobile version's screen is one of the worst we've seen for Windows Phone and it's a shame, because that phone deserves better.

Pocket-lint did a quick side by side of the sister phones and to them, the Super LCD was much better:

It’s clear that the HD7S is the better of the two, plus you’ll get a phone that you can use in 2 years time after T-Mobile shuts down its spectrum if and when the AT&T merger goes through.

That last part referencing the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger announced on Sunday. Although it's hard to tell from the pic (and differing themes don't help), we're inclined to believe just about anything is better than the T-Mo's screen. We have our crew on the ground for CTIA as well, so expect some hands on time with the HD7S shortly. Check out Engadget's write up of S-LCD vs AMOLED.

Source: Pocket-lint

HTC HD7 originally called HD3, FCC teardown pics released

Just as we get word that AT&T is getting an updated version of the venerable HD7, the FCC finally publicly releases the internal teardown photos of the device.

Turns out, there's no hidden treasure, but we do see the 16GB microSD card and even see that it was originally called the 'HD3' which to be honest, we actually like better (HTC's obsession with the '7' branding is confusing as heck). Other than that, it has your usual Qualcomm chipsets, Samsung SDRAM and a Broadcom WiFi transceiver. So if you're bored, check out the whole gallery at WirelessGoodness.

Source: FCC; via WirelessGoodness

Trophy and HD7 NoDo factory ROMS find their way to XDA

Not long after the HTC Mozart NoDo factory ROM was leaked on XDA, ROMs for its sister devices, Trophy and HD7, have arrived as well.  They sport the same version number as the Mozart, 7355-89, and are unbranded with no carrier customizations.  The European ROMs support English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.  In case you have been living in a cave up until recently, the NoDo update most notably includes copy/paste functionality and improved performance.

One quick note on installation: If you are a T-Mobile or o2 HD7 user, you must flash it using the "Gold Card" method in order to bypass the device ID check.

Click the links to download the ROMs for Trophy and HD7.

Source: XDA (1, 2); Via: PocketNow Original Image: TechieLobang

Hacked HD2 runs WP7 faster than HD7

The title says it all, folks.  According to a video posted by YouTube user kendimcefg, a HTC HD2, hacked to run WP7, runs many basic functions faster than a HD7 which natively runs it.  We knew that the HD2 was a versatile device, but this is pretty amazing, if accurate.  If seeing is believing, then color us impressed.  Check out the video for yourself, but try not to rock too hard to the soundtrack.

Source: Kendimcefg (YouTube); via: Ali Waqas

Canada gets a new Windows Phone -- HTC HD7 coming to Bell

Good new for our friends in the North, Bell Canada is set to launch the HTC HD7 on February 10th. Full retail price is a steep $599, but that appears to be a place holder, meaning no finalized prices with plans have been decided.

The HD7, coming in with the largest Windows Phone screen at 4.3" will be also packing 16GB of memory, which is a good amount for music fans. In addition, Bell will have a bunch of cases and accessories available when the HD7 finally hits stores.

So any of you up past the border excited about the HD7 or are you still waiting on something else?

Source: MobileSyrup

HTC launches HD7 in Egypt

Showing that there is no limit to where Windows Phone 7 will be available, today HTC announced that their flagship HD7 will be sold in Egypt. Kind of nice to know that our friends in the Middle East will start to get some Windows Phone experience.

No pricing, carrier or exact availability was mentioned, which is kind of lame if you're in Egypt right now. But hopefully it's soon.

Source: AME Info

HD7 Screen gets high marks, beats out the Nexus S

We knew the HTC HD7 had a nice screen and but in a recent screen test that pitted the Windows Phone 7 device against the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S, the HD7 beat out the Super AMOLED screen of the Nexus S. While the Windows Phone was able to surpass the Nexus S, it wasn't strong enough to beat out the iPhone.

The screens were subjected to three different types of tests;

  • Scientific measurements using a chromameter to test the brightness, black level, and contrast ratio. 
  • Test pattern screens used to test for color tracking errors, 24-bit color and font legibility. 
  • Real world, anecdotal testing using 3D games and photos.

To sum up the test results:

On the HD7: "The HD7 displayed mostly accurate color; however, the color did show evidence of being washed out in certain tests. Also, the phone's gallery app may have a bandwidth problem, which resulted in blurry text in our tests. We'll need to do more testing though to confirm."

On the Nexus S: "The Nexus S saw an incredible contrast ratio thanks to its OLED screen. Also, it displayed fonts smoothly and legibly and passed the Coke can test with only minimal dithering. Unfortunately the Nexus S failed in most of our other tests, especially color tracking, white level saturation, and false contouring. The Nexus S was the least impressive of the three."

On the iPhone: "The iPhone 4 was the best overall performer of the three phones we tested. The iPhone 4 was capable of displaying 24-bit color and was able to display colors in games and pictures with pop and life while still being accurate. The iPhone 4 won in most of our scientific tests and also had the best performance overall in our real-world tests. Once again, the iPhone 4 has the best smartphone screen on the market."

It's great to see the HTC screen measure up so well.  However, with our experience with the Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Focus (which we think is very good), it was a little surprising to see that the Nexus's screen was the least impressive of the three.  I'd be curious to see how well the Focus's Super AMOLED screen would have faired? 

source: CNET via: wmpoweruser