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The HTC HD7 on T-Mobile marks the largest of the new Windows Phone 7 devices -- and it's quickly grabbed a spot in our top five devices launched today. Let's start with the particulars:

  • 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor at 1GHz
  • Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPS (and Telenav)
  • Quad-band GSM/AWS 3G
  • Dimensions: 4.8 inches by 2.7 inches by 0.44 inches
  • Multimedia kickstand (that might double as a bottle opener)
  • 5MP camera with autofocus and dual LED flash
  • FM radio
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • 16GB internal storage
Really, it was how thin the HD7 is that struck us the most. Sure, it's big. And it's bright. And the Windows Phone 7 OS flies on it. But for all that size and power, the phone is nice and then. Surprisingly so. We'll have more on this guy coming up. In the meantime, taste some pics after the break.
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HTC has dropped five Windows Phone 7 devices, which we'll list here with HTC's branding but note that some names are different by region:

  • HTC 7 Surround: the surround has that crazy slide-out speaker you've probably seen before - it powers a Dolby Mobile system with SRS WOW HD sound. Exclusive to AT&T in the US
  • HTC 7 Mozart: The headline here: it's built from a single piece of aluminum.
  • HTC 7 Trophy: a 3.8" touchscreen that HTC is pushing to gamers, noting the 1GHz Snapdragon under the hood
  • HTC 7 Pro: The slide-out keyboard device with a tilting screen makes this phone the spiritual successor to the Touch Pro 2 / Tilt line. Hits Sprint in first half of 2011
  • HTC HD7: 4.3 inches of screen. Exclusive to T-Mobile in the US.
Much more to come on all of these devices. Catch the full press release after the break!
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T-Mobile announces the HTC HD7

T-Mobile has announced the HTC HD7. With a 4.3" screen, the HD7 is being billed as the largest screen on a Windows Phone in the U.S.

Pre-installed software includes:

  • Netflix
  • T-Mobile TV
  • Slacker Radio
  • Xbox Live
  • Zune

In addition to the comprehensive entertainment features of the device, the HTC HD7 delivers advanced phone features including GPS functionality with access to turn-by-turn navigation from TeleNav GPS Navigator™, Internet Explorer 8, 16 GB of internal memory, HD video recording, and an advanced 5 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash.

The HD7 will be available in the U.S. exclusively to T-Mobile in mid-November. No pricing points available at this time.

Follow the break for the full press release from T-Mobile.

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We've been saying it for weeks now: Microsoft will be launching Windows Phone 7 in New York City on October 11th and while others doubted, it looks to be confirmed by none other than Microsoft.

What's even more odd, is that T-Mobile is the featured guest and we bet a certain HTC HD7 will be the star. Guess that rumor we heard about AT&T's exclusivity being only two-weeks may be accurate after all:

Some confusion though: there may be two events, one for the big media, the second for the public (Edit: first event is the AT&T Open House). Either way, we'll be there at 3pm doing our best to cover what we can, while you sit back and relax.

[Microsoft via Engadget]

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And finishing up those leaks on the HD7 which came fast and furious a few weeks ago is that final one, filling in all the remaining questions. Well most questions.

The latest is that this premier phone will be launching on Germany's O2 network in just 2 weeks (hence all the details). It still features that 1GHz CPU, 8GB of storage, etc. all reported a few weeks ago, so nothing new there. Shoot, even the price is still what was reported in the past ($730-770 off contract; $104-109 with one).

Really the only news is the mention of Dolby Mobile Sound, which while untested sure sounds like a good thing as we're all for improved audio on these HD monsters.

Finally there'a a pretty vanilla video of it "in action" (after the break) though we're sure it's nothing you couldn't have imagined yourselves. We suppose the only real question is will we see this Stateside on T-Moible? We caught a rumor (unverified) that AT&T's "exclusivity" is for only 2 weeks, so take that as you will.

Head over to Engadget for a few more shots. [Thanks, Eric, for the tip]

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Here they are folks, real shots of the upcoming HTC HD7 with a 4.3" 800x480 screen and reportedly a metal body. Plus, check out that cool kick stand/bottle opener (kiddin' on that last part).

Evidently someone saw this at a bar and posted them in the Mobile01 forums--oh Apple flashbacks...

Looks pretty nice, though our pal Tim had some words:

Um, if you want to differentiate your hardware from everyone else on the planet...THAT'S THE WRONG WAY!!!

We sort of have to agree, although we think this device will fell great, it is missing a little extra something....your thoughts?

[Thanks, Eric, for the tip!]

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HD7 Specs List surfaces

The HD7 has gotten a lot of attention lately with photos, sketches, and GCF certification on what we suspect is the European version.  Now we are seeing a spec sheet surface for the Windows Phone 7 device that gives more detail on the HD7 than we've seen before.

The spec list, surfacing over at wmpoweruser, if it holds true, shows the HD7 supporting T-Mobile's US 3G frequencies, giving credence to the speculation that this will be their Windows Phone 7 flagship. The 4.3" 480x800 WVGA device will have 512mb ROM, 576mb RAM and a 8gb non-removable microSD card.

The power source is a 1230 mAh battery which sounds a little on the small size for such a power house of a phone. The rest of the specs (kickstand and all) match up with the photos that surfaced the other day.

The accessories include a wired remote and a mono bluetooth headset. We also note that the widgets (part of the HTC Sense Hub?) noted include a bedside clock, voice recorder, and parking meter widget along with the other apps we've heard rumors of.

Still no word on when the HD7 will be available in the U.S. Hopefully, we'll have a better picture on things as October 11th gets closer.

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HTC HD7 Mozart passes GCF

The HD7 Mozart, one of HTC's upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices, has received the stamp of approval from the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

The specs listed on the certification show that the phone is fitted with European 3G which obviously means it will likely stay overseas.

All of which poses the question, is the Shubert, Mozart, HD3, and HD7 the same phone?  Is the Shubert / HD3 the U.S. version? 

via: theunwired

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HTC HD7 schematic revealed?

Looks like the leaks are coming aplenty these days as we near October 11th...

This time it's the mythical HTC HD7 (former HD3) which is expected to be HTC's flagship Windows Phone 7 device, represented in schematic form over at WMPoweruser. It's sort of everything you thought it would be, nothing more, nothing less.

While there are still no specs to report, we can discern a couple of notable features including a 4.3" screen, double flash, possible kickstand, probably an 8MP camera and a very Sprint EVO type design, which isn't a bad thing.

Other than that, it looks pretty run of the mill of these days for high end 4.3" keyboardless phones and it should suit Windows Phone 7 quite well.

Rumor also has it that T-Mobile will be getting this, though we're unsure if that is the U.S. as well, but we wouldn't be surprised.

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It's unusual to read so much into a leaked T-Mobile accessory road map.  However, with this road map, we might have a better idea when T-Mobile will have Windows Phone 7 devices available.

TmoNews has obtained an accessory listing with availability dates that show items such as a HD7 Charge Shell coming on November 15, 2010 or a HTC HD7 Leather Sleeve (black) arriving November 1, 2010.

There are two schools of thought on this. One has the accessories coming after the actual device hits the market.  This would have the HD7 landing on shelves late October.  The other has the device and accessories landing at the same time which puts the Windows Phone 7 device on shelves early November.

Either way, that holiday season target date that was set by Microsoft way back in February is still looking really good.

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We've seen numerous indicators that HTC will be launching a Windows Phone 7 device next month (October 21st in Europe?) and an HTC Executive added more credibility to an October launch.

In a recent interview with Gulfnews, Mohammad Kais Zribi, HTC's Regional Director for the Middle East/North Africa, stated, "We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android and Windows segments."

While Zribi didn't get into specifics on which HTC Windows Phone 7 would launch or where it would launch, he did continue to say, "So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year." Combining their efforts with Android and Windows Phone 7, HTC is hoping to secure 5% of the smartphone market, up from just under 2% the company claimed last year.

So far, the WP7 phones we've seen from HTC include the Shubert or HD3 (or is it the HD7), the T8788 (which we think might be the Surround) and the Mozart.

If these are three of the five additional models HTC plans to release this year, what do you think the remaining two will be? Android or additional Windows Phone 7 devices?

via: endgadget

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HTC HD7 Priced

The HTC HD7 has been priced.  At least with the European wireless carrier O2.

A leaked pricing list indicates the HD7 will run you 559 Euros out of contract (about $730 US Dollars) and with contractual discounts, as low as 79 Euros (about $104 US Dollars).  The pricing list also indicates availability during week 42 which is the week after Microsoft's October 11th event.

So, is $730 a little on the steep side for the HD7?  Do you think the price will drop or does this open the door for LG and Samsung to offer their Windows Phone 7 devices at a more competitive price?  Will T-Mobile (expected to offer the HD7 possibly as the HD3) discount their prices as much? 

Luckily, October is right around the corner.

via: wmpoweruser.com

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WP7 Rumor: HD3 gets a release date for T-Mobile


While there is still some speculation that HTC will unveil the HD3 next week in London, another rumor has surfaced showing the HD3 (known to some as the Shubert) is heading to T-Mobile on November 17th.

We've heard rumors and seen signs that the Shubert is headed to T-Mobile and it's nice to see a release date being projected. Now we just need to figure out if the Shubert, the HD3 and the HD7 are one in the same.

via: tmonews.com

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More on HTC's September 15th Event

We are learning a little more about the HTC event scheduled for September 15th in London. While we are still expecting a press event to unveil the HTC HD3 Windows Phone 7, we have also learned that HTC will be hosting a public "meetup" as well.

According to HTC's Twitter and Facebook pages, the Meetup will take place from 6:30pm until 10:00pm at the Redhook Hotel in London. HTC posts, "We will have food, drinks, music and phones for you to enjoy. We will also have a few phones to give away to attendees!"

HTC is asking those planning to attend to RSVP through Facebook, their Twitter tag (#HTCLON) or their Flickr Tag (HTCLON). You can also visit the Redhook's website for venue information. You do have to be 18 years of age or older to attend.

It sounds like it will be an interesting evening. Anyone making plans to attend? If so, feel free to send us your impressions, photos and any extra HTC phones that are left over.

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Rumors are circulating that HTC has scheduled a press event for September 15, 2010 in London to introduce the HD3 Windows Phone 7 device.

The HTC Windows Phone 7 is reported to have a 4.5" AMOLED touchscreen, dual core 1.5ghz ARM-based processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, 4G capable, a 8mp camera with HD recording capabilities, all powered by a 1800mah battery.

We've seen signs that the HD3 will be headed to the UK provider O2 as the HTC HD7. However, some are reporting the HTC Windows Phone 7 is headed to Australian provider Telstra on an exclusive 3-month deal.

Hopefully, after the 15th, we all will have a better picture on the where and when the HD3 will make it to market. We're also curious to know if anything will be mentioned about the U.S. market time-line.

via: Unwired View

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You had to know it was only a matter of time. Engadget is reporting that the HTC HD3, successor to the HD2 (and previously the HD), will be launching on October 18th. The rumor stems from leaked internal documentation reportedly from UK carrier O2. If the document is to believed, the device will be named the HD7, possibly to correspond with the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Our guess is that this device would carry the torch as one of the flagship devices for the platform, much the same way as the HD2 has been. We’d love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments.


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