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Official Nokia CNN app reports to the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]

We saw an early release of it back at CES in January and now the official CNN application for Windows Phone is live on the Marketplace. Of course, only Nokia-branded devices need apply at this point as they have an exclusive on the app for a few months, so we've heard.

The app itself is fantastic with gorgeous transitions, breaking news alerts, built in video, plenty of sharing options and pinnable sub-sections. The iReport feature is also pretty impressive, reportedly allowing you to submit news stories through the application itself it could very well improve "breaking news" moments.

So for all of those with Nokia Windows Phones, here's your Marketplace link. Enjoy! Thanks, Benjamin C., for the link!

'The Amazing Everyday' Cinema Ambient Project Lumia campaign in Poland [Video]

Nokia has taken "The Amazing Everyday" to Cinema City venues in eight cities in Poland, giving away a Lumia 800 to 64 lucky winners of the events. In certain screenings the Finnish manufacturer hid coupons under certain seats and when the Lumia advertisements came on (always being aired last) a Polish celebrity urged viewers to check where they sat.

64 Lumia 800 winners, from 64 film screenings, in 8 cities. Nokia never fails to impress with their marketing campaign, regardless as to what country its taking place in.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the tip!

Win an Xbox 360 with Vodafone Ireland Lumia 800 Windows Phone draw

To celebrate the launch of the Lumia 800 in Ireland, Vodafone has an enticing offer active should you look to purchase Nokia's Windows Phone on contract or PAYG (Pay-as-you-go). By investing in a shiny new 800 before March 1st, you'll automatically be entered into a draw for a chance to win an Xbox 360 console along with 12 months of Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

Source: Vodafone

Nokia launches Lumia 800 in Ireland [Video]

Nokia has officially launched the Lumia 800 in Ireland, with the above video capturing the action at (and around) Grafton Street, Dublin. We can see the Nokia team handing out free hot beverages, invading carrier and retail stores to effectively showcase the Lumia 800. There was also a prize draw for a handset giveaway.

Are you planning to get your hands on the "sexy, elegant, beautiful, wonderful, functional" Lumia 800? The handset is available from Vodafone on contract at €30/mo or for €429 without a tied plan, as well as usual retailers.

Source: YouTube (Nokia IRL), thanks Ellis for the tip!

Nokia Lumia Windows Phones headed to Optus and VirginMobile

The Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phones became available for pre-order today (or was it yesterday?) through the Australian wireless carrier Optus. Plans range from $19 to $79 with varying features and if you're in the market for either Windows Phone, WPDownUnder has worked up a rather detailed analysis of each plan. Pre-orders placed by February 26th will ship on March 1st.

VirginMobile, who will be offering the Lumia 710, has yet to release plan pricing and details. It has also been confirmed that select Nokia partners in Australia will have an unlocked version of the Lumia 710 available in March that will be compatible with Telstra's and Vodafone's 3G networks.

March seems to be shaping up to be a big month in Australia for the Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phones.

Source: WPDownUnder; thanks, Sheeds, for the tip!

Nokia Lumia 800 bundle now available online at the Microsoft Store

If you have $900 to spare and really want that AT&T compatible Lumia 800 bundle (which also includes the Purity HD headphones, Luna Bluetooth headset and Play 360°), you don't have to have to travel to a physical Microsoft Store as you can now order it online and direct from Microsoft (save some tax money too).

The package, though seemingly expensive at first glance, is actually not a bad deal considering what you are getting:

  • Nokia Lumia 800 with 16GB of storage in black or magenta (shame on no cyan)
  • Purity HD stereo headphones feature Windows Phone Media playback controls, ControlTalk Universal for hands-free calling, and a tangle-resistant cable, and come with a hard shell carrying case
  • Luna Bluetooth headset has automatic volume adjustment, provides up to eight hours of extended talk time, and can store and charge the headset at the same time. NFC compatible.
  • Play 360° gives you up to 21 hours of operating time and includes an integrated microphone for hands-free calling. NFC compatible.

Of course while we really like the Lumia 800 we can't help but think the 900 coming to AT&T in just a few weeks might not be a better deal what with 4G LTE, a front-facing camera and a 4.3" screen. But hey, we also know some of you really like and want this phone and not everyone wants 4.3" inches of glory--so for you folks, we present you this offer. Slap down your credit cards and treat yourself or a loved one.

Source: Micrsoft Store Online; via Windows Phone Daily

TELUS launching Nokia Lumia 800 in early March

TELUS has been listing the Lumia 800 as "coming soon" since mid January so it only makes sense that we start hearing about it launching soon. Rogers already has the Lumia 710 which went on sale last week but Nokia's other Windows Phone needs to get into some hands and hopefully soon.

Mobile Syrup is reporting that launch events are now being scheduled (see above) and employees are being trained on Windows Phone--meaning a release is immenent. Some dates tossed around include March 9th or at least during that week.

That gives you folks just a few weeks to start saving for that phone, which hopefully won't be priced too high.

Source: Mobile Syrup; Thanks, Jesse B., for the heads up

Nokia Lumia 710 & 800 now available in Indonesia [Photos]

We mentioned that Indonesia was slated to receive the Lumia 710 and 800 sometime in February and it looks like that day is today February 17trh. We have some photos from one of the launch events, presumably Jakarta, and it looks to be quite a blast.

And in the image below is a shot of some of the 800 coders on hand for Nokia Developer Day which was run in conjunction with Microsoft. The goal: 800 devs for 800 new apps. Now that's a way to kick start development in Indonesia.

Seems like a lot of action is going on in Indonesia as Nokia also appointed a new country manager in the last day. As reported in the Jakarta Post, Martin Chirotarrab is taking over operations in that country and will focus on the Windows Phone Lumia devices and developers “One of the keys is to let consumers know what the Lumia phone is. We are going to put forward ways for people to experience the phone”.

Sounds good to us. Congratulations to Indonesia on the launch! Big thanks to Aca S. (@superaca) for the images

Win a white Lumia 800 on Nokia's Facebook page

Think you're fast?  Then head over to Nokia's Facebook page for a chance to win a Lumia 800...a WHITE one!  As soon as you get there, you will have 60 seconds to catch the white tile by clicking on it.  Your score will be displayed and you will be prompted to enter your information for a chance to win.  If you really want a challenge, give hyperspeed a try.  You'll need to log into your Facebook account to enter the contest.

Source: Nokia (Facebook); Via: GoWindowsGo; Thanks to Sam for the tip!

Nokia Lumia 800 bundle available at Microsoft Stores

We made mention of the Nokia Lumia 800 becoming available at Microsoft Retail Stores starting February 14th a while back. We are now hearing the phone is indeed on store shelves and available in black and magenta.  The Lumia 800 is being sold optimized for the AT&T network.

For the time being the Lumia 800 is being bundled with the Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker, Nokia Purity HD headphones and a Luna Bluetooth headset. Out the door price is $899 (plus local taxes).  While the price may seem high, you do get a lot in the bundle.

In talking to a retail associate from the Atlanta Store, there is no telling if the Lumia 800 will be offered outside the bundle or not.  Unfortunately the Lumia is only available in store. Head on over to Microsoft's store listing page to see if there's a retail store within driving distance.

Thanks, Jesse, for tipping us on this!

Expansys UK taking pre-orders for unlocked White Lumia 800

While Phones4U can claim an exclusive for the white Lumia 800 on contract, Expansys UK is now taking pre-orders for the SIM-free version.

No price is set but don't worry--Expansys will verify with you before they charge your credit card and ship your phone. In addition, you can order this internationally meaning even those in the US can partake in the all-white Lumia experience (of course, you'll pay dearly).

The 16GB glossy white Lumia should be shipping in the first week of March. Head here to Expansys to get your preorder on.

Lumia 800 White exclusive to Phones4U in UK

We were all excited (and surprised) with the rumours and subsequent announcement by Nokia surrounding the white Lumia 800. Being already available in black, cyan and magenta, the white variant adds a refreshed look to the 800 range of Windows Phones. Here in the UK, availability of the white Lumia 800 is exclusive to Phones4U, which has contracts available on O2, Orange, and Vodafone.

According to a blog post on the website, the handset is available for pre-order and Phones4U will be shipping the handset early March. It's unsure how long the exclusivity will last.

Source: Phones4U, thanks Richard (the other one) for the tip!

China releasing Lumia 800 CDMA in March, other phones in April

We've known that China has been testing the Nokia Lumia 800c, a CDMA variant of the popular Nokia handset, and now we have some more information.

The handset is due in March on the China Telecom network and will come in cyan, white and black upon release. In addition, the Lumia 710 is due in April and even the Lumia 900 is expected to launch there too, though no firm date was given. All phones are expected to be upgraded to Tango.

Of course with the mention of CDMA bands, our US readers are probably wondering about a Verizon/Sprint release. While it seems technically easier to do so, we're holding out for a Verizon announcement of a 900 with LTE sometime in the future but our latest intel still has no Nokia devices for Sprint. Of course being the mobile industry, things can change fast.

Source: Weibo; Thanks, nba-lin, for the tip

Nokia takes Malaysia by storm with Lumia launch [Video]

Yesterday we mentioned that Nokia was finally launching in Malaysia, pushing the Lumia 710 and 800 big time with some nice celebrations and giveaways. Now we have a superb video of the event published by who were there covering the whole thing.

What can we say besides that it's great to see crowds gathering and getting excited for both Nokia and Windows Phone? You can feel the momentum building. (Although we we chuckle a bit at the slogan "Gets you to interesting faster".)

Make sure you check out the rest of the photos at

Nokia planning Green and Red Lumia 800?

A new video has been spotted created by AdContentMedia featuring the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. And while that headset is itself pretty darn awesome what is really eye catching are those two new colors for the Lumia 800: Red and Green.

While we've seen fuchsia/magenta/pink before and we all know cyan and black, but green and red have not been shown off before and it remains to be seen if they are actually planned or just concepts at this point. Nokia has certainly experimented with other colors as described in yesterday's article on the subject and we've heard of yellow, green and white before back in December. Of course since that December interview, the white Lumia 800 (and maybe even a white 900) have come forward.

We'll throw this in the "sure, why not?" camp as we know Nokia like their colors and it would make sense for them to extend those offerings if the Lumia line keeps selling well. Personally, we're pretty excited about green and would love to see that infused in some polycarbonate goodness from our Nokia friends. What do you think?

[Edit: As pointed out in comments, these could also be soft-shell cases which have nearly the same color offerings, though it would have been more efficient to advertise that fact. Still, it's plausible]

Check the video after the break and catch the new colors at about 0:40 and onward.

Source: AdContentMedia; via Unleash The Phones

White Lumia 800 available for pre-order in Portugal for €549

The white version of the Lumia 800 is available for pre-order on, unlocked for €549, and will be released on February 23rd. Nokia's latest colour features a glossy finish and packs a punch when it comes to resisting scratches/dents with a polycarbonate unibody that has been dyed all the way through.

While the pricing for the mid-level handset is pretty steep, it's a unique choice for anyone still waiting to upgrade from their current device.

Source: Fnac.ptthanks, Joao, for the tip!

Win 1 of 4 Lumia 800s signed by Tinchy Stryder

Attention all those who reside in the UK and wish to get their hands on a Lumia 800, Nokia UK is giving away four to lucky winners. What's unique about these Windows Phones compared to a generic 800 you can purchase in-store? It's signed by Tinchy Stryder, a popular British music artist.

To celebrate Nokia UK's Facebook page accumulating 200,000 likes, the handset maker will also award three lucky runner-ups who will receive Nokia Purity HD Headsets by Monster. All that's required to enter are some details and a signed 800 could be heading your way. The promotion ends February 17th. 

As well as the Facebook competition, the Nokia Lumia 800 is featured in his latest single "Bright Lights", featuring Pixie Lott.

Source: Facebook (Nokia UK), YouTube

Nokia Lumia 800 available February 14th through Microsoft?

Both Nokia and Microsoft revealed during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show that the Lumia 800 Windows Phone would become available through Microsoft retail stores early this year. No specifics were mentioned during CES but rumors have popped up on the radar showing the Lumia 800 will be available on February 14th. The price? $899.

Now before you go into sticker shock, the rumors have Microsoft offering the 800 bundled with the Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker, the Nokia Purity HD headphones, and a Bluetooth headset. The accessories tip the scales at about $400 so the overall price is in the ballpark and would price the Lumia at around $500ish.

No word if this is an "in store" only item or if the Lumia 800 bundle will be offered online through Microsoft. You also have the question whether or not Microsoft will be offering the Lumia 800 outside the bundle.  One would hope this bundle is targeted at the Valentine's Day shopper and we'll see the Lumia 800 offered all by its lonesome shortly after the initial release..

source: Verge; Thanks, darin25b, for the tip!

Impressive Nokia Lumia 800 Swedish Kanal 5 commercial [Video]

The above advert is something special and unique. While 80% of the commercial features a similar presentation of the Lumia 800, which recently launched in the country, the first few seconds is an interesting introduction. The start of the advert is integrated into a popular Swedish station's logo and kicks off at the start of commercial breaks. Sweden has also witnessed a more festive 800 advert being aired

Source: YouTube, thanks hasona for the tip!

Nokia Lumia Malaysia "The Amazing Everyday" [Video]

Yet another video in the world of Windows Phone news, this time it's Nokia Malaysia with "The Amazing Everyday" advertising campaign. In the above montage, we see the Nokia Lumia team heading out and about driving alongside the Nokia promotion truck, handing out leaflets, cakes and different coloured umbrellas, and generally having a great time with the public.

The Lumia 710 and 800 will both launch in the country on February 10th.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the heads up!