Sea Ray not to be in attendance at Gamescom event

Looks like the possibility of Nokia and Microsoft showing off a new Windows Phone at Gamescom is fading with the sunset. We first caught wind of a Nokia/Microsoft event scheduled for August 17, 2011 at Gamescom. With promises of exciting actions and surprises, we all hoped to see the Sea Ray in action.

The Seattle PI has reached out to Nokia and they clarified the event a little. Nick Eaton reporting writes,

"Nokia finally got back to me. Spokeswoman Marianne Holmlund said the event is a local business-to-businesses event organized by Nokia’s Germany arm. “The ‘save the date’ is misleading,” she wrote."

Nokia will be raffling off Windows Phones but you'll have to wait until they are available to claim your prize.  So while Mango is steaming right along, it appears Nokia is holding tight on the Q4 shipping projection. We'll still keep an eye on Gamescom just in case things change.

via: source: Seattle PI

George Ponder

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