Sea Ray not to be in attendance at Gamescom event

Looks like the possibility of Nokia and Microsoft showing off a new Windows Phone at Gamescom is fading with the sunset. We first caught wind of a Nokia/Microsoft event scheduled for August 17, 2011 at Gamescom. With promises of exciting actions and surprises, we all hoped to see the Sea Ray in action.

The Seattle PI has reached out to Nokia and they clarified the event a little. Nick Eaton reporting writes,

"Nokia finally got back to me. Spokeswoman Marianne Holmlund said the event is a local business-to-businesses event organized by Nokia’s Germany arm. “The ‘save the date’ is misleading,” she wrote."

Nokia will be raffling off Windows Phones but you'll have to wait until they are available to claim your prize.  So while Mango is steaming right along, it appears Nokia is holding tight on the Q4 shipping projection. We'll still keep an eye on Gamescom just in case things change.

via: source: Seattle PI

George Ponder

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  • Could it just be a non-denial denial?
  • Lame. I really don't feel like I will ever get a Windows Phone at this point. The way keeps getting longer and longer.
  • Longer and longer? Mango's coming out sooner than expected with more features & OEM's than expected.Nokia never said it would come out in August lol.
  • It has never got longer it has always been Q4
  • For Europe... I am not expecting a Nokia device in the USA this year.
  • I thought the purpose of the hype train was to get people excited about buying PHONES!
  • Well, it looks like you're pretty excited..
  • If HTC and Samsung hit with high end devices (Eternity for HTC, GS2 variant for Samsung), will we really miss be on the back end of Nokia releases? They will make their way to our shores. Besides, I would be more interested in the second wave of Mango-flavored Finnish tech, as by then they will be rolling out near flawless devices...
  • They really need to stop getting everyone's hopes up. If it's not going to happen, don't hint at it and get everyone all excited...
  • Don't you agree we, the Windows Phone blogosphere, are also responsible for getting our hopes up?Sure, Nokia Germany could or should have been aware of the possible impact and made the limited scope and purpose of their B2B announcement more clear.However, this was sent to a select audience and it's not like Nokia HQ issued a public press release regarding the launch of their first Windows Phone to get everyone's hopes up.I think our anticipation sometimes gets in the way of our ability to put scraps of news in perspective.
  • sorry nokia, if yo udon't bring your sea ray to the statesides by christmas, my money goes to whoever makes the sexiest phone by the end of q4. My HD2 is long gone and have temp. phone pre+ and i can't wait to get rid of this piece of ****
  • I understand that it's really important for Nokia to get this right and not to wheel out a current handset with Mango shoehorned on to it - Nokia has been pretty bad on meeting release dates over the past few years, so actually hitting one will be a big plus.That said, I think they're missing a trick not having a device in the launch group for Mango. There's some nice hardware starting to show up on the platform (if the Fujitsu phone gets a worldwide release, I think they're on to a winner) and Nokia could easily miss the boat. It's going to have to be pretty early in Q4 to make a difference.