Nokia launches Lumia 710 and 800 and plans marketing push in India

We've witnessed the marketing power of the Nokia "The Amazing Everyday" campaign throughout Europe, and the public in New York and Paris have had the opportunity to stand in awe at the sight of a giant Windows Phone. Now it seems Nokia wishes to push its way through India, launching the Lumia 710 and 800 today, with a planned marketing campaign - and it's big.

To give an idea as to how massive this campaign will be, check out the list below:

  • Impromptu dance performance in Mumbai with free food and drink.
  • Luxury helicopter ride for consumers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
  • Exclusive premiere for pre-bookers with tennis star Sania Mirza at the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon.
  • Musical event, and artificial snow zones recreated at certain PVR outlets, in Delhi.
  • Toll exemption for more than 15,000 vehicles on the DND freeway, connecting Delhi and Noida.
  • Salt Lake will feature a "winter wonderland" created with artificial snow in Kolkata.

As well as the above list, we'll be excited to see an "aggressive" promotion and advertising strategy being put into effect. We've already had a flash mob performance at malls in five cities, so it'll be interesting to see how the manufacturer expands on this throughout the country. The Lumia 710 and 800 can be picked up for Rs 18,999 ($360) and Rs 29,999 ($570) respectively. 

Source: India Times, Think Digit, thanks Rohit for the tip! takes on the Samsung Omnia W

We saw the other day YouTube featuring Windows Phone on its front page and tonight it's's turn. Hopping over to the site and heading to the Radio area, you'll have your browser overtaken by the Samsung Omnia W and Windows Phone, including that $25 app card good for the Marketplace.

Although people have rightly complained about lack of exposure for Windows Phone in the past, it seems clear that everyone is stepping up a bit on the second go-around. Hopefully it will pay off in some sales.

Thanks, Sayon, for the tip!

Nokia Germany wraps the Lumia 800 in ice

Either the folks at Nokia Germany have lost the plot, or they've come up with an ingenious promotional stunt. They've put Lumia 800s in ice. Yes, ice. In the above video, you'll witness the frenzied public attempting to bash, melt and shatter the ice to release the handsets (which are hopefully just props). Should they free the Lumia 800, the winners are presented with one to take away with them for free. Really cool advertising there (pun intended).

Source: YouTube (Nokia), via: My Nokia Blog

Nokia hitting the U.S. with operation 'Rolling Thunder'

Nokia and T-Mobile U.S. are in full swing with their announced launch party of the Lumia 710, but what's coming up next for the Finnish Windows Phone manufacturer? Operation "Rolling Thunder", as it's internally referred to, is Nokia's plan for rolling out a number of handsets next year and aiming for multiple price points. Chris Weber, head of U.S. operations at Nokia, explained that the company will be at CES in January making a noise as they have been doing in Europe.

"We will be launching a portfolio of devices in the U.S. across a range of price points, user experience and operators. The rollouts are referred to internally as "Operation Rolling Thunder". We’ll have a very large presence [at CES] and it’ll be clear that Nokia is back in a quite strong way in the U.S."

We'll be sure to check out CES in Las Vegas to see what Nokia will be bringing to the event. The Nokia Lumia 900 is still on the list, a more powerful option for U.S. consumers, and is set to hit the states early 2012 if rumours are to be valid. Nokia has the daunting task of getting carriers on side to stock their Windows Phones. Battling hard against the iPhone and a plethora of Android handsets will make a successful and effective marketing campaign all that more important.

Source: Bloomberg, thanks to Baljinder for the heads up!

Windows Phone still struggling Down Under

While we've seen our fair share of sloppy marketing of Windows Phone by carriers here in the States, Australia seems to be taking it on the chin. We've mentioned the weak marketing efforts with stores continuing to push out other handsets and now it looks like Australia's largest carrier isn't making life easy for the Windows Phone either. tried to purchase a Windows Phone from Telstra online and had some surprising results. It seems if you go to Telstra's website to buy a Windows Phone it's not the easiest task around. Telstra does give Windows Phones a category of their own and while Windows Phones are eligible for the penny shipping only one model is available online. The HTC HD7.

To buy the phone you have to choose a wireless plan (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large) that are listed just below the HD7 listing. But when you pull up the plans, the HD7 is no where in sight.  It would appear the only way to buy a Windows Phone from Telstra is to find a store that has one in stock.  Online, Telstra has the Windows Phones doing a vanishing act.

And Telstra isn't alone.  Optus lists the platform as Windows 7, not Windows Phone 7.  Even when the Australian online mobile retailer MobiCity offers a Windows Phone (the Lumia 800) they incorrectly advertise it as having extra memory options.  While the effort should be recognized, it shouldn't be this hard.

While we've seen some great promotions on Windows Phone by manufacturers such as Nokia (as we've seen in Paris and Hong Kong) and HTC.  Even Microsoft has done a good job at promotion with the Spend the Night Tour and sponsoring events like we saw on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  But where Microsoft appears to be lacking is with the carriers.  Somehow they need to light a fire under the carriers retail wing and get them excited about promoting Windows Phones as everyone else is.

Source: madprops

Telerik Whitepaper: Market your Windows Phone app [Developers]

Telerik, the company behind the RadControls developer tools and the Windows Phone Task app, have just published a whitepaper that will aid any developer who has recently submitted their Windows Phone app to the Marketplace. The free document runs through how to effectively present your application with a well designed landing page, upload YouTube videos (with some SEO tips), monitor the analytics, as well as covering some in-app tricks.

The 13 page whitepaper will help provide developers (who have no marketing experience) the knowledge to kick off promotion campaigns on the web that will drive in traffic, while optimising the app to reach full potential. Head on over to Telerik (source below) to check out the free resource.

Source: Telerik

Retail stores not pushing Windows Phone in Australia

Remember our coverage earlier in the year where we looked at how abysmal the selling (and marketing) of Windows Phone in retail stores across Europe and the U.S. was? Well it looks like it's Australia's turn. WPDownUnder have ran a superb article covering their experience in a number of stores located in Melbourne. According to their report, Microsoft's marketing efforts in Australia have been weak, and stores are continuing to push out Android handsets and the iPhone. 

They visited a handful of mobile phone retail stores and compiled data on pricing, demo units, and feedback for both the platform and Nokia. We wont ruin the cold-call report over at WPDownUnder, so here are the statistics they ended up with:

  • 13 stores checked (probably 90+ % of main shopping centre/mall outlets).
  • 5/13 stores selling WP7 (just better than 1 in 3).
  • Only 2 of those 5 report moderate to OK sales of WP7 devices.
  • Of those 5 stores, 2 stores sold 2 models, 3 stores sold 1 model.
  • In all 13 stores, between 25-50 handsets would have been on display in each store on all platforms.
  • Only 1 store (Mall kiosk) had any form of Point of Sale information (other than handset tag info).
  • Only 4 of 13 stores spoken to demonstrated any knowledge of Nokia and WP7.

We recommend you check out the full report (link below) for an insight into how awful Windows Phone is in Australia, along with some interesting observations made in some stores. Let us not forget Optus believing the Samsung Omnia 7 runs Symbian. Hopefully Nokia could sort things out with some advertising in Australia should Telstra get hold of a Lumia device.

Source: WPDownUnder

Nokia being positive about Lumia 800 UK launch and sales

We know Nokia has had a tough ride, especially since they ditched Symbian to pair up with Microsoft and dedicate resources to Windows Phone alone. Not only shares, but the minds of customers, have been bouncing around, following Stephen Elop's moves closely. The manufacturer has had little over six months to produce a Windows Phone since the partnership with Microsoft was announced.  

According to a report over at Reuters, Nokia is attempting to keep the smiles with releasing an optimistic statement:

"Lumia 800 sales in the U.K. are off to an excellent start. Based on earliest data the sales start of the Lumia 800 is the best ever first week of Nokia smartphone sales in the U.K. in recent history. By our measures, we have gained significant smartphone sell-out share in the channels in which we are operating in the U.K."

As noted by Gigaom, the above statement is pretty vague and with no sale data published it's difficult to tell whether the company is actually doing extremely well with the launch or is attempting to liven the mood.. Were we really expecting a massive sell out? Probably not. Windows Phone is still young and requires much promotion to sway the minds of potential adopters. Nokia has come to the game with nothing and have spent erratically to pick up momentum for not only the Lumia family of handsets, but the platform as well. It's a tough assignment for a manufacturer who has been in trouble for some time.

Nokia has been busy focusing on "The Amazing Everyday" marketing campaign, with hosting impressive promotion events, setting up advertising effectively (including Heathrow Airport) and working closely with U.K. carriers. As we previously reported, the Finnish manufacturer has tripled their marketing expenditure, which should be setting the ground for their volume introduction of handsets in 2012.

The Lumia 710 and 800 (our review) are entry handsets, the first two from the Finnish company. They've continuously stated that 2012 will be the year for both Nokia and Windows Phone, while 2011 will see one or two devices to see the year through and show what Nokia is capable of. A turnaround that Nokia requires will not happen with the launch of two rushed devices on a new platform. This is going to be a marathon, just like Microsoft with Windows Phone. We'll have to wait and see how the two companies work together to make both the platform and Nokia handsets a success on a global scale.

Source: Gigaom, Reuters

Microsoft AU marketing position open

Microsoft has been advertising an opening for a retail sales and marketing position in Sydney, Australia. This should come as no surprise with the recent improvements being made to promotion and advertising by the software giant and manufacturers. The marketing position will see the successful applicant take command of Microsoft's promotion efforts in Australia.

Check out the primary job functions, as well as a link to view the positing, after the break. 

Nokia reveals plans to help developers

Nokia has unravelled plans to attract developers to the Windows Phone platform in collaboration with Microsoft. Keith Varty, head of apps and partnerships at Nokia, told The Inquirer that the game has changed since the partnership between the two companies was formed. Microsoft already has a superb connection with new and established developers, something that Nokia can look to build ontop of.

Varty continues to explain that the manufacturer will offer marketing support to developers, and ways to reach new markets where the company has a strong presence, such as China and the far East. He moves onto say that Nokia is working with Microsoft to create a programme that will help developers translate apps for these multiple markets.

Nokia won't be abandoning those who are closer to home, however. For starters, the manufacturer will run a number of UK based workshops, which will target Symbian and Nokia developers. We've already witnessed what the Finnish phone maker can do with some funds for promotion and product advertising, so it'll be interesting to see how this partnership grows with the software giant.

Source: The Inquirer

Microsoft launches "I love you guys" marketing campaign in India

Microsoft has launched a new website "I love you guys", which highlights the social functionality and integration of Windows Phone. This marketing effort is a follow up on their recent launch in India last month. Visitors are able to connect to their Facebook account to pull down friends and organise parties among other events.

The above intro video provides a humorous look on how friends can be terrible liars, via a HTC Radar. Anyone else notice a slight confusion in terms of UI?

via: WinRumors

Nokia tripled normal marketing expenditures with Lumia Windows Phones

In a new article with Business Week, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks of US plans next year as well as Nokia strategy. While nothing concrete is stated, multiple US carriers were noted (and we know T-Mobile is one of those). In addition, it was revealed that Nokia has tripled normal marketing expenditures for the Lumia 710 and 800 when compared to previous launches by the Finnish company--both a sign of desperation but also perhaps confidence in the platform.

Also worthy of attention is the mention of them being picked up by 31 carriers in six European countries for the Lumia 800, with Russia and Asian markets by year end. A notable accomplishment for an initial launch. Finally, Elop dodges the question a bit about Windows 8 tablets but notes “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming...We see the opportunity...", possibly hinting at future plans (see their experimental flexible display for another hint).

One thing that can be noted about Nokia: they're the 800lb gorilla in the room and we're starting to see them make some movement.

Source: Bloomberg Business Week

Microsoft increases marketing efforts in Middle East with a suite of WP7 applications

Microsoft Gulf, a division of the company that is based in the Middle East, is increasing its efforts to make WP7 more accessible and usable to their customers who live in the region. By partnering with digital marketing firm Prototype, Microsoft plans to bring a number of new applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace, all of which are built for purposes and businesses that are unique to the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The list of new apps includes titles like Time Out Dubai, to give users access to restaurant reviews and locations; Aramex, for tracking courier shipments; and mParc, an exclusive Windows Phone Mango app that will give users instant access to Dubai's paid parking lots.

As more of these localized apps are built, Microsoft is making it clear that they intend to spend their massive marketing budget wisely to increase their WP7 user-base. Expect to see more such programs launched worldwide as not only Microsoft, but soon Nokia, continue to integrate WP7 into the world of smartphone users.

Source: IT Pro Portal

Nokia to alter strategy and "rejuvenate" brand

Nokia is reported to be looking to change the strategy used when marketing upcoming Windows Phones to include the youth of today and get more 'young people' on board. The manufacturer is set to increase social media usage and presence with a more direct connection to consumers. It may be no coincidence that the winning ring tone from the contest is dub step.

John Nichols, Nokia’s head of marketing for the UK and Ireland, had the following to say about their vision of a younger Nokia:

"This isn’t a standing start, we already have a huge youth market but for teenagers we need to ensure that we create the content and partnerships that matter. As a teenager, the brands I loved had an opinion and told me whether to engage with them or not. The trick is to remember to not just wade in; otherwise our personality could look like the drunken uncle dancing at the wedding."

Nokia is also set to spend a reported £80 million on advertising in the UK and Ireland, so the Finnish handset maker is pulling out the big guns.

Source: MarketingWeek

Online media marketing for indie developers

Ignition Studios, developer of Monkey Mini Golf (see our review), has completed a white paper on marketing experiences with pushing their brand and products through media promotion. Starting today, the games studio will use the next few weeks to publish points from this document to aid other indie developers who are looking to promote their own titles.

The article takes the reader through the history of the video game industry and what limitations are imposed as an indie developer or an established studio. Next, strategies are discussed surrounding social media and how a game developer interacts with consumers. Lastly, we're walked through some marketing metrics:

  • Exposure
  • Influence
  • Engagement
  • Action
  • Retention

It's certainly worth checking out, even if you don't develop games the information can be applied for apps as well.

Source: Ignition Studios

CTIA 2011: a missed marketing opportunity for Windows Phone?

It seems as though Microsoft isn't taking the platform's position in terms of marketshare seriously as they've missed a prime opportunity to promote Windows Phone at CTIA, according to Jessica Dolcourt, Senior associate editor at CNET. Dolcourt explains in-depth how the software giant could have used CTIA to capitalise on Google and Samsung's delayed announcements for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus. Heck, we were expecting Samsung to show off the Focus S, finally, at the big event but alas, it was no where to be seen as confirmed by our own folks who were there.

While a lot is banking on what's to be unveiled at Nokia World later this month, the team should use more resources for advertising and promotion at events and stores across the world. Relying solely on manufacturers and carriers is going to prove tough with the iPhone and Android locked in battle for the front display and this report is an interesting read to say the least.

Head on over to CNET to read up on Dolcourt's review of Microsoft's marketing efforts.

Source: CNET

Samsung and HTC commit more money to marketing Windows Phone

It looks like Microsoft is going to get some well-needed assistance in promoting Windows Phone.  According to Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s mobile unit, Samsung and HTC have both argeed to upping their marketing budgets, which may include everything from advertising to retail staff to pique consumer interest.  It's a great move for Microsoft, who seems to have struggled with promoting Windows Phone themselves.  Gartner, Inc. analyst, Michael Gartenberg agrees that while WP7 is a solid product, it lacks the PR:

“From a technical perspective, it really does put them on par with the other competitors, but a lot of times Microsoft gets it right with the technology and then fumbles the marketing message.“

He also added that Windows Phone has seen its fair share of retailer bias, which has been reported on previously:

"If you went to store they showed you anything other than a Windows Phone. If you asked for a Windows Phone, they tried to talk you out of it.”

It's good to see some of Microsoft's partners get involved, as they certainly have skin in the game.  HTC has said that almost one third of their sales come from Windows Phone and Samsung has made a commitment to continue working with it as part of their recent Android patent deal with MS.  It would seem silly for them not to have made this move.  Nokia, who has obviously put all of their eggs in the WP basket, have recently seen some of their upcoming ads emerge. Between the three, it may not be long before Windows Phone sees a bump in its disappointing market performance.

Source: Bloomberg

Nokia drops O2 UK as stocklist for WP handsets

File this under "O2 you muppets" as it seems the carrier and Nokia couldn't reach an agreement on strict criteria including volume targets, store displays and marketing campaigns for the manufacturer's upcoming handset. I knew we could count on Nokia to push carriers in launching Windows Phone handsets with pride and force to match the iPhone and Android. O2 UK, enjoying a cosy partnership with Apple, could not agree with Nokia on the above due to the iPhone 5 launch just around the corner.

A source close to both O2 and Nokia told Mobile News:

"O2 is very good at handset marketing, better than any of the other operators, which tend to stick to promoting tariffs and deals. They work very well with the manufacturers and channel their message very well. But they are very close to Apple and will not look to compromise that relationship. O2 was initially very excited by the Nokia portfolio, but in recent weeks that attitude has changed."

Of course if O2 has had a successful run with the iPhone since the first generation device then it would make sense to focus on the iPhone 5, but to not allow each platform to compete with one another fairly for consumers to make their choice without bias marketing is poor (much like bias sales staff). Hats off to Nokia for putting their foot down. With Three UK looking to decide as to whether they will continue stocking Windows Phone handsets or not, it may prove worthwhile to approach the carrier (or Orange) since they could use some exclusive devices.

Source: Mobile News

Millennial Media: Windows Phone impressions increased by 48%

Millennial Media has released some statistics which puts Windows Phone in a healthy attack. According to the mobile advertising specialist Microsoft's platform has increased the volume of advertisement impressions month-on-month by 48%, matching Android. iOS and Symbian remain "relatively flat" while Blackberry grew by 10%.

With Mango just around the corner, we will look forward to comparing data from a number of analytical sources before and after the release of the update and launch of new hardware. We looked at Millennial data back in June and how Windows Phone has a higher CTR (click through rate) than iOS and Android.

The above table shows the top 10 app categories ranked by the number of impressions accumulated. It's interesting to see health and fitness jump into 8th place, while gaming is always a firm favourite to top the chart. Check out the full global report in a PDF below.

Source: Millennial Media (PDF), via: WMPU

AdDuplex developer interview series [Developers]

Much like our own developer interviews, AdDuplex have begun their own series but will focus mainly on monetisation and marketing. Earning revenue on Windows Phone has always been head of many debates and forms the most used excuse by developers on competing platforms. To kick-start the series of interviews, they have been joined by René Schulte of Pictures Lab and Helium Voice.

Here's a cheeky snippet of the interview:

"Yes, for some apps. In particular long running or often executed apps (like games) benefit from the ad supported model, esp. if an impression based ad network is used, where you get paid out for every minute (?) of impression.

I think other apps which aren't used that often work better with the usual trial / paid model. Pictures Lab is an example for this. BTW, a good trial mode is very important. Many users don't even consider to download an app if it hasn't a trial mode."

We recommend developers who are starting out to keep an eye out for future consultations. Be sure to read up on advice and experience that established developers provide in their answers.

Source: AdDuplex