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Carphone Warehouse UK: Win a Nokia Lumia 900 & two tickets to a festival

Yes, dear reader it's summer, to celebrate the fact, those nice people at the Carphone Warehouse are generously running a Windows Phone flavoured prize draw. Included in the prize is the chance to win a Lumia 900 and a couple festival tickets to a major unnamed UK based festival. I am personally waiting for summer to start here in London, but am lead to believe its in full swing around the UK presently.

Carphone Warehouse excitedly describes the Lumia 900 like this:

  • A dazzling 4.3" touchscreen
  • An amazing 8MP Carl Zeiss lens camera
  • Crystal clear video calling
  • A super long lasting battery life

Nokia are offering the festival tickets as part of their July Music Promotion. Currently new purchases of the Lumia 610, 800 and the 900 are eligible to receive Music vouchers from Nokia on standard purchases. Whatever the reasons for the promotion it’s good to see both Nokia and the Carphone Warehouse working together to raise awareness of Windows Phone. Interestingly CPW are only offering Windows Phones from Nokia at this point.

Unlike O2 Carphone Warehouse seem to have a good knowledge of the platform and correctly name it as Windows Phone 7.5 on their website. They have also moved to dispel myths about Microsoft’s current mobile OS.  Offers like these are only going to increase awareness of the brand and with the addition of the festival tickets appeal to the hipster demographic amongst us. Not sure I’d take my Lumia 900 along to a muddy festival mind..

Source: Carphone Warehouse

Must-have games for your Nokia Lumia 900

WPCentral's list of the best games for the Lumia 900

You've read our Must-have apps for the Nokia Lumia 900, now it's time for the games...

One of Windows Phone’s most attractive features to gamers is its Xbox Live integration. All Xbox Live games feature Achievements and online friends leaderboards, making it easy to compare and show off your progress with your pals. Every Wednesday Microsoft releases a new Xbox Live title, which come in the following price ranges: free, $2.99, $4.99, and $6.99.

With over 100 Xbox Live titles released so far and many more on the way, new users like those who’ve just picked up the Nokia Lumia 900 (review) might have a tough time deciding which games to grab first. Factor in the abundance of indie games and there’s even more to choose from. Fear not, friends – I’ve played nearly every single Xbox Live game on Windows Phone, and reviewed most of them for this very site. If anyone can help, it’s WPCentral.

Read past the break to learn what I think are the best...

Carphone Warehouse bumps their Lumia 900 pre-registration up a month to May

We reported a few weeks ago the site Carphone Warehouse was taking pre-registrations for the Nokia Lumia 900 with an expected June release. Now the site has quietly update that to May signaling perhaps an accelerated schedule or newer, more detailed information.

Either way that's good news for those of you looking to get this phone sooner than later. While this isn't a pre-order and no money is exchanged it's a relatively safe way to register your interest in the monster Nokia phone.

Source: Carphone Warehouse; Thanks, Robert M., for the tip

Nokia Lumia 900 shows up on a Czech Republic site with a price

Adding more fuel to the fire that a Lumia 900 is going international sooner than later, the phone is now listed on the site Obchod S Mobily found in the Czech Republic. While no date is given for release there is a price which amounts to be about $760--certainly not cheap, although who knows if that will be the final sale price or is just a placeholder. As the website Techin5 points out, some of the detailed Lumia 900 specs are a bit off but Obchod S Mobily are most likely not confusing it with the Lumia 800, as that phone already has a landing-page there. It's also worth noting that only an 8MP camera is listed and not the rumored (but unconfirmed) 12MP variant that some sites are reporting.

Regardless, between Carphone Warehouse, SG Best and now this Czech site, we're very confident that Nokia's flagship phone should be hitting other countries within the next few months. While Carphone Warehouse had a June date, it could be sooner than that and hopefully Nokia will reveal more at Mobile World Congress.

Source: Obchod S Mobily; via Techin5

More details on Nokia's Lumia 900 Ace

PocketNow has gotten their hands on details about the Nokia Lumia 900 (aka, Ace), which is heading to AT&T.  Despite past speculation that it would ship with the version of Windows Phone known as Tango, it will indeed have version 7.5 Mango.  As Nokia's flagship phone, the Lumia 900 will sport:

  • 4.3-inch WVGA display
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8MP camera
  • 1830mAh battery

The Ace weighs in at 160 grams, just slightly more than the Lumia 800's 142 grams.  This is doubtless due in part to the larger screen.  Despite the greater weight, both handsets look to have the same thickness, about 12mm.  PocketNow took the specs of both phones and used them to create the above comparison picture.

It's not yet known how much storage the Ace will have, but a supposed leaked spec sheet from October showed both a 16GB and 32GB option, though its veracity has been highly questioned.  Based on what we know of Nokia's other handsets, there is no evidence to support the theory that they would offer multiple storage options.  We should find out for sure at CES, where it is also expected that Nokia will unveil a mid-range offering, the Lumia 719.

Source: PocketNow

Mockup of Nokia 900 shows phone in new light

A few days ago we posted the leaked "holiday card" from Pocketnow that supposedly showed bits and pieces of the Nokia "Ace" or 900 with AT&T branding. Those images could be faked as renders are notoriously easy to spoof and let's be slab Nokia phones are not exactly too difficult to imagine.

But assuming that leak is accurate, we can finally see what the phone would look like in all its glory. One of the readers at The Nokia Blog took matters into his own hands and assembled a "full" image from those leaked shots, giving us a full frontal shot (Wait, we're still talking about phones, right?). Incidently, it does look more and more like that "mystery" Nokia phone from the Microsoft promotional video is this phone, no?

Just off the cuff it looks like a modified Nokia Lumia 800 which is exactly what we're expecting. We'll admit though, it's hard to excited over a render even if it is accurate. Nokia phones are more about the quality in the hand and less about initial looks, so until we get our hands on one, we're going to remain less enthusiastic over this stuff.

The Nokia 900 "Ace" is expected to feature a 4.3" "clear black" screen, 16GB of storage, 4G LTE, front-facing camera and a 1.4GHz CPU. Launch is rumored to in March with an announcement next Monday at CES which we'll be attending.

Source: The Nokia Blog; Thanks, Leo, for the tip!

Renders of the Nokia 900 show up with AT&T branding?

Pocketnow have images reportedly from Microsoft-partner Christmas card and the featured item is a Nokia device with AT&T branding on board, presumably the Nokia "Ace" 900.

No other details can be discerned from the device except for a front-facing camera (upper left), which seems imperative for US markets now and for 2nd gen Windows Phones. The device is expected to feature a large 4.3" screen, AT&T LTE 4G and some other ample specs making it a decent competitor for the US and Windows Phone in general. Still, it is not clear if this device is just a revamped 800 with higher specs or truly a different device.

More info is expected in a few days as we approach CES where all is expected to be revealed. Our only criticism? We hope black isn't the only color option as it is getting a tad old these days--gives us some reds, whites and blues to make us really interested.

Source: Pocketnow; Thanks, pezman726, for the tip!

Mystery Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 800 or something else?

We have a little discussion going on amongst the WPCentral writers concerning the Windows Phone used in Microsoft's Hotmail advertisement.  At first we thought it could be the HTC Titan until we noticed the Nokia apps (Drive, Maps, and Music).

We now have two schools of thought. One side of the coin has this being the Nokia Lumia 800 and the actress has small hands (hobbit hands was the description actually used). The mystery device appears to share the 800's buttons and silver strip on the back.

The other side of the coin calls for this to be a new Nokia, maybe the Lumia 900? Should the actress have average hands, the screen appears to be much larger than the Lumia 800 and the backing seems more gray than black.

So, what do you guys and gals think? Lumia 800, 900 or something else?

source: Windows Live UK Thanks goes out to Dan (the other one) for the tip!