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Sports Tracker for Windows Phone gets bumped with heart rate alarm and more

It's #MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations and we'll be utilizing sport and training apps on our smartphones (regardless as to which platform you enjoy using) to help get into shape. One of such apps is Sports Tracker, which has just been updated to version This latest release adds a bunch of new features everyone can take full advantage of while keeping fit.

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone updated with Live Tile support and more

The award-winning Windows Phone app Sports Tracker has received a fairly large update. Version introduces Live Tile support, a bunch of bug fixing and improvements, as well as a lockscreen data feed and much more.

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone adds heart rate monitoring in latest update

The award-winning Sports Tracker app has just received an update. Version has been optimized for Windows Phone 8 and now supports heart rate monitoring. You’ll need a heart rate belt to train with the heart rate functions. Need a belt? You can get one from the Sports Tracker shop.

Windows Phone apps to help you keep that New Year's Resolution

Windows Phone Central's Roundup: Exercise Apps

With the new year comes New Year's Resolutions and what may be the most popular resolution is to get into shape or lose weight. There are several Windows Phone fitness apps and we thought that if you are trying to stick with a resolution for better health, we'd roundup a few fitness apps to help you along the way.

Included are a few freebies and a few structured for men or women. As always, with as many apps in the Windows Phone Store, we can't touch on them all. If we've missed your favorite fitness app, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Fitness Apps [Running/Jogging]

WPCentral's roundup of running/jogging apps for your Windows Phone

Several months ago the popular fitness app RunKeeper was pulled from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The reason was simple, the developer decided to drop support for the app and focus on other platforms. This opened the door for other fitness apps to step up and fill the gap.

We decided to take a peek at the popular fitness apps that concentrated on running/jogging to see what alternatives are out there. Plus Dan just joined a fitness center and is looking for a good jogging app.

After reading user reviews on the Marketplace and taking a peek at the apps ourselves, we've narrowed the field to five.  All five have similarities with online components and making use of your Windows Phone's GPS.  One even adds a storyline and a bit of suspense to your workouts.  As always, if we missed the running app that you think is the bee's knees, jump in below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Sports Tracker coming to Lumias tomorrow [Updated with link]

One of the most popular apps on Nokia's previous mobile operating systems is making its way to the Lumia 710 and 800 tomorrow all devices, now. Sports Tracker is an application designed to help users log their physical activity, as well as share it via social networks.  The development team who originally designed it has decided to bring it to Nokia's newest platform of choice, Windows Phone.  Ykä Huhtala, one of the developers of Sports Tracker, said of the decision:

“Windows Phone is a very competitive platform for mobile development especially if you have any previous experience in developing with Microsoft’s tools.  The same tools can be used in developing for mobile devices and it’s extremely easy and fast to get up to speed in developing apps.”

In order to celebrate the launch of Sports Tracker for WP7, the makers will be giving away a Nokia Lumia 800 on their Facebook page

The application will be available for free in the Marketplace.  You can also keep an eye out for details on their website.

Update: And here's the link for it. We hear it's already available in some areas. Thanks, Clinton J., for the tip!

Updated 2: And it looks like it's available everywhere, US included and for all devices!

Source: Nokia (Thanks for the tip, @TheWeeBear!)

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