Take a Titanfall personality test and get matched to your Titan

The long wait has paid off and Titanfall is finally here for Xbox One and Windows PC (Xbox 360 version is due soon). The game throws you into the battlefield as a Titan pilot – your Titan is the ultimate mechanical warrior to help you squash the enemy resistance. There are quite a few Titans to choose from though, and if you are stumped on which to choose, the following personality test from Respawn Entertainment might match you to the perfect robot warrior.

The Titanfall team has posted a “personality test” that lets you know which type of Titan “best suits your style of play”. The test requires that you connect to Facebook and then asks you five various questions that determine your titan. You can access the test by clicking here.

After taking the test, you will even receive a customized badge with your picture, name, and Titan class. If you are feeling super proud, you can download the badge or share it to Facebook and Twitter (when it comes back online, that is).

Have you picked up Titanfall yet – what is your favorite Titan?

Source: Titanfall; via Xbox (opens in new tab)

Michael Archambault
  • Very interesting!
  • Sam Sabri - Ogre class. Yup. Defense and firepower maxed out. Bring it ladies. 
  • You get the ogre completing the campaign correct? Lets play!
  • I got Ogre too Sam :P
  • Same here!
  • Lol I all about getting my Michael Bay...more things that go boom the better
  • It picked the Stryder Class for me, something about being strategically inclined and all that.  Anyhow, feel free to add my Gamer Tag if up for teamplay: Ulvengard.
  • Too bad this doesn't work on Windows Phones.
  • Lol bingo!
  • I hate it when services require Facebook logins.  I'll pass, thanks.
  • I second that!
  • Same here, don't even use Facebook (although I have profile on there with no info, so i can chat to some friends who are totally addicted to Facebook.....)
  • I have nothing against Facebook, and I even use it occassionally.  I don't like, however, that so many services assume you have one and assume you're okay with using that FB account for anything BUT FB.
  • Agreed. Faceshit can eat my ass.
  • Didn't know people were into that...
  • Yeah, I was going to do it until it asked for Facebook.
  • Ditto.  Can we please just get rid of FB now?
  • Agree .... Get rid of FB
  • Yeah..I got an Ogre
  • This may have already been said but surely this site should be renamed to Windows Central rather than Windows Phone Central.
  • Microsoft Central, Microsoft Mailroom, MacroMicrosoft.
  • We should also have Microsoft's logo while launching the app.
  • It's better to hear news about Xbox/Titanfall than nOkia X....:P I do think it should be Microsoftcentral though :D
  • AndroidCentral posts about Chromebooks, so...
  • I agree. While I dont dislike the other content as its refreshing and keeps me up to date, I do agree that the name should be changed to Everything Microsoft. Or something to that nature.
  • I'm a pedant so I can get behind this suggestion.
  • Oh ffs, this stuff every time?! Don't mean to be offensive, but you people are boring. Just let it go, don't click, et cetera.
  • Nah, I'm not bitching. But I am pointing out the obvious. This site posts quite a bit of news that has nothing to do with Windows Phone so should be renamed as such.
    If others can't see the logic behind this and just want to respond with an offensive comment then God bless you for being Special.
  • The vast majority of the posts are about Windows Phone plus some ancillary information for all those that are firmly in the Microsoft ecosystem. So Windows Phone Central it is and bite me....  
  • Agreed. It's just a name, grow up.
  • Agree, firstly its an ecosystem, so therefore other info is pertinent. Secondly, change the name and you still get the same info. And of course it is WP focused and most articles are about WP.
  • Hey Sam, can you have your avatar picture on that badge (im presuming you can upload an image)?
    Edit: looks like i didn't press/ tap reply oops.
  • You would have to make your FB picture be your Avatar; that's what it uses.
  • "or share it to Facebook and Twitter (when it comes back online, that is)" Huh? Twitter's up here...
  • Was looking forward to finding out my Titan but no, Facebook has to be involved! FU facebook. 
  • Name should be change to everything Microsoft under the sun
  • I play them all!
  • Wow, it does not work on my Lumia 920 mobile IE. Another nice WP fail Microsoft...
  • Duffer...
  • Strider. Would've been my first choice anyways
  • For a second, I thought "strider" from HL2.
  • I'm a PS4 fanboy. It told me my best Titan was a Troll Titan? Does that even exist? I guess I shouldn't care since I can't play it on the PS4 anyways.....
  • You could always play it on a PC though, that is unless you're a Mac person...
  • I got Atlas. I loved the Atlas during the beta, so I'll do well for the real version!
  • http://www.pilotyourtitan.com/user-cards/03-11-14/titanfall-7eb709a91.png Atlas
  • I'm an ogre...yeah baby! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • guys is it possible to install games and apps on wp manually like we install in andriod???  and are the paid apps and games like mc4 nova 3 available for free at any site and ca it be installed?? if we found one?