Take a Titanfall personality test and get matched to your Titan

The long wait has paid off and Titanfall is finally here for Xbox One and Windows PC (Xbox 360 version is due soon). The game throws you into the battlefield as a Titan pilot – your Titan is the ultimate mechanical warrior to help you squash the enemy resistance. There are quite a few Titans to choose from though, and if you are stumped on which to choose, the following personality test from Respawn Entertainment might match you to the perfect robot warrior.

The Titanfall team has posted a “personality test” that lets you know which type of Titan “best suits your style of play”. The test requires that you connect to Facebook and then asks you five various questions that determine your titan. You can access the test by clicking here.

After taking the test, you will even receive a customized badge with your picture, name, and Titan class. If you are feeling super proud, you can download the badge or share it to Facebook and Twitter (when it comes back online, that is).

Have you picked up Titanfall yet – what is your favorite Titan?

Source: Titanfall; via Xbox

Michael Archambault