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Tales from the Borderlands and Deadfall Adventures now free via Games with Gold

The mid-point of the month has passed and with that, Microsoft has debuted the next two titles via Xbox Live's Games with Gold program. As announced last month, Tales from the Borderlands' complete season and Deadfall Adventures are now available as a free download for those with an active Xbox Live Gold membership.

On Xbox One this month, Tales of the Borderlands can be downloaded for free – a graphic adventure game from renowned developer Telltale Games. Taking a deeper dive into the same world of the shooter series, the title maintains the humor seen in the main line of titles, while also offering further character development. With this month's offer, you'll be getting the complete season, spanning five episodes, usually priced at $14.99.

Over on the Xbox 360, Nordic's Deadfall Adventures will be available for download for the remainder of this month. The first-person action-adventure title takes players on an Indiana Jones-style adventure, following a treasure hunter exploring throughout the World War II era. The game can also be played on Xbox One, via the console's backward compatibility program. For those without Gold, Deadfall Adventures can be purchased for $39.99.

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  • Can I jump into Tales from the Borderlands even if I never played Borderlands 1 and 2? Thanks  
  • Yes, the story is quite alone and the story is actually quite amazing. Of course, you'd enjoy it more if you'd get the references or if you'd have any attachment to some of the characters. But yes, you'd be fully satisfied even without playing the Borderlands games.
  • Um... I think you posted this a day early.  The new games don't go live until the 16th and today is just the 15th.
  • Actually today is the 16th.