TalkTalk acquires Tesco Broadband and Blinkbox

TalkTalk has acquired both Blinkbox, the movie streaming and rental business, and Tesco Broadband from the UK supermarket. The cross-platform on-demand service that Blinkbox offers customers in the UK will put TalkTalk in a strengthened position against competitors, as well as bolster its own range of content.

The company will integrate Tesco's old services into its own TV offering with immediate effect. As noted above, TalkTalk also acquired the Tesco broadband and voice business, adding significant numbers (75,000 internet and 20,000 respectively) to the already-established user base.

See the announcement for more details.

Source: TalkTalk

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  • Oh no, I was actually starting to like BlinkBox as a place to redeem UltraViolet codes from DVD's and BluRay's i've bought - Also liked that with some movies, it automatically added the movie to your BlinkBox account if you scanned your ClubCard at the checkout. I quite liked the brand, but from the sounds of it, the BlinkBox brand is being dropped and replaced with something else - Hope the Xbox and Windows apps don't get removed as a result of this.
  • And the Apps are on Windows devices
  • What happens to the music service?
  • Tesco are keeping them I think.
  • I really hope TalkTalk leave the development of these services to the current team.
    Though I have some concerns as TalkTalk already offer an on demand service.
  • The faq sent out says no change to the rights or Ultraviolet so don't have a problem with this. Tesco refocusing on Grocery so was always going to happen. Blinkbox went straight from nowhere to my preferred purchase destination for non 3D movies as soon as they did the UV rights implementation. Been impressed so far, used to use Xbox Video but the service has been beyond terrible in the last 18months, especially on series box sets. Now just want download on Windows Phone now though my primary use is on the Xbox tbh.
  • Oh, and thanks to Blinkbox (and to tie in the Windows Phone aspect) I can finally watch UV (streaming) at least on my Lumias. Inexplicably the Flixster WP app doesn't support UV playback in the UK on Windows....
  • Guess this means no more windows app if its integrated into talk talk service.
  • According to the Telegraph "Blinkbox Movies will be closed as a standalone streaming service as soon as practical and the brand will be jettisoned, said TalkTalk chief executive Baroness Harding". That doesn't sound to good as that could mean existing apps will be removed and Talk Talk's support for Windows Phone is practically non-existing so I don't expect much from them in the future. I also switched to Blinkbox since they implemented UV, so we'll have to see how this goes as they are currently the only ones offering this service in the UK.
  • As I said above. They basically have brought movie rights that's all they are interested in. No sky uk support, no amazon (lovefilm) support and soon no blinkbox support. Sad days .
  • Their care team is saying on Twitter that they are already working on a Windows Phone and Xbox app. I'll believe it when I see it though.
  • Indeed that we will.