Tango video conferencing coming November 7

We first learned about the Tango video calling app back in September. Not to be confused with the Windows Phone Tango update (though it’s inevitable), Tango is simply a cross-platform video calling app. It comes with the new HTC Titan and Radar handsets, but has also been ported to other devices running Mango. Just don’t expect it to work fully with devices lacking a front-facing camera, such as the Lumia 710 and 800 phones announced earlier today.

Tango now has an official release date – November 7, just a few weeks off. That means it will reach market earlier than Skype, which is targeted to launch before the end of the year but has no firm release date. Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, will eventually be integrated into the Windows Phone OS in a similar manner to Facebook. In the foreseeable future though, Tango and Skype are on similar ground, with Tango’s early launch potentially giving it a leg up over its competitor.

Source: Forbes via MobileTechWorld

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Paul Acevedo

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