td bank

A spokesperson for TD (Toronto-Dominion) Bank has confirmed to WPCentral that the major banking institution is developing a Windows Phone app, but it might have a limited launch at first.

We first got word of a possible TD Bank app when one of our community members tipped us to an email he received from a company employee that said a Windows Phone app was in development. We followed up on that tip and contacted an official TD Bank spokesperson, who told us, "Yes, it is definitely in the works & will be released in the near future."

However, the spokesperson added that the app could be released in Canada at first, and may not be released in the United States until sometime later. Of course, we will report on any updates we get on the TD Bank Windows Phone app as we receive them.

TD Bank has over 1,150 branches in Canada, and its US subsidiary has over 1,200 branches that are located on the eastern seaboard of the country. This news comes a few months after Ally Bank launched its Windows Phone app.

What do you think about TD Bank joining the Windows Phone app ecosystem?