Telegram Messenger Beta update brings two-step verification, sessions list, more

Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone has snagged an update to version today, bringing with it some added security features for the already security-focused messaging app. The highlights include two-step verification and a session list that allows you to close active sessions remotely.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Telegram Messenger Beta version

  • Sessions List: View your active Telegram sessions (on desktop, tablet and mobile devices) and close specific sessions remotely.
  • Link Previews: Get rich link summaries for tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and other content.
  • Two-step verification: Set up an additional password that will be required to log into your Telegram account.

Two-step verification should come as a welcome addition for keeping things secure. Likewise, the ability to remotely close active Telegram sessions is a godsend for people who have a habit of leaving the app open on multiple devices, or just want to keep an eye out for suspicious sessions. If you'd like to snag the update, long with the features above, feel free to hit up that store link below to get started.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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