Telltale Games working on new title set in Netflix's Stranger Things universe

Following up on news that Netflix is preparing to jump into the streaming game space with Minecraft: Story Mode, the streaming giant has confirmed that it's working with Telltale Games on another project as well. Namely, Telltale is currently developing a new game based in the Stranger Things universe, Netflix confirmed to TechRadar.

Telltale is known for its narrative-drive games, many of which have been based on popular licensed franchises like Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Walking Dead. The games are broken up into chapters that are sold in bundles or available to purchase separately. Each season tells an overarching story featuring major characters from the franchise upon which it is based.

Netflix has only confirmed the existence of the project thus far, so it's not clear if the game will tell an existing story covered in the Stranger Things story, or something simply based in the same universe. It's likely we'll still see plenty of the show's main characters, including the supernaturally enhanced Eleven and her companions. Oh, and lots of '80s nostalgia, of course.

There's release timeframe available yet either; though, TechRadar cites a confidential source who stated that the game was originally intended to launch alongside Stranger Things' second season. A launch near the release of Stranger Things' third season would make sense for maximum marketing effect, but it's not clear when the next season will premier just yet.

One thing's for sure: Telltale's Stranger Things effort isn't currently planned to be a part of Netflix's game streaming efforts, TechRadar says.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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