TeraMaster F4-421Source: TerraMaster

What you need to know

  • The new TerraMaster F4-421 is a four-bay, Intel-powered NAS.
  • This NAS has upgradable DDR3 RAM to 8GB and dual 1Gb LAN with aggregation/failover support.
  • Available now for $460.

TerraMaster announced the new F4-421 NAS enclosure with a quad-core Intel processor. Inside you'll find 4GB of DDR3 RAM, alongside four drive bays, and the Intel Celeron J3455 processor. It's a mid-tier NAS capable of running Plex Media Server, hosting files for multiple accounts, and much more with TerraMaster's TOS platform.

The processor runs at 1.5GHz, but can turbo boost up to 2.3GHz when required. The DDR3 RAM is a little disappointing it's not DDR4, but it is possible to upgrade it to a massive 8GB should you have numerous accounts accessing the NAS simultaneously. (It'll also come in handy for running intensive apps.)

The two 1Gb LAN connections can be coupled up with link aggregation for more bandwidth and failover support. TerraMaster has its own TOS operating system, which isn't quite as polished as solutions from Synology and ASUSTOR, but it's easy enough to use on a daily basis — and really, how much time do you spend in the NAS OS?

You'll be able to locate the TerraMaster F4-421 right now for $460, which isn't bad for a NAS that will easily trade blows with the best NAS for home.

TeraMaster F4-421

TerraMaster F4-421

An Intel Celeron processors, 4GB of upgradable DDR3 RAM, and four drive bays make the F4-421 ideal for a starter home media server.

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