Is there a hidden meaning to the Microsoft hardware event teaser image?

Earlier this week, Microsoft formally announced an upcoming hardware event taking place October 2 in New York City. The announcement was of an image of a semi-outlined version of the Microsoft logo, with the text "Save The Date" below it. This announcement image has everyone talking, with speculation as to what the semi-outlined Microsoft logo could possibly mean.

Does it spell out something? Is it a hint at what's going to be announced? The internet has been rife with a wide range of theories and speculative ideas. Unfortunately, I don't think this specific announcement image is hinting at anything other than the date. If you look closely, the top two shapes appear to be a stylized version of a 1 and a 0, and the bottom two shapes are stylizing a 0 and 2.

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Put those numbers together, and you get 10/02, the date of the hardware event. Some people think the lines represent the different kinds of Surface hardware being announced, including a Surface Book, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and a foldable Surface. Others see the word "lite" if you rearrange all the lines to make it spell that out. I think that's a little far fetched, but a cool idea.

Hints have happened before

The basis of people thinking there's a hidden meaning to the image does have some reasoning behind it. Tech companies such as Apple, Google, and even Microsoft have hinted at things they expect to announce in their announcement and invitation images in the past. For example, Microsoft sent out an invitation that was heavy on the idea of it being a "small" event for the now canceled Surface Mini unveiling.

For the launch of the Surface RT 2, the invites sent to press had an image of a Surface outlined in a glow effect, hinting at the switch from black to grey for the outer housing color. And for the Surface Studio, the text "imagine what you'll do" hinted at the creator focus of the Surface Studio and the Windows 10 Creators Update. So there is precedent behind thinking there's a hint in the image for this years event.

Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case outside of the date. Of course, we can't know that for sure. Perhaps Microsoft will throw in a hint with the actual media invites that are expected to go out to press in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, what are you hoping Microsoft will announce in October? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Agree it's probably just the date. But kind of odd how they made the two zero's look different.
  • Probably just a way to make it less obvious.
  • Or not... Something Folding Clue? (Zac before you say anything, remember I have the right to dream, so, too early dream will work)
  • here is a guess, good as any, there is a "clear" hint of transformative nature of some sort of device, or family of devices (or the OS, like light or core OS). There's top/bottom like closing (second '0'), then foldable (2) and all in all it looks like a 'play' with different edges and borders. I think the 'date' is just a decoy there (that's why there're 2 zeros to make it fit). There is nothing (IMO) really worth decoding, it's just a hint of an idea, concept (or a nice teaser design). That could be mentioned or not during the event. You heard it here : )
  • In six years when Ms releases something fitting with your post, I'll remember you saying it...
  • This how people get disappointed
  • I've looked at it over and over and I'm at a Loss. (I'm sorry to everyone who understood that)
  • If I add some additional lines, I can clearly read the words Surface Andromeda and Surface Phone.
  • It's so obvious!
  • Now you got all rivetting.
  • Why do you Americans write the month first, it's just wrong.
  • It's American English grammar. Why say "the second of October" when you can just say "October second"
    It's shorter
  • Yes, I agree, 1,0,0,2. I will now interpret the hidden meaning behind these numbers. 1 (upper left square): This short horizontal line followed by a steep downward vertical line represents Windows Phone market share - a very short life of basically going nowhere followed by a precipitous drop to ZERO! This emphasizes Microsoft's utter and complete failure in Phones (as well as their incompetence in general). 0 (upper right square): This almost complete circle represents Microsoft's coming almost full circle from their original slogan "Mobile first, Cloud first" to the current slogan "Cloud ONLY - this time without MOBILE!" 0 (lower left square): Two horizontal lines going nowhere - this represents Microsoft's mediocrity in providing useful functionality in Windows 10 (Just wait a few more years, and we might have some more of the Control Panel ported to UWP) This highlights the complete failure that is UWP. Whoever decided this was the future of Windows should probably be fired - oh wait... Developers by and large ignore / hate UWP. If they want to develop real software for Windows, they are forced to use WPF or Windows Forms both of which have been basically abandoned for at least the last 7 years. 2 (lower right square): These two right angle lines going in different directions represent Microsoft's directionless efforts with different groups doing their own thing. "Look over here, Fluent design!". Other parts of Microsoft completely ignoring UWP, etc. In summary, Windows has been a disaster since Windows 8 (Windows reimagined!)
    Microsoft doesn't seem to care since they are making money with Azure - that is their long term goal / play with Windows taking a back seat. Their current CEO "Cloud Man" seems Ok with this, maybe his plan all along.
  • hahahahahhahahahah I really enjoyed this.
  • Your theory of top as stylized 1 and 0, and that the bottom is 0 and 2 is a wild guess of you saying it's the date. But then the top 0 does not look remotely close as the bottom 0.
    Here is my theory, what if this is a folding clue?
  • So why TWO different 0's?
  • It means "At Microsoft we almost finish something" - none of the boxes are complete!
  • I like your interpretation the best. It might be the closest to reality.
  • I guess it's just me, but the first thing I saw was the Apple command key logo. ?
  • The corners all have hinges, maybe a clue?