These are the crowd-developed Eve V's final hardware specs

As promised, Eve has officially unveiled the final, detailed list of hardware that will come packed in its crowd-developed Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet, the Eve V. We've previously seen Eve tease various aspects of the tablet, like its screen and fingerprint sensor, but this is the first look at the full spec sheet.

Without further ado, here's what hardware you can expect from the Eve V:

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CPUIntel 7th Gen Core M3/i5/i7
Connectivity802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2
Ports2x full USB 3.1, 1x USB 3.1 USB-C, 1x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, 1x 3.5mm audio, 1x Micro SDXC reader
Display12.3-inch IGZO LCD, 2736 x 1824 resolution, 1:1500 contrast, 450 nits, anti-reflection coating
Battery48 Wh (10-12 hours)
SensorsFingerprint, Hall, Gravity, Light, Gyroscope, GPS
AudioQuad 1W speakers, dedicated TI headphone audio amplifier, 2 noise-canceling microphones
Cameras2MP front, 5MP rear
StylusN-Trig, Surface compatible, 1024 pressure levels
KeyboardPogo-Pin and Wireless keyboard with backlight and latest glass clickpad by Synaptics (Microsoft Precision drivers), Bluetooth 4.2, connects up to 3 devices, 15-hour continuous typing battery life

Alongside the full spec reveal, Eve also gave us a quick look at the wireless keyboard that will launch alongside the Eve V. The company is really talking up the durable build quality of the keyboard, along with the precision trackpad and backlit keys. You can find an in-depth explanation of the decisions that went into the Eve V's keyboard at Eve's full blog post, but here's a look at what you can expect the keyboard to look like.

Eve V Keyboard

The Eve V is officially set to hit Indiegogo on November 21. The company only expects to have 500 units available in its initial round, so you'll want to be quick if you're planning to snag one of your own. There's still now expected price available, but for now, you can get a quick comparison of how the Eve V stacks up with the Surface Pro 4 in the chart below.

Eve V vs SP4

Thanks, Ruben, for the tip!

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  • Why the slower usb 3.1 gen 1?
  • What do you mean? I'm sorry, I don't understand your question...
  • I'm not sure how to make that question any clearer. The spec sheet says it is using USB 3.1 Gen 1. Gen 1 is 5 Gbps, while Gen 2 is 10 Gbps. Why use the slower speed? Other devices on the market today have Gen 2.
  • At the time, it wasnt possible to get that technology. But we got Thunderbolt 3 instead ;) We want to be able to attach that eGPU :)
  • It has already been delayed over and over, back in June you were telling us to hold off on buying any other computer because this was just around the corner. We are now well into November, other devices have been shipping for a while with Gen 2. Thunderbolt 3 devices started shipping in December 2015, while USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices were shipping back in August of 2015. If USB 3.1 Gen 2 was shipping before TB3 devices, then why not be able to get it into a device that has been delayed?
  • No need to bash, its really hard to make a product within a year... And some licences cost millions :( I dont remember quite well, but there was some trouble with it... It was way cheaper to get Thunderbolt 3 for what we, in community, wanted. Like camera tech for example... The licence to use higher then 5 Mpx is a seven figure one. Anyway, the reason is somewhere at Im sorry, really dont remember 100% correctly.
  • So you and your friends bash other products, telling us that taking a few days to ship from when it was announced, you personnaly calling that other product "a waste of money," you calling it "outdated in a month or so​" when that month or so came and passed without a shipping Eve and has outdated hardware. I am pointing out how there are technical deficiencies in your favorite unshipped product, and then you go on giving excuses for the delay, then try to distract with other specs, and then say that there is a reason and I need to look it up. To me and quite a few here, you and the rest of your friends have completely destroyed any interest we may have had in this device. You have repeatedly attacked other products, and us. And now you are complaining that we are bashing this device? You reap what you sow.
  • You surely show a lot of interest :) I'm confused. Again, don't think that something is made easily. There are a lot of problems. A lot of "protection" from big players who make the availability of the best parts "unavailable" and so on... Like, you agree on some part, design around the rest and suddenly, that part isn't available. What then? Find another supplier, design again and so on... Time passes by... Remember, we are small players that are trying to make something that "others" don't want us to... We have finally everything that we need. Every. Single. Part. Eh... It isn't easy :( But it's done :) Can't say more.
  • My issue is that you seem to think it is OK to bash other products, tell us to wait for the PF, and then complain about how hard it is to create a device and claim that the delays were OK. You personally said these things in another article. If we had waited like you told us to, then people would not have a computer today because of these delays. I know that something like this is a big undertaking, I have been involved many times in bringing products to the marketplace (not hardware, but software). But you are now asking us to be patient when you were not as forgiving of other products that shipped days after being announced, not months later.
  • That particular device was and is rubbish. Confirmed by reviews too. And then I wanted to warn potential buyers. I can't tell someone what to do but advise in good faith. And since then, many really good devices have came out. I had nothing to say about those. And our device, I know it will be GOOD =D I will make a review and post it. And trust me, it will be honest. You have my word.
  • "That particular device was and is rubbish." So it is fine for you to bash othe products, but dont you dare guestion things like why no USB 3.1 Gen? That device, when you made your comments, was announced and nobody had one to review it. On Amazon and Microsoft Store it has a 4/5 rating. Engadget, which will criticize anything that doesn't have an Apple logo, said the only problems was the screen was average (at $600 I wouldn't expect the screen of the SP or Eve) and the keyboard is sold separately.The Verge said the screen was not as good as higher priced devices, but it was bright and crisp. Another anti-MS site, techcrunch only said the speakers were not the best. No the Huawei does not have Gen 2 USB 3.1. But, according to you, that is not an issue, right? And no need to post your review. I will do it for you: Wow! :) 11 out of 10 =D Absolutely perfect in every way ;) Throw everything away and buy this now =D You won't need to have this device to know that you will claim it is perfect.
  • Funny guy :) Bravo :)
  • Dude, shut up already! If you don't want the product, don't get it.
  • Why do people so greatly hate disagreement? He has to shut up because he questions the product and company? I haven't followed this thing at all, but the Eve person in here doesn't seem to dispute the complaints as things that actually happened. If they are real matters, they are legitimate things to question and call the team out for. Yeah, there might be legitimate reasons for delays, and other products might fall short as well, but if a hardware maker is attacking the competition in the open and then has its own failures, it seems both fair and excited to expect that entity to stand up to reasonable criticism.
  • In my honest opinion having gen 1 instead of gen 2 won't be a deal breaker for anyone - besides many peripherals (like mice) won't gain anything from the increased speed, if you do need a high speed port you have the thunderbolt 3 to suit your needs ;)
  • Exactly, cheers mate. :)
  • I have SSDs connected to USB 3.1 Type C Gen 2 devices, and the increased speeds make a very big difference. I have 4 of them and use them for software development. While SSDs don't rate at the 5Gbps that Gen 1 get (even though SATAIII is 6Gbs), when you run four of them the Gen 2 bandwith is needed since they would saturate the data path. So while you say it "wont be a deal breaker for anyone" it would be for me. TB3 devices are way overpriced, looking at Amazon a 2 bay TB3 enclosure is $355. I bought 4 Type-C Gen 2 enclosures just a few weeks ago and paid $20 each. $710 vs. $80, that is a big difference. No, mice would not see any benefits, but there is more than just mice.
  • Then obviously, this device isn't suited for your needs... I know that in your case, I definitely wouldn't get it... It lacks what I would need the most heh :\
  • I have to concede that your use case is a very niche one. But why do you need to have all 4 ssd running at the same time? You can have them all plugged in but do you really need to use all at once? And wouldn't have it been cheaper (and probably would even give you better speeds) to buy one or two larger ones?
  • I will admit that developers do things very differently than the normal person, so my use cases are different. But yes, I do need them. The internal drive for the OS, one external for sources and building, one for databases, one for data files which are around 20GB each, and one for holding the final output. The external drives are 1TB each and two 2TB drives would not be cheaper. The issue is to spread the use among multiple drives so that when one is using a data file, it is not blocked getting another file. Depending on the computer I am using (the 20 core big machine or my laptop) there are issues with the internal hardware not being able to handle all the data, but there are definate needs to have this setup.
  • There is the possibility of building a dock (basically with many ports). I would advise you to post your needs in terms of ports (in the community there should be a post for that) and we can try to make it fit perfectly for you! ;)
  • Don't bother, we have nothing to offer him. He needs a workstation. That he owns.
  • I don't need help from "the community", I know what I am doing. A dock doesn't help either since it would be defeating the purpose of what I do and how it has to work for speed. I really don't have a problem with this device, it looks pretty good, in fact. The problem I have is with the community, and desertfox's comments show that perfectly. From what I remember you have been quite level-headed, but many of the collective, when they show up here, are far from it.
  • Nohone but what device do you need? Tell us in the community and we'll help you the best way we can.
    And please let's stop with the hate you have with some people from the community who posted here (and vice versa too). We need to be collaborative. Don't start wars. Solve them. If one stops saying the other person is bad, hate will disappear and then we can work things out much better ;) All it takes is a little forgiveness and patience. P.S. I was one of the community members who commented on that Huawei article. I recognise it wasn't the best action to take and I believe we've learnt our lesson ;) if you see, no more articles about other products have you seen people commenting about the Eve V. We all make mistakes. The key part is what we learn from them. Take this as an invitation, look at the community website and pose what are your needs for a device ;) and then let's discuss!
  • Then what is it? I have never been dishonest or in denial of anything. I did apologize too. This is the first community developed device, of course that we feel enthusiastic about it! And we mean well. What do you want from me, for example? How can I help?
  • Thank You for advice that I had learned the hard way unfortunately... I wish I knew You before heh Thanks again!
  • Im curious... Which company do you work for? Or do you own one? And if you have the time, I invite you to visit the community to talk more ;) experience is very valuable - it helps you avoid making mistakes and even to do things better and faster.
  • What Artur said Mr. kojackjku :) Welcome to join at any time!
  • @Nohone - Are you actually planning on doing your development work on a 12.3" 2-in-1?  It's cool that we can, but that would drive me nuts!
  • Hi nohone, you asked why we didn't go for USB 3.1 G2. Basically - we have a 3.1 G2 port in there. TB3 basically automatically support 3.1 G2 (as far as I know). You can still connect your SSDs over the TB3 port and have the full speed of 3.1 G2. As far as I know we don't have the USB-C port be 3.1 G2, since there was something with the controller and if we wanted the USB-C port to be 3.1 G2 we'd have to downgrade one of the USB-A ports to USB 2.0.
  • Stop saying 'we' as if your silly comments are reflective of the community.  Are you collecting downvotes again?
  • At least it has those full sized USB and USB-C.... that's definitely the right move.  So many people are leaving users with a lot of hardware behind. And the Thunderbird is full spec so you can do all the multi-display etc. via that.  No HDMI is a drag though.  Anyone who travels and has to plug into projectors and the likes will need at least one dongle... but I guess that's better than many options these days!
  • Unfortunately, as much as we wanted, we couldn't get the full HDMI. Structural integrity would be too compromised. So we went to adapter solution...
  • Well glad to see full USB.  Stuctural integrity.... sounds like Star Trek ;)  But I understand.  It is a larger connector and would enfore design constraints. At least you squeezed in the other connectors.  And other neat stuff like GPS.  Will follow you guys on twitter and see how the project goes. Curious about the $.
  • BTW, the thunderbolt will be fully compatible for eGPU. The community wanted that, many gamers in there ;)
  • Why no Accelerometer?
  • You know, I ain't sure... We have the gyroscope, g-sensor will tell the device it's location in space/time... But good question! I will ask :)
  • Thank-you.
  • Why would you need an accelerometer in a 2 in 1 device with 12.3" display?
  • Tablets have them, the SB/SP4 (which are also Tablets) do too... The EveV matches or surpasses just about everything, but seems to omit this, so was curious.
  • We saw no reason to put it - no use cases. In a phone for example you can use it to do fitness tracking but that's unlikely to be done with such a big device.
    If you do need to see the acceleration of something like when you are on a car and pushing the throttle (just a example that came now to my mind) you'll have your phone, fitness tracker or even dedicated device ;)
  • You're one of the project coordinators? I've no doubt there's some excellent use-cases, but I can't think of anything compelling OTTOMH. There'll be someone out there lamenting, not being able to use x app/sw on it. Seems like a missed opportunity, I doubt it'd add much to the difficulty of the overall build. But it's not a "biggy" that it's been omitted. :)
  • I'm not part of Eve ;q) I am just an insider - someone who once was a ol' regular community member. I (and others) was 'promoted' because of my feedback to the project. Insiders are people who Eve give more trust, giving some of the1 details otherwise not known (or just tell earlier). I don't gain anything from being an insiders/community member besides learning with other people things about tech ;)
  • I think we have it by default but I ain't sure. It does ring a bell but didn't remember properly to tell with certainty...
  • @desert What?
  • It doesn't have an accelerometer ;) checked with the CTO.
  • Really? Wasn't that a part of the SOC? I mean, already implemented by default?
  • Hi Jedi! :) Quick info - we don't have a dedicated accelerometer, but we have a gravity sensor which is basically an accelerometer that also measures the gravity (and shows the rotation of the device). Hope I could help! :)
  • Gravity sensor? Never heard of them...
    I don't suppose you can point to more info. about such devices?
  • In an ideal world there are adapters available with each projector. That's smarter then each user needing to buy one.
    The problem is we all know that those things always mysteriously disappear.
    This thing looks cool though, i find the keyboard of the surface rather flimsy and it flexes way too much. Looks like this EVE V thing looks a bit more rugged.
  • Yes, we feel the same way about the Surface keyboard. So we made it more rugged :)
  • Well, you either need a cable out a wireless receiver for the display, so something has to be carried regardless.
  • True that.
  • Any ballpark figure on the price range?
  • Not yet but very very soon :)
  • Cool if this can compete with my Surface pro 4 I will be switching to EVE, screen bleed on the Surface is ridiculous with 0% empathy from Microsoft support!
  • It will be better and cheaper ;)
  • Weird.  My experience with Microsoft Surface Support has been top notch.