These are some of the weirdest titles you can play in VR

Although VR is still a foreign concept to many, VR titles can add a whole level of immersion to digital experiences. Whether it's fighting in a medieval castle, flying through space, or simply walking through the countryside – these are all experiences made better with today's VR technologies. However, if you're thrown into a peculiar world, this is only amplified by the inclusion of VR. We've compiled our favorite virtual reality experiences, each unique in their own weird, wacky, and wonderful ways!

BUTTS: The VR experience

From the title alone, BUTTS: The VR experience makes its clear from the outset. With outlandish cartoon characters and weird premise, the game sits among the most unsettling titles for virtual reality.

While only being an extremely brief experience, BUTTS is marketed as a short film with virtual reality support. Whether virtual reality integration was honestly required is debatable, but it undeniably adds to its overall uncanny vibe. BUTTS: The VR experience is available on a majority of today's leading VR platforms, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR.

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Taking advantage of motion controls, Accounting is a memorable narrative-driven experience currently exclusive to the HTC Vive. Created by the minds behind Rick and Morty, Accounting takes players on a psychedelic, yet comical, trip through the occupation of virtual accounting.

Although the game only comes in at 20 minutes for most players, the quality of writing and design make Accounting a worthy download. More important than that, Accounting is entirely free, even offering a better experience than a number of paid alternatives for desktop VR.

Accounting is available for download through Steam, exclusively for the HTC Vive. While it's currently unknown whether support is on the way for the Oculus Rift, we're likely to hear more once the Rift's Touch controllers roll out to the public.

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VR Toilet Simulator

Yes, this is actually a real thing and we're not even surprised at this point. In today's gaming landscape, simulators are popping up for every profession and activity known to man. VR Toilet Simulator is the latest addition to this lineup, letting mobile VR users experience toilets like never before (and as a skeleton apparently).

Aside from the ability to look around the bathroom and play toilet-related sound effects, VR Toilet Simulator doesn't have a huge amount of content to offer. But if you've been looking to follow your dreams of being a toilet confined skeleton, this is the app for you.

VR Toilet Simulator is available for all Android-based HMDs, including Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

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Polybius has become somewhat of a legend in the gaming industry over recent years, following the rumored existence of a 1980's arcade game funded by a government psychology project. Designed with a psychologically twisted nature and an addictive flair, the tale has influenced several spin-offs over the years – including Llamasoft's latest release for the PlayStation 4.

If you were to blend hallucinogens with retro arcade gaming, the result would be something close to Polybius for PSVR. While influence from traditional 8-bit classics is clear, its VR gameplay blends vivid geometry and inconsistent environments, leaving little to be expected during your time with the shooter gameplay at its core. While its trippy gameplay might not be a weird concept on the surface, spend only five minutes in this game to feel its effects.

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Dumpy: Going Elephants

Dumpy: Going Elephants gives players to jump into the shoes of an enraged elephant, shortly after breaking out of the local carnival. With a virtual nose strapped to your face, players use the headset's head-tracking abilities to swipe away cars, people, and buildings during her rampage.

Dumpy Going Elephants is available for the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, via the official site.

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What have we missed?

Have we missed any freaky experiences available on your VR platform? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Updated October 7, 2017: Added the Polybius for PSVR, while removing Summer Lesson for the headset.

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