These new Thrustmaster racing pedals are perfect for Forza Horzion 4

Thrustmaster T-LCM
Thrustmaster T-LCM (Image credit: Thrustmaster)

What you need to know

  • Thrustmaster revealed its new T-LCM racing pedals for Xbox One today.
  • These are high-end pedals, built with tons of customization in mind.
  • The T-LCM pedals are expected to launch March 26 for $200. Preorders are available today.

Forza will want to pay attention to Thrustmaster's latest release. The company announced a new set of high-end racing pedals today, and they're up for preorder now for $200.

The new Thrustmaster T-LCM racing pedals are all-metal and feature a magnetic sensor system, which the company says offers an "unlimited lifespan" and excellent precision. "Load Cell force sensor technology, built into the back of the brake pedal, allows for a wide range of adjustment options, making the T-LCM Pedals a perfect fit for any type of racing setup, designed to suit any preferences each driver might have," Thrustmaster said in a press release.

The T-LCM pedals come with six springs that allow you to make tool-free adjustments on the fly. The springs can be used to change up the brake pedal's resistance, and each pedal can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, by height, and by spacing. There's also a dedicated calibration software that lets you adjust the braking power, dead zones, and more.

The T-LCM pedal set is launching alongside a cockpit adaptor, rubber grips for the pedals, and a T-Pedals stand. All will be available starting March 26, with prices set at $200 for the pedals, $20 for the cockpit adaptor, $20 for the rubber grips, and $60 for the T-Pedals stand. You can preorder the whole setup now from Thrustmaster.

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