The Dremel 200-1/21 two-speed rotary tool kit has dropped to $35.19 from a $55 street price. This is the lowest we have seen it go in more than a year, but it is part of Amazon's Gold Box deals so the price is temporary.

Rotary tools are great for sanding, cutting, carving, engraving, grinding, and more. They have a lot of possible uses, and this particular tool comes with 21 different accessories to help you get the job done. The variable speed lets you switch between 15,000 and 35,000 rpm with the flip of a switch, which is useful for dealing with multiple materials in one project. It uses a ball bearing construction that runs cool and quiet. The motor brush is replaceable, extending the tool's life for as long as you need it. Users give it 3.9 stars based on 40 reviews.

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