One thing that most Harry Potter fans share in common is an almost implacable yearning to visit the magical school of Hogwarts and waltz through its hidden passages and forbidden corridors all on their own. While getting to Diagon Alley and finding Platform 9 and 3/4 is a tough ask for us muggles, a recently released Kano Coding Kit is the perfect way to bring some of the magic of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World to your own home. Right now, the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is on sale at Amazon for $61.54. The kit sold for $100 up until the holiday shopping season last year, and it has averaged around $80 since then.

I probably don't have to mention this to any Potter fans, but Wizards Unite was finally released yesterday, and with it came a deluge of deals on Harry Potter toys, books, and more, as well as this discounted Kano coding kit.

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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Still waiting on your letter to Hogwarts? This Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit can help ease the burn a little as you build your own wand. Who needs Ollivander?

$61.54 $99.99 $38 off

Watching the Harry Potter movies is a time-honored tradition for fans, and now the Kano coding kit lets them try out spells seen in the films and original book series, like Wingardium Leviosa — not Levi-o-SAH.

First, the free Kano app takes you step-by-step in building your own wand. Not only does it teach the basics of coding, but once finished, you'll be able to wave your wand to play with creatures in the app, levitate feathers, clone objects, and much more. There are over 70 creative challenges in total, and endless play once you're ready to try creating code on your own. A lifetime care and one-year warranty is included with its purchase. All you'll need now is an owl.

Another stellar gift idea for Harry Potter fans is The Illustrated Collection which comprises illustrated editions of the first three books in the series.

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