As part of its daily deals, Amazon has a variety of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard products on sale for up to 30% off the original selling price, from whey protein powders to amino acid supplements and more. The protein powder doesn't see too many discounts, and when it does it's generally for single flavors instead of nearly all of them. There are some fun flavors included here, like Strawberry, Cake Batter, Cookies and Cream and more.

Each container has five pounds of powder in it, which is enough to make around 70 protein shakes for yourself. Prices start at $33.53 for the large containers, and if you opt for Subscribe and Save, you might even be lucky enough to find an on-page coupon for the flavor of your choice. You can use the protein powder to make shakes, or even add it to other foods like oatmeal, pancakes, protein balls, cookies, and so many other foods.

Today's sale at Amazon features products like protein bars and multivitamins too, so be sure to check out the full sale before it ends later tonight.

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